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Release 0.1: "must have"
v take a deep breath and a long look at the GTK+ api, follow it as much as
possible, ie change DockPaned.insert_item(item, ...) to
DockPaned.insert_item(child, ...), etc
v fix DockPaned once and for all
v fix the DockGroup tab rendering bug
> implies reviewing the _tabs/_visible_tabs system and it's interaction
with tab ordering...
> right moment to implement "tab order" property (alphabetical,
opening order, last used, more?)
v implement the group-id system, can be used to configure:
- auto remove empty dockgroups
- can float
- expand (so you can have a group-id=documents with expand=True and
a group-id=tools with expand=False). This should control the expand
child property of DockPaned
- ???
v implement full signal set on DockGroup, DockPaned, ???:
v item-added
v item-removed
x item-reordered --> maybe in DockLayout
v item-selected
> reemit by DockLayout so the end user only needs to concern himself with
DockLayout and DockItem widgets (beside designing an initial layout)
v emit 'item-closed'/'item-removed' when closing a floating window
Release 0.2: "no rush"
- use native gtk themeing to render all widgets, make the eclipse based "compact"
rendering optional.
- use PlaceHolderWindow to consistently hightlight _all_ drop zones
- minimize DockGroup to toolbar
- autoshow/hide minimized DockGroups
Release x: "when we have time"
- the gdk_draw_* functions have been deprecated for GTK+3, migrate to cairo
- fix DnD on win32 for gtk+ > 2.16.6: depends on gdk-win32 csw/grabs work :(
- keyboard navigation
- translations
- handle RTL
- accessibility