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- New Docking widget layout
- Improved componentized services
- UIComponent rewrite (due to new interface)
- Guides support from Gaphas 0.7.0
- "hand written" drawing style
- Keyboard shortcuts for toolbox selection
- Fixed issue in undo transaction handling
- Proper dialog when exiting with changed model
- Fixed bugs related to diagrams loading.
- Subsystem item is added (part of components).
- Partition item, known as swimlanes, is added (part of actions).
- Node item can group other nodes, artifacts and components.
- Stereotype names shown in stereotype attribute compartments are centered.
- Stereotype creating and applying is simplified.
- Association ends stereotype editing is supported.
- State item supports entry, exit and do activities.
- Reintroduced assembly connections.
- Stereotypes can have attributes.
- Major speed improvements due to new notification system.
- added desktop file and gaphor icons
- update to gaphas 0.4
- Transition to zope events completed.
- state machines
For a complete set of changes and fixes see:
- undo/redo fixes
- allow to create packages in model tree
- improved messages on communication diagrams
- improved text align algorithms
- tagged values can be reordered and removed (like class attributes and
- text entry used to on-diagram editing is much nicer, now
- improved items's connection adapters
- fixed comment line, comment, message and lifeline items connection
adapters to implement UML specification more closely
- items glueing speedup
- property page is updated when association or other diagram line connects
to appropriate diagram items
- removing and reordering of class' attributes and operations is possible
- association name and multiplicity editing improvements
- support gaphas 0.3.0 API
- bugfixes
- Sequence diagrams
- Non-UML drawing primitives (rectangles, ellipses, lines).
- Major performance improvements in Gaphas 0.2.0.
- Property editor
- Lots of user interface tweaks
- Services are loaded through Egg entry points.
- New plugin infrastructure, based on setuptools.
- gtk.UIManager is now used for menus.
- New undo management system
- Setuptools is used for installation and also within Gaphor
- Depends on zope.component 3.4 and gaphas 0.1.3 (installed on as-needed basis)
- Installable as Python Egg
- New pure-python canvas implementation (gaphas)
- Zope Adapters used for item connections
- Undo managements temporaly disabled
- Added loads of unit tests
NOTE: if you have Zope 3 installed it's probably not a good idea to install
Gaphor too, since Gaphor tries to install Zope3 packages too.
Don't worry, you can run Gaphor perfectly well using the
- support for automatic realization dependencies between components and
- provided and required interfaces of component realizing classifiers are
visible in Component.{provided,required} derived associations
- missing icons added
- actions: flow final, fork, join and object nodes
- assembly connector
- flows and also initial, flow final and activity final nodes can have names
- flows can be splitted and merged using activity edge connectors
- object inspector panel added
- pdf file export
- gaphorconvert utility, which allows easy batch conversion of diagrams
into svg or pdf files
- user interface fixes
- require gtk+ 2.8.x
- Real UML2 associations;
- Stereotypes;
- Atrifact and Node types;
- Settings of open and closed toolboxes as well as the window size are saved;
- Diagrams are shown in bold in the tree view, abstract classes are italic;
- Added recent files option;
- Keyboard shortcuts can be configured at runtime.
- Spanish translation
- Python2.4 fixes
- XMI export plugin
- Item alignment
- Full featured undo mechanism
- Copy/paste
- usability improvements
- require DiaCanvas2 0.14.2
- Enhanced Plugin support
- Interfaces
- Support for Stereotypes
- Support for UseCases
- Plugins
- Packages can be reordered
- Interfaces
- Support for Actions
- Support for Components
- New and improved interface
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