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Tue Aug 4 19:54:06 PDT 1998 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.1.1
Tue Aug 4 15:17:54 1998 Tim Janik <>
* version bump to 1.1.1, binary age 1, interface age 0.
* NEWS: updates.
* README: updates.
* INSTALL: updates and fixes.
* COPYING: include the GNU LGPL, rather than shipping an empty file.
* AUTHORS: listed original authors here, and added people who made
significant improvements to glib.
* glib.h:
* gutils.c: implement g_get_current_dir() which returns a newly
allocated string, instead of a g_getcwd() variant that operates
on a static buffer.
export glib_interface_age and glib_binary_age.
as a convenience, macro definitions have been added for
g_node_insert_data, g_node_insert_data_before, g_node_append_data and
* testglib.c: minor cleanups, print current dir.
Mon Aug 3 16:02:26 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gnode.c: change order of gpointer data; field in struct _GNode to
be partly binary compatible with GList and GSList.
1998-08-03 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* garray.c (g_ptr_array_remove_index): bugfix: index check for
array has been wrong.
Fri Jul 31 22:17:05 1998 Tim Janik <>
* testglib.c (g_node_test): added a GNode test.
Fri Jul 31 09:08:16 1998 Tim Janik <>
* compile gnode.c.
* glib.h:
* gnode.c: added implementation of n-way trees.
* gtree.c (g_tree_traverse): added a warning to the switch() statement
which says that G_LEVEL_ORDER is not implemented.
Mon Jul 27 00:17:30 CDT 1998 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.1.0
Mon Jul 27 01:02:27 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: #if 0'ed out the GTime definition, until it is definitively
needed. #if 0'ed out the g_getcwd() version, because it is the wrong
Sat Jul 25 16:09:00 1998 Mark Crichton <>
* glib.h: gtime changed to g_time. gtime is used in
/usr/include/time.h in NetBSD, causing multiple headaches.
If this isn't the right way of fixing it.... ;)
Thu Jul 23 00:29:14 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gscanner.c: new functions to make a scanner scope sensitive wrt
symbol lookups.
g_scanner_scope_foreach_symbol, g_scanner_scope_lookup_symbol,
g_scanner_scope_remove_symbol, g_scanner_scope_add_symbol and
g_scanner_add_symbol, g_scanner_remove_symbol and
g_scanner_foreach_symbol are now aliases for scope 0.
Mon Jul 20 23:05:34 1998 George Lebl <>
* glib.h: typo fixed for alphas for gint64
Tue Jul 14 09:05:18 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gutils.c: new fuction g_dirname() which returns a newlly
allocated string.
Fri Jul 10 06:33:43 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gutils.h: added a bunch of utility/wrapper functions:
g_basename(), g_getcwd(), g_get_user_name(), g_get_real_name(),
g_get_home_dir(), g_get_tmp_dir(), g_get_prgname() and g_set_prgname().
* gutils.c: removed all g_str* functions.
* gstrfuncs.c: moved the bunch g_str* functions from gutils.c in this
place. this file shall never include <unistd.h> to avoid clashes for
some of the g_str* functions on some OSes.
Fri Jul 10 00:29:03 EEST 1998 Lauri Alanko <>
* glib.h:
* ghash.c: Renamed g_hash_table_lookup_full to
g_hash_table_lookup_extended to conform with naming conventions.
Tue Jul 7 03:18:58 EEST 1998 Lauri Alanko <>
* glib.h:
* ghash.c: Generic cleanup, added a function:
(g_hash_table_lookup_full): Return whether the lookup succeeded,
and also retrieve the key and value. This allows one to
distinguish between failed lookup and finding a NULL, and also
allows one to free a key in the hash.
Mon Jul 6 10:12:05 PDT 1998 Manish Singh <>
* ltconfig: fix for properly detecting shared lib support on
SunPro cc (taken from libtool 1.2.a)
Sat Jul 4 13:38:52 PDT 1998 Manish Singh <>
* glib.h: added g_array_length
Tue Jun 30 11:58:25 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_unexp_token): take symbol_2_token into
account. react on valid/invalid string pairs.
Sat Jun 27 21:55:46 PDT 1998 Manish Singh <>
* glib.m4: ->, since isn't
ours. ;)
Fri Jun 19 03:11:02 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gdataset.c: removed g_dataset_try_key, g_dataset_force_id and
g_dataset_retrive_key in favour of GQuarks.
a GQuark is an numeric id wich is associated with a certain string.
(g_quark_try_string): try to get the quark associated with this string,
if the lookup failed return 0.
(g_quark_from_string): get the associated quark for a string, if there
isn't currently a GQuark associated with this string, then allocate a
new quark and return that.
(g_quark_from_static_string): like the above function, but the string
isn't strdup()ed to save memory.
(g_quark_to_string): get the string that is associated with a certain
* gdataset.c (g_dataset_id_set_data_full): invoke the destroy function
_after_ the new data has been setup.
Thu Jun 18 02:35:21 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h: Changed messages for g_return_[val]_if_fail to
be somewhat more clear: assertion "blah" failed.
1998-06-18 Federico Mena Quintero <>
* testglib.c (main): Use GINT_TO_POINTER casts to remove compiler
* grel.c: #include <string.h>
Fri Jun 12 15:39:06 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (GScanner): cleanups of the structure fields (binary
Fri Jun 12 00:39:28 1998 Josh MacDonald <jmacd@icw.EECS.Berkeley.EDU>
* glib.h: add new hash and equal functions g_int_*. complement
g_direct_hash with g_direct_equal.
* grel.c: new file, GRelations implement tuples of N-N mappings.
A comment in glib.h briefly describes the interface.
* ghash.c: new function, g_hash_table_size
* glib.h: new typedefs, gsize, gssize, gtime.
* garray.c: new functions implementing a simplified GArray. This
GPtrArray is an array of gpointers and has functions to add and
remove elements, much like java.lang.Vector.
* garray.c: new functions for the single-byte special case of
GArray. The functions g_byte_array* operate on arrays of bytes.
Internally, a GArray is used.
* testglib.c: tests for g_ptr_array, g_byte_array, and g_relation...
1998-06-11 Federico Mena Quintero <>
* gdataset.c: #include <string.h>
Thu Jun 11 04:15:31 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gdataset.c: new function g_dataset_retrive_key. adjusted prealloc
sizes, to take up less space on initial allocation.
1998-06-10 Raja R Harinath <>
* acinclude.m4: New file. Contains `libtool.m4' from libtool-1.2,
the version from which glib's libtool forked. Needed for people
who use post-1.2 alphas of libtool.
* (enable_mem_check, enable_mem_profile): Replace
`echo -n' with AC_MSG_CHECKING.
(fd_set): Explain test for `fd_set' better.
Wed Jun 10 19:29:51 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.m4
Moved out from GTK+; added AM_PATH_GLIB macro.
Wed Jun 10 12:56:07 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h: renamed g_const_pointer => gconstpointer
Tue Jun 9 17:47:33 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h: Remove #error - HP/UX.
Sat May 23 19:00:01 1998 Owen Taylor <>
[ Combination of:
gtk-rrh-980412-0.patch (Raja R Harinath <>)
gtk-jbuhler-980516-0 (Jeremy Buhler <>) ]
* glib.h ghash.c gstring.c gdataset.c gutils.c:
- Added new typedef g_const_pointer; expunged all incorrect
uses of 'const gpointer'.
- Fixed up warnings that that created,
- Changed GHashFunc and GCompareFunc to take g_const_pointer
arguments. (Necessary, but will cause warnings in existing
code until fixed)
- Added other new const in harmless positions.
Mon Jun 8 01:06:47 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: added enum-helper macros for code generation.
Sat Jun 6 14:09:22 PDT 1998 Manish Singh <>
* gmem.c: commented out MEM_PROFILE and MEM_CHECK, causing weird
Wed Jun 3 06:19:42 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (g_chunk_new0): convenience macro, for allocating small chunks
like g_chunk_new() with additional 0 initialization.
Mon Jun 1 04:43:27 1998 Tim Janik <>
* ghash.c (g_hash_table_insert): wrote a comment describing why
a hash node's key should not also get replaced when overriding
previous entries.
Tue May 26 18:30:06 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (g_string_sized_new): new function to controll the preallocated
size of a GString.
* glib.h (g_strreversed): new function to reverse a string.
Mon May 18 22:14:39 1998 Owen Taylor <>
(Yasuhiro SHIRASAKI <> : gtk-joke-980517-0.patch)
* gutils.c: Restored a missing prototype for g_vsprintf.
Wed May 20 05:02:26 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: conditionally define NULL, FALSE and TRUE.
(g_mem_chunk_create): new convenience macro as a short hand for
(g_chunk_free): new convenience macro to be consistent with g_chunk_new.
Tue, 19 May 1998 09:00:02 +0200 §Paolo Molaro <>
* gcompletion.c: generic functions for com<TAB>pletion...
Sun May 17 10:48:27 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_unexp_token): provide usefull default
specifications for identifier_spec and symbol_spec.
* glib.h: new functions g_slist_nth_data and g_list_nth_data to return
the data of the nth element in the list.
Fri May 15 22:31:49 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_unexp_token): removed spurious va_end(args)
that for some reason didn't produce a compiler wrning on my machine
(is va_end undefined for i386?).
Fri May 15 12:32:08 1998 rodo <>
* gscanner.c: replaced some snprintf with g_snprintf
Fri May 15 00:56:59 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: further support for gcc function attributes: G_GNUC_FORMAT,
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_stat_mode): changed stat() to lstat().
(g_scanner_msg_handler): "\n" at end of line!
(g_scanner_foreach_symbol): new function to iterate over the symbol
table (GScanner does value-wrapping).
Thu May 14 04:14:12 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: typedef gint gboolean;
this is needed to provide portability with big-endian platforms (e.g.
try sizeof(bool) for c++ on big-endians - it's 4).
this is also needed to maintain some_union.d_gint==some_union.d_gboolean.
plus, gint to gboolean casts and vice versa need to be possible without
Tue May 12 19:22:58 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib/glib.h: Added macros G[U]INT_TO_POINTER() and
GPOINTER_TO_[U]INT for storing small integers integers
inside pointers.
* glib/testglib.c: Print sizeof() results
as g_print("%ld", (glong)sizeof(foo)), to deal with
size_t being long on Alpha's.
Tue May 12 16:54:15 1998 Owen Taylor <>
(James A <> : gtk-jamesa-980511-4.patch)
* glib.h gstring.c gmessages.c: Added some missing
const to arguments.
* gutils.c (g_strsignal.c): Added missing return statements.
Mon May 11 21:11:54 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c gmessages.c: Moved g_error, g_warning, g_message and
g_print from gutils.c to new file gmessages.c, to avoid having to
include <unistd.h> in gutils.c which was causing problems for the
g_strsignal implementation on FreeBSD boxes.
Mon May 11 09:53:43 1998 Tim Janik <>
* preserve automake CFLAGS.
* fully rename the created library to
this means we need to change certain portions of the on
major/minor version bumps.
* the -release option is not required anymore.
avoid conditionals. unconditionally define NULL, TRUE, FALSE, MAX,
MIN, ABS and CLAMP, these macros might be screwed from other headers.
Mon May 11 01:44:10 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gdataset.c: new file, gdatasets implement the object data
mechanism from GtkObject. a generic data pointer is associated with
a certain location and a key id.
Sat May 9 20:08:12 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib/gmem.c: Experimentally restore GMemChunk
to its primeval state - where mem areas are
freed incrementally instead of searching the tree
every time a mem area is completely empty. Also,
always keep one mem chunk around. (Reduced calls
to malloc() a lot, but doesn't really improve
performance significiantly)
Thu May 7 08:17:28 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (G_GNUC_PRINTF):
(G_GNUC_SCANF): macros to facilitate the printf/scanf format argument
checking of gcc.
* gstring.c: const corrections, string!=NULL checks at function entry.
(g_string_down): new function for tolower(3) conversion.
(g_string_up): new function for toupper(3) conversion.
* gutils.c: const corrections.
(g_strdown): g_string_down() counterpart.
(g_strup): g_string_up() counterpart.
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_unexp_token):
(g_scanner_warn): new functions to let a scanner put out warnings
or errors, especially to react on unexpected tokens.
* gslist.c:
(g_slist_index): find out about about the position of a
certain data pointer.
(g_slist_position): find out about about the position of a
certain node.
* glist.c:
(g_list_index): find out about about the position of a
certain data pointer.
Thu May 7 05:14:19 1998 Tim Janik <>
* added a new commandline flag -postfix similar to -release,
but will immediately change the library name.
* specify -postfix and -version-info
* version bump to 1.1.0. added GLIB_INTERFACE_AGE and
GLIB_BINARY_AGE. calculate LT_* variables for libtool.
Fri May 1 16:36:08 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c: (g_strcasecmp). Check for isupper before
taking tolower, and account for macroized tolower.
* gutils.c (g_error): Check for recursion.
1998-04-27 Elliot Lee <>
* glist.c (g_list_position): New function to find the position of
a link in a list - should be the inverse of g_list_nth(), but
haven't tested it so poof.
Thu Apr 30 21:41:30 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gstring.c : Check arguments more carefully,
Tue Apr 7 19:36:48 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c (g_direct_compare): Removed, because that's what
a NULL comparison function means. And it wasn't 64 bit safe.
Mon Apr 6 18:43:25 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_get_token_ll): fixed a bug that caused floats
of the format ".xxx" to be parsed as "xxx".
Fri Apr 3 20:36:35 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c (g_parse_debug_string): Make debug string
parsine case-insensitive
Fri Apr 3 17:03:18 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* gstring.c: corrected possible overrun when inserting into
GStrings (thanks Elrond)
Fri Apr 3 18:05:45 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* testglib.c: Removed literal german from strings
to appease SGI compiler.
Thu Mar 26 20:47:21 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib Add test for atexit/on_exit -
use on_exit if atexit not found in definition of ATEXIT.
Wed Mar 25 15:23:37 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* Switched glibconfig.h rule from HEADERS
to DATA, so that it is not added to DISTFILES
Wed Mar 18 22:27:08 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* garray.c: g_rarray_truncate length done correctly
Sun Mar 15 07:13:34 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gutils.c: changed *_handler variables to be named glib_*_handler,
so you can easily access them from gdb.
Sat Mar 14 17:47:43 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* Don't refer to current directory as $(top_builddir)
to avoid confusing non-gmakes
Sat Mar 14 01:37:35 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* (configincludedir): Moved glibconfig.h to
Tue Mar 10 02:03:12 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_destroy_symbol_table_entry): new function to
free symbol table entries upon destruction
Mon Mar 9 15:02:21 1998 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: changed *_length functions to return guint.
changed *_nth functions to take guint as argument.
* glist.c: adapted g_list_length and g_list_length.
* gslist.c: adapted g_slist_length and g_slist_length.
Mon Mar 2 17:51:18 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h gutils.c : changed g_strcasecmp
to take gchar* not guchar*
* testglib.c: Remove trailing ; after functions
Sun Mar 1 19:04:40 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h gstring.c: Added g_string_insert[_c]()
and g_string_erase().
From: Stefan Wille <>
Mon Feb 16 23:05:06 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glist.c (g_list_insert_sorted): Changed function
so elements are always inserted, even if they compare
equal with another.
Thu Feb 12 22:48:11 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gstring.c glib.h: removed deprecated g_string_equal
and g_string_hash.
Tue Feb 10 13:04:36 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* Add check to see if the C library's
iswalnum can actually be used. (Not true for
Linux libc-5.4.38)
Sat Feb 7 11:48:09 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gstring.c gutils.c: added some additional consts in
appropriate places to remove a warning
Sat Feb 7 11:15:54 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c: include <ctype.h> for tolower()
Fri Jan 30 23:57:17 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* added and autoconfigured in a new utility function
Wed Jan 28 23:53:27 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* glist.c
* gslist.c
* testglib.c: the sort functions compared backwards. Fixed
* glib.h: list iterator macros now check for NULL pointers
Tue Jan 27 09:46:57 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* gstring.c: g_string_prepend and g_string_prepend_c had
interchanged src and dest parameters for g_memmove. Fixed.
Tue Jan 27 01:38:52 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* gslist.c: fixed a really, really lame error. g_slist_insert
didn't hook the data in! Reworked the routine to reflect the
functionality of g_list
Wed Jan 21 01:13:25 1998 Tim Janik <>
* Applied patch from (Raja R Harinath <>)
to add function g_snprintf.
* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for vsnprintf.
* glib.h: Add prototype for g_snprintf.
* gutils.c (g_snprintf): new function.
Sat Jan 17 23:52:40 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* gstring.{c,h} gscanner.c:
renamed g_string_equal => g_str_equal
renamed g_string_hash => g_str_hash
And const corrected. Old functions left in for now.
Fri Jan 9 20:03:46 1998 Tim Janik <>
* gutils.c (g_strerror): changed message for EAGAIN from
"no more processes" to "try again" since EAGAIN is used with
functions else than fork().
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_get_token_ll): use strtol() instead of
strtoul() to avoid conflicts with solaris.
* merged the glib portions from Jan 2 to Jan 7 out of gtk+/ChangeLog
into this file.
Wed Jan 7 02:14:30 PST 1998 Manish Singh <>
* glib.h:
* glist.c:
* gslist.c:
* testglib.c: Added g_[s]list_insert_sorted function
and appropriate tests in testglib
Sat Jan 3 20:23:25 1998 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h: Changed guint32 -> guint for bitfields.
(Bitfields must be int or unsigned int?)
Fri Jan 2 23:52 PST 1998 Jay Painter <>
* glib_pre1.h:
* glib_pre2.h:
* glib.h: reverted glibconfig.h and glib.h files back to the
way they were before my ugly hack.
* gscanner.c: removed inlines from clist and gscanner
Tue Dec 23 02:49:51 1997 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c: new file for GScanner: Flexible lexical scanner for
general purpose.
* glib_pre2.h: added GScanner includes. added g_strconcat and g_strtod.
gutils.c (g_strconcat): new function for string concatenation of NULL
terminated parameter list.
(g_strtod): new function to perform best string to double conversion
with or without consideration of the current locale.
Mon Dec 15 19:33:58 1997 Tim Janik <>
* glist.c: minor optimizations:
(g_list_append): `if' optimized for common code path, commented out
unneccessary `assert', saved one variable assignment.
(g_list_prepend): saved two (conditioned) variable assignment.
(g_list_insert): saved one (conditioned) variable assignment,
saved one variable assignment.
(g_list_remove): `if' optimized for common code path, saved two
variable assignments by using `g_list_free_1' (which is even
faster) instead of `g_list_free'.
(g_list_reverse): saved allocation of one variable, saved one
variable assignment.
Wed Dec 10 23:27:20 1997 Tim Janik <>
* glib_pre1.h:
* glib_pre2.h:
* glib.h: this file now gets concatenated by makeglib_h from
glib_pre1.h and glib_pre2.h to merge in glibconfig.h wich got
created by configure (done by Jay Painter).
* glib_pre2.h: the g_assert*() and g_return_*_fail() macros
are wrapped by G_STMT_START and G_STMT_END now, to avoid conflicts
when used within if (...) g_macro(); else ... conditionals.
Tue Dec 17 13:14:07 1996 Peter Mattis <pmattis@charnley.HIP.Berkeley.EDU>
* glib.h: Changed 'g_return_if_fail' and 'g_return_val_if_fail' to
not call 'g_string' but to simply stringify the
expression. Calling 'g_string' causes the expression to be
expanded which is undesired.
Sun Dec 1 01:30:48 1996 Peter Mattis <pmattis@charnley.HIP.Berkeley.EDU>
* Started ChangeLog
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