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Feel free to hack Gaphor. Patches are welcome.
Fetching Development Dependencies
Gaphor uses Easy Install to manage in easy way its dependencies.
To fetch and install dependencies as non-root user
1. Create ~/.pydistutils.cfg file
install_lib = ~/opt/share/python2.5/site-packages
install_scripts = ~/opt/bin
2. Create (or extend) PYTHONPATH variable
export PYTHONPATH=~/opt/share/python2.5/site-packages
3. Run script to fetch and install dependencies
python develop
Prefix ~/opt can be changed to something more suitable for your setup.
Above is based on
Running Tests
To run tests on Unix machine
Xvfb :2.0 &
DISPLAY=:2.0 nosetests gaphor/ 2>&1 | tee tests.log
Gaphor contains the following modules:
The UML module contains the UML 2.0 data model. This part is
quite stable and it is unlikely that code has to be changed
NOTE: The code is generated from a Gaphor model: uml2.gaphor. This
file can be loaded in gaphor.
The diagram module contains items that can be placed in diagrams.
In most cases the classes NamedItem and Relationship can serve
as bases for your class.
The user interface. This is where most of the work is to be done.
Some utility stuff, such as Actions and aspects are put in here.