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Fri May 4 11:49:18 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 1.3.5
* NEWS: Updated
* (GLIB_MICRO_VERSION): Up version to 1.3.5,
interface/binary age 0.
2001-05-04 Sven Neumann <>
* ghash.c: fixed a typo in a comment.
* gtree.[ch]: added new functions g_tree_new_full(), g_tree_replace(),
g_tree_steal() and g_tree_foreach() to adapt GTree to the GHashTable
API. Moved comments into the C file.
* docs/reference/glib/glib-sections.txt
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/glib-unused.sgml
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/hash_tables.sgml
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/linked_lists_double.sgml
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/linked_lists_single.sgml
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/macros_misc.sgml
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/trees-binary.sgml: updated documentation
Thu May 3 06:38:28 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* g[s]list.c (g_[s]list_foreach) docs/Changes-2.0.txt: Make
foreach() safe against removal of the _current_ element. While
this could break some code, the new behavior is consistent with
the rest of GLib/GTK+ and probably is what people expect in most
cases. (Suggested by Paul Kuykendall, #50071)
Wed May 2 11:10:22 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_to_ucs4_fast): Fix read past end of the string.
(#50404, fix from Jonas Borgström)
Sun Apr 29 00:37:34 2001 Tim Janik <>
* ghook.[hc]: made hook ids a gulong.
2001-04-20 Dan Winship <>
* Add a check for the Darwin dynamic linker. Use
AC_TRY_LINK when checking for "nonposix getpwuid_r" so it notices
"no getpwuid_r" correctly.
* testglib.c (main): Make template[] bigger to prevent an overrun.
Remove an unused variable. Initialize error to NULL.
* tests/gio-test.c (main): Add a cast to prevent a warning when
size_t is a long.
* tests/type-test.c (main): Add an #ifdef to prevent a warning
when G_HAVE_GINT64 is defined and G_GINT64_FORMAT isn't.
2001-04-19 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* ghash.c, ghash.h: Remove definition of g_hash_table_freeze and
g_hash_table_thaw. Instead added G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED-guarded
macros to ghash.h to go along the lines of the standard.
* gscanner.c, gscanner.h: Dito for g_scanner_freeze_symbol_table
and g_scanner_thaw_symbol_table.
* gutils.c, gutils.h: Dito for g_dirname. g_basename is still
defined in gutils.c, but declared ing gutils.h only
* Removed bashism in test for the pkg-config
* Rewrote test for multithread flag. Now uses
localtime_r, which hopefully has a consistent prototype across
different platforms. Also it uses a clever double EGREP trick
instead of compiling, which could give false positives. Thanks to
Dan Winship <> for the hint.
Wed Apr 18 17:35:38 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c (_glib_gettext): Add missing static pointed
out by Michael Meeks.
Wed Apr 18 09:37:07 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* MAINTAINERS: Removed. Keeping README, README.cvs-commits
HACKING, and AUTHORS up to date is plenty without extra
random files that someone thought a module should have.
(Actually, I believe this was used for debbugs in the past.)
Tue Apr 17 11:47:07 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 1.3.4
* NEWS: Updated
Tue Apr 17 10:43:36 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gstrfuncs.c: Define _GNU_SOURCE for stpcpy
* tests/mainloop-test.c (main): Wait for all threads
to start before beginning tests.
2001-04-17 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthreadpool.c (g_thread_pool_thread_proxy): Until now every
thread pool always had at least one tread waiting to avoid
switching overhead in case a new task would be added soon after
one finished. This however means a big waste of threads, if many
mostly inactive thread pools are involved. Now such a waiting
thread will only wait for half a second (This value is of course
very randomly picked) and go to the global threadpool afterwards.
Mon Apr 16 12:04:52 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Remove warnings about conflicts with the
stable version.
* glib-2.0.m4: Fix some of the error text to be halfway
up to date.
* Add these to generate README, INSTAL
(as in the stable branch). Update.
* HACKING: Update.
2001-04-16 Havoc Pennington <>
* gqsort.c: docs
* gfileutils.c: docs
* gwin32.c: docs fixes
* gconvert.c: docs
* guniprop.c: docs
* gutf8.c: docs
2001-04-16 Havoc Pennington <>
* glib-2.0.m4: put AC_PATH_PROG(pkg-config) before "Checking for
glib" so the output looks right
2001-03-23 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutils.c (g_parse_debug_string): make GDebugKeys argument
2001-04-14 Hans Breuer <>
* glib.def :
* : updated
* gpattern.c : include "gutils.h" to resolve the inline hassle
2001-04-11 Alexander Larsson <>
* glib-2.0.m4: Pass pkg-config options
before the other args so it works even if
Mon Apr 9 18:57:44 2001 Tim Janik <>
* increment version to 1.3.4 (binary 0, interface 0).
2001-04-05 Christian Rose <>
* Added sv to ALL_LINGUAS.
Wed Apr 4 09:18:55 2001 Tim Janik <>
* Released GLib-1.3.3.
Tue Apr 3 20:22:59 2001 Tim Janik <>
* NEWS: updates.
* NEWS.pre-1-3: take over old news.
Tue Apr 3 12:38:16 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* Exit with an error message that you
should use pkg-config instead.
* (PACKAGE): Require pkg-config.
* tests/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add utf8.txt.
leave interface/binary at 0.
Tue Apr 3 13:46:22 2001 Tim Janik <>
* glist.[hc]: added g_list_nth_prev() which walks ->prev instead
of ->next.
* gpattern.[hc]: added shell-style pattern matching code from beast,
derived from the gtk_pattern_*() code, but with a couple of bug fixes
and a number of optimizations.
2001-04-03 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthreadpool.c: Added documentation.
* gthreadpool.c: The global thread pool now also is seperated for
bound and unbound threads. Only threads with standard stack size
go to the global pool. g_thread_pool_new now protects the global
setup of inform_mutex etc. with a lock. Fixed some typos. Unlock
the queue after g_thread_pool_wakeup_and_stop_all in the proxy.
2001-04-02 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmain.c: Use the new GRealThread member "context" instead of a
GStaticPrivate to store the thread specific main loop context.
* gthread.c: Added "context" member to GRealThread and updated
g_thread_create, g_thread_self and g_thread_cleanup accordingly.
* gthread.c, gthread.h: Removed the functions
g_static_private_(get|set)_for_thread and adapted
g_static_private_(get|set) and g_static_private_free
accordingly. This fixes Bug #51435.
2001-03-30 Sven Neumann <>
* ghash.[ch]
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/hash_tables.sgml: added new functions
g_hash_table_new_full, g_hash_table_replace, g_hash_table_steal and
g_hash_table_foreach_steal. Moved most docs out of the template
file into the C file. Please proofread the new documentation.
2001-03-29 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Updates.
* tests/
* tests/ Add module-test rules.
Mon Mar 26 14:14:53 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.h timeloop.c: Surround the cruftiest stuff with
* gcompat.h gdate.h: Move compat defines back to
gdate.h, surround with #ifndef G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED.
Remove gcompat.h.
Mon Mar 26 13:34:50 2001 Owen Taylor <>
[ Patch from DindinX <>, added docs ]
* gstrfuncs.c, gstrfuncs.h: Add g_stpcpy () for platform that don't
have stpcpy ().
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strjoin, g_strjoinv and g_strconcat): use
g_stpcpy () so these functions run much faster.
*, glib.def: add reference to g_stpcpy ()
* Add a test for the stpcpy () function.
2001-03-20 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_strlen): rewrite, based on bug #52328 from
2001-03-19 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutf8.c (g_unichar_validate): added this function
2001-03-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gspawn-win32.c (SETUP_DEBUG): Add braces to silence gcc -Wall.
* gspawn-win32-helper.c (write_no_error): Remove unused function.
* tests/ (module-test.exe): Add rules for
building module-test.
Wed Mar 14 18:46:54 2001 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.[hc]: removed archaic gpointer derived_data; relict and
added a GData member instead.
* glist.[hc]: added g_list_remove_all().
* gslist.[hc]: added g_slist_remove_all().
Sat Mar 17 19:54:51 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* timeloop.c: Reorder headers to make FreeBSD happy.
2001-03-13 Tor Lillqvist <>
From Edward M. Lee <>:
* gdate.c (g_date_set_parse): add support for dates that in the
form "Wed Mar 14 2001". Running testgdate on cygwin requires this.
Fri Mar 9 18:01:43 2001 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.[hc]: made config arg to g_scanner_new() const.
2001-03-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/ (libmoduletestplugin_b_la_LIBADD,
libmoduletestplugin_b_la_LIBADD): Link with the libgmodule la only
on Win32.
2001-03-10 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Define G_PLATFORM_WIN32 here, too.
* tests/ Use the _LIBADD dependency on libglib only on
2001-03-09 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Update with some information about using configure
and libtool.
2001-03-09 Hans Breuer <>
* gobject/gobject.def : updated
2001-03-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def
* gobject/gobject.def
* gobject/ Update.
2001-03-08 Sven Neumann <>
* gtree.[ch]:
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/trees-binary.sgml: added new function
Thu Mar 8 16:23:34 2001 Tim Janik <>
* ghook.[hc]: destruction cleanup. there's one
->finalize_hook member in the hooklist now that gets
called when a hook should be destroyed, that's it.
that function is guarranteed to be called only when
all ref_counts to the hook vanished, thus also when
the hook is not in call.
2001-03-08 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* (FLAG_DOES_NOT_WORK): Fix typo and thus bug #51862.
Wed Mar 7 09:32:06 2001 Tim Janik <>
* glib-object.h: add gvaluearray.h.
* gstring.[hc]: fixup naming of g_string_sprint*.
* gtypes.h: fixed GCompareDataFunc naming.
2001-03-07 Christian Meyer <>
* Added de (German) to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-03-02 Christophe Merlet <>
* Added fr (French) to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-03-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c (g_path_is_absolute): (Win32) Remove test for initial
double backslash (UNC path), this will of course be matched by the
test for an initial G_DIR_SEPARATOR right up front. Silly me.
(g_find_program_in_path): Implement on Win32. Append the
executable file name suffixes from PATHEXT in turn while looking
for the program.
(g_find_program_in_path): If the program we are looking for is a
relative path in a subdirectory, don't do any path search.
(g_get_any_init): (Win32) Also look for the USERPROFILE env var
indicating the home directory equivalent.
(g_find_program_in_path): (Win32): Use MAXPATHLEN, not PATH_MAX
which isn't defined with MSVC.
* testglib.c (main): Test g_find_program_in_path() on Win32 by
looking for and regedit.
* glib.def: Add g_find_program_in_path.
2001-02-26 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthreadpool.c (g_thread_pool_thread_proxy): Make
max_unused_threads work for -1 as well.
2001-02-23 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.h (struct _GThread): Change the order to match the order
in g_thread_create().
* gthread.c (g_static_rec_mutex_lock_full): Also do the right
thing (behave like 'depth' calls to g_static_rec_mutex_lock) for a
mutex, that is already locked.
Thu Feb 22 10:31:36 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.c (g_source_remove_poll): Add missing implementation
of g_source_remove_poll. (Pointed out by Stefan Westerfeld)
2001-02-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c (g_find_program_in_path): Implement on Win32.
Cygwin support contributed by Stefan Ondrejicka
<>. Hopefully I got it all in while simultaneously
adding support for auto*/libtool for mingw.
* Changes for auto* support on Cygwin and Win32. Do
still distribute the hand-written makefiles and * files,
though. Use GIO, GSPAWN and PLATFORMDEP macros set by configure.
Use -no-undefined. Pass -export-symbols glib.def to libtool.
* Define G_PLATFORM_WIN32 on both pure Win32 (mingw)
calls for Cygwin and mingw support. Check for %I64u guint64
format (in MS C library). Set G_MODULE_IMPL on mingw and
Cygwin. Use ac_object and ac_exeext. Set GIO, GSPAWN, PLATFORMDEP
and G_LIBS_EXTRA. Compile timeloop only on Unix. Define OS_WIN32
automake conditional on Win32.
* glib.h: Include gwin32.h also on Cygwin.
* gfileutils.c (get_contents_posix): Use O_BINARY (defined as 0 on
Unix) for Cygwin's sake.
* gtimer.c (GETTIME): Reduce #ifdefs, use a macro GETTIME().
* gconvert.c
* gthread.c
* gutf8.c
* gutils.c: For code needed both on Cygwin and native Win32,
test for G_PLATFORM_WIN32.
* gmarkup.h: Use G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS.
* gtypes.h: Refine GLIB_VAR definition. Also check for DLL_EXPORT
in case compiling a static library on Win32 or Cygwin.
* gwin32.c: No <direct.h> on Cygwin. No need for ftruncate() or
dirent emulation on Cygwin.
(get_package_directory_from_module) Convert return value from
GetModuleFileName() to POSIX path on Cygwin.
* tests/ (progs_LDADD): Link with libglib, libgthread
and libgmodule as appropriate. Use -no-undefined.
* gbacktrace.c: Move #ifdefs around a bit on Win32.
2001-02-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gshell.c (unquote_string_inplace): Make static.
* gthread.h: Include gtypes.h to be sure to get GLIB_VAR
definition, remove definition from here.
* gunicode.h: Remove duplicate GLIB_VAR definition from here, too.
* gutils.c: (Win32) Use USERPROFILE as home dir if present. On
Win2k, HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH aren't reliable.
* Remove install target, Windows isn't Unix.
* testgdate.c
* testgdateparser.c
* testglib.c: Undefine GLIB_COMPILATION.
* testglib.c: Make some vars static. Add Cygwin path tests.
* glib.def: Updates.
* .cvsignore
* */.cvsignore: Ignore also .obj, .dll, .lib and .exe files.
2001-02-19 Hans Breuer <>
* glib/glib.def, gobject/gobject.def : added nissing symbols
* gobject/makefile.msc : updated
* glib/gmessages.c : call the "debug interrupt" before exiting the
program, if build with msvc as debug version. Which gives the opportunity
to see the callstack, etc.
* glib/gthread.c : thread->pid is only defined #ifdef
Mon Feb 19 07:32:38 2001 Tim Janik <>
* (lib_glib): my name is glib-config-2.0!
don't exit with errorcode!=0 for --help or -h.
* build glib-config-2.0.
2001-02-17 Havoc Pennington <>
* gthread.c: include string.h
Applied patch from Soeren Sandmann:
* testglib.c: const fixes
* gwin32.h: format cleanups
* gutils.c (g_atexit): constify a variable
(g_find_program_in_path): constification
(g_basename): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_path_skip_root): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_getenv): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_get_user_name): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_get_real_name): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_get_home_dir): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_get_tmp_dir): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_get_prgname): G_CONST_RETURN
(_glib_gettext): G_CONST_RETURN
* gunicode.h: formatting cleanups
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strerror): G_CONST_RETURN
(g_strsignal): G_CONST_RETURN
* gspawn.c (g_execute): const on variables
* gmessages.c (printf_string_upper_bound): fix const on a variable
* gmem.c (g_mem_chunk_new): make the "name" arg const
(struct _GRealMemChunk): make the "name" field const
* gfileutils.c (g_file_open_tmp): store const return in a const
gchar* variable
* gdataset.c (g_quark_to_string): G_CONST_RETURN
Sat Feb 17 07:26:33 2001 Tim Janik <>
* (G_MODULE_HAVE_DLERROR): add check for broken RTLD_GLOBAL
(on OSF1 V5.0).
2001-02-15 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* acconfig.h, Reverted the changes necessary to
enlarge the system thread for G_THREAD_USE_PID_SURROGATE.
* gthread.c: Now implement G_THREAD_USE_PID_SURROGATE in gthread.c
instead of gthread/gthread-posix.c. While the latter has the
advantage, that it is conceptually cleaner, it makes
g_thread_self_posix_impl _very_ slow and that hurts
GStaticRecMutex and other things. So the new version is less
clean, but faster.
2001-02-09 Havoc Pennington <>
* gconvert.c (g_convert): don't overwrite errors
* gerror.c (g_set_error): improve warning message if an error is
(g_propagate_error): ditto
2001-02-13 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c, gthread.h: Added functions g_static_rec_mutex_init,
g_static_rec_mutex_free, g_static_private_init,
g_static_private_free, g_static_rw_lock_init to allow the usage of
all those types dynamically. (g_static_rw_lock_free already
existed). Aditionally freed static_private indeces are reused
now. Untill now the array would just grow if you would use more
and more static_private. That required adding a slist of all
running threads, which could potentially be of good use later. It
is not exported however. Renamed a LOCK and small indentation
* tests/thread-test.c: Test the new static_private index freing
and reusing feature.
Mon Feb 12 15:01:09 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (gtk_doc_min_version): Add check for gtk-doc version.
2001-02-10 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gtypes.h
* gutils.h: Move GLIB_VAR definition from gutils.h to gtypes.h
* glib.def
* gmem.h: Mark glib_mem_profiler_table for export.
* gwin32.c (get_package_directory_from_module): Don't store
address of local variable in hashtable.
2001-02-08 Fatih Demir <>
* Added "tr" to ALL_LINGUAS.
2001-02-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gwin32.c (g_win32_getlocale): Use "nn" for Nynorsk, as nn.po
files are appearing now. If the sublanguage starts with '@', don't
use a '_' separator. South Africa is 'ZA', not 'SA'.
Sun Feb 4 07:38:32 2001 Tim Janik <>
* docs/debugging.txt: s/glib_trap_/g_trap_/. add comments on
g_trap_instance_signals, g_trace_instance_signals and
* gmem.c: s/glib_trap_/g_trap_/.
2001-02-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/ (thread_LDADD): Change order of libs,
put progs_LDADD last. Needed for cygwin, says
2001-02-02 Tor Lillqvist <>
* giochannel.h
* giowin32.c
* gmain.c: Stylistic cleanups. Use G_STRLOC in g_warning() calls.
* glib.def: Add missing functions.
2001-02-01 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c, gthread.h: Added g_static_mutex_init to allow
initialization of a GStaticMutex, that can not be initialized with
G_STATIC_MUTEX_INIT, for example in allocated structures.
Wed Jan 31 13:46:58 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* acinclude.m4 glib-gettext.m4: Fix problem with --disable-nls.
2001-01-31 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Corresponding change as below to
2001-01-30 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c, gthread.h: Added g_static_mutex_free to allow using
GStaticMutexes with limited lifetime without leaking.
* GStaticMutex doesn't have to provide extra space
for debugging information for G_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES, as then the
non-default implementation (runtime_mutex) is used anyway.
* gthread.h (g_cond_wait): Added debug information for
g_mutex_free calls, if G_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES is defined.
2001-01-29 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Use the same GMutex structure as the
configure-generated glibconfig.h does.
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strsignal): Declare strsignal() on Cygwin, too,
2001-01-29 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c: Broadcast the condition, if there are waiting
readers, as all might read at the same time. Only signal the
writer thread, if there are no more readers.
2001-01-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* */ Protect the rule to rebuild makefile.mingw
if has changed with a check if said .in file
exists. (This rule is mainly a convenience for yours truly.)
* giowin32.c: Socket support rewritten. It was utterly broken, and
untested in fact. We still do use a thread for each socket being
watched, but instead of blocking in recv() (which of course was
plain stupid for sockets being listen()ed on in a server-type
application), we block in select(). The read method for sockets
calls recv(). It is now possible for the application to call
accept(), recv() or send() in the callback, just like on
Unix. Tested with code kindly provided by Andrew Lanoix.
Rename g_io_channel_win32_new_stream_socket() to
g_io_channel_win32_new_socket() as it isn't restricted to stream
* gmain.c (g_poll): Related changes in the Win32 version of
g_poll(). When polling for messages, always do a PeekMessage()
first. We used to miss messages if several were posted between
calls to g_poll().
* giochannel.h: Improve Win32-related comments.
* gutf8.c: (Win32) Include <stdio.h> for sprintf.
* tests/gio-test.c: (Win32) Add tests for polling for Windows
* tests/ Remove superfluous compilation command
2001-01-23 Alex Larsson <>
* gmain.c (g_source_callback_unref): Free the callback
(g_source_set_callback): Initialize the callback refcount
2001-01-20 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c (g_get_codeset): (Win32) Even if g_get_codeset() is
currently commented out from gutils.h, fix it to return the same
CP%d value as g_get_charset().
2001-01-19 Kjartan Maraas <>
* gconvert.c: Fix typo.
* gfileutils.c: Same here.
* Added no to ALL_LINGUAS
2001-01-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gwin32.c (g_win32_getlocale, g_win32_error_message): Add doc
(g_win32_get_package_installation_directory): Add one parameter,
the name of a DLL in the package. Add possibility to use that to
deduce the installation directory if not entered into the
Registry. Make the return value dynamically allocated.
(g_win32_get_package_installation_subdirectory): New convenience
* gutils.c (GLIB_LOCALE_DIR)
* gwin32.h: Adapt accordingly.
* testglib.c (main): Adapt tests accordingly.
Tue Jan 16 23:20:38 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c glibintl.h: Optimize for size rather than speed by
making _() always call _glib_gettext() instead of conditionally
calling gettext() or _glib_gettext_init. glib only uses translated
strings in slow error handling code anyways.
* glibintl.h: g'ify types.
* include glibintl.h in _SOURCES
2001-01-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Use the GNU intl library.
* gwin32.c (g_win32_get_package_installation_directory): New
function. To be used by various GLib-using packages to get their
installation directory, which should be stored in the Registry by
some installer.
* gwin32.h: Declare it.
* testglib.c (main): Test it.
* gutils.c: On Win32, define GLIB_LOCALE_DIR using
* glib.def: Update.
Mon Jan 15 21:39:06 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (Libs) Add @INTLLIBS@.
Mon Jan 15 21:12:49 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* acconfig.h glibintl.h gutils.c
po/{,,}: Add gettext
* glib-gettext.m4 acinclude.m4: Clean up the GTK+ gettext macros
some more and put them in this file, though they also need
to be included in acinclude.m4 due to the brokeness of
* gspawn.c gspawn-win32.c gutf8.c gconvert.c gfileutils.c
gshell.c: Remove dummy _() #defines, include glibintl.m4.
2001-01-09 Tor Lillqvist <>
* giowin32.c: Rework the changes needed to pass mainloop-test. Now
we don't need to call TerminateThread() after all, which is a
relief, as the docs have a BIG RED WARNING SIGN about using that
API. Instead, when closing a fd channel that has a reader thread
running, just mark it as non-running and additionally mark the fd
as ripe for closing. When the reader thread hopefully eventually
gets something (and EOF or some actual data), it will note that it
shouldn't be running, break out of the loop, and close the fd.
The socket channel closing code should probably be changed
similarily, but that will have to wait until I have a test case.
(g_pipe_readable_msg, g_io_channel_win32_new_pipe,
g_io_channel_win32_pipe_readable): Remove these, have been
obsolete for some time.
* gutils.c (g_basename, g_dirname): Don't warn about deprecation
on Win32. Code written for GLib 1.2 doesn't have much choice but
to use GLib >= 1.3 on Win32.
* glib.def: Update.
2001-01-09 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmem.c: Made g_profile_mutex a GMutex* instead of
G_LOCK_DEFINE_STATIC to avoid deadlock for thread implementations
without native static mutexes. Contruct g_profile_mutex in
2001-01-06 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gconvert.c (g_locale_to_utf8, g_locale_from_utf8): Get len using
strlen() if arg is negative in the Win32 code, too.
* giowin32.c: Changes necessary to be able to run
mainloop-test. We can't close the fd that our (internal) reader
thread is sitting doing a blocking read() from. We must terminate
the thread first. Keep track of thread handle, and close it when
thread is dying. Start reader thread with the lower-level
CreateThread() instead of _beginthreadex() from the C runtime, in
order to be able to use TerminateThread(). Hopefuly this isn't
* glib.def: Update.
* tests/makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (TESTS): Add mainloop-test and
* tests/mainloop-test.c: Portability: <unistd.h>, need <fcntl.h>
on Win32.
* tests/unicode-encoding.c (process): Add missing "line" argument
to fail(). On Win32, convert UTF-16LE, as libiconv'c ivonf always
converts to UTF-16BE if we ask for unspecific UTF-16.
(main) Handle also '\r'.
Fri Jan 5 11:25:42 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* (PACKAGE): move $enable_debug down below
checks for GCC to avoid setting CFLAGS prematurely,
change checks to avoid adding -g twice.
* gutf8.c (g_ucs4_to_utf8): Support len < 0 to mean
0 termination.
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_to_ucs4): Terminate result with 0.
* tests/mainloop-test.c (main): Fix uses of
* tests/unicode-encoding.c tests/ tests/utf8.txt:
Tests for unicode-conversion code.
* gconvert.c (g_convert, g_convert_with_fallback): work around
a couple of GNU libc bugs.
* gconvert.[ch] (g_{locale,filename}_{to,from}_utf8): Standardize
arguments to match g_convert(). Document.
* gunicode.[ch]:
- Implement conversion functions to and from UTF-16
- Standardize unicode conversion functions on prototype like
- Add a lot of error checking to unicode conversion functions.
* gunicode.[ch] (g_utf8_to_ucs4_fast): Add fast, non-checking
variant of g_utf8_to_ucs4.
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_validate):
- add g_return_if_fail (str != NULL).
- add checks for overlong strings, non-valid Unicode characters (>= 110000)
and single surrogates.
2001-01-05 Tor Lillqvist <>
* testglib.c (main): Add test for g_path_skip_root().
* gfileutils.c (g_file_open_tmp): (Win32:) Look also for (illegal)
forward slashes in the template.
* gutils.c (g_path_skip_root): On Win32, skip the \\server\share
part of UNC paths. On all platforms, skip several initial
slashes. Add a few comments.
(g_get_any_init): On Win32, in case HOME is Unix-style with
(forward) slashes (some other applications apparently set it up
this way, convert to backslashed form.
* (glib_os): Remove stray 'v'. Add case for mingw,
although using configure for mingw surely doesn't work yet.
* glib.def: Update.
2001-01-02 Havoc Pennington <>
* remove glib-config-2.0
* remove glib-config-2.0
2001-01-03 Havoc Pennington <>
* tests/ (INCLUDES): -I$(top_srcdir)/gmodule,
fix from Michael Meeks
* (INCLUDES): DISABLE was spelled wrong
Wed Jan 3 14:10:49 2001 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.[ch]: Switch GMainLoop to be ref/unref, use to
make dropping reference to running loop safe.
Wed Dec 13 20:41:49 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.c (g_source_unref_internal): Unref callback->cb_data
if it was still set when the source is freed. (Usually, this
will be done by g_source_destroy.)
2001-01-02 Dan Winship <>
* garray.h (g_array_append_val, g_array_prepend_val,
g_array_insert_val): Use parentheses around an argument to make
these cause an error if you pass a non-lvalue for the value,
rather than silently doing the wrong thing.
2000-12-29 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Update.
* {.,*}/makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: Add -DG_ENABLE_DEBUG.
Fri Dec 29 14:53:18 2000 Tim Janik <>
* we can't grow _cv_ variables by using a backticked
expr that refers back to the variable (glib_cv_sizeof_system_thread for
G_THREAD_USE_PID_SURROGATE), that'd keep the variable growing every time
it's evaluated. quantum states, anyone?)
Thu Dec 28 10:21:46 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gmem.[hc]: got rid of outdated dmalloc support. provide g_try_malloc()
and g_try_realloc() which _may_ fail and return NULL.
nuked g_mem_check(), provided GMemVTable for memory function
virtualization, alterable at program startup with g_mem_set_vtable().
provided glib_mem_profiler_table and g_mem_profile() to support limited
profiling information out of the box (uses mprotect() for free()ed areas
on linux).
provide globally visible G_MEM_ALIGN.
buncha cleanups.
* docs/macros.txt: file to get a clue about the various configuration
* docs/debugging.txt: explain debugging traps.
* got rid of --enable-mem-check and --enable-mem-profile,
define GLIB_SIZEOF_VOID_P and GLIB_SIZEOF_LONG. check malloc prototypes
and define SANE_MALLOC_PROTOS is we can use them.
<boy, is this file a mess>
* gutils.c, gscanner.c: fix up compatibility warnings, use g_message().
2000-12-27 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Update.
2000-12-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gmessages.c: (Win32) Use a MessageBox for fatal
messages. Collect eror message into a buffer, and display that.
* glib.def: Update.
* Update. Remove unused wchar and wctype
macros, add G_MODULE_SUFFIX.
2000-12-24 Ali Abdin <>
*, gcompat.h, glib.h: New gcompat.h header file
as recommended by Havoc.
* gdate.c, gdate.h, testgdate.c,
docs/reference/glib/tmpl/date.sgml, tests/date-test.c: Rename some
of the gdate functions to use the '_get' in their name. Patch
reviewed by Havoc.
2000-12-22 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Determine the suffix of the shared librarries for
this system. This is done analogous to G_MODULE_SUFFIX in glibconfig.h is set to either
"sl", "dll", or (most often) "so".
* tests/, tests/module-test.c,
tests/libmoduletestplugin_a.c, tests/libmoduletestplugin_b.c:
Added new testcase for gmodule. This is mostly copied from
gmodule/testgmodule.c, but unlike that is is quiet. (Why BTW are
some tests that verbose, not to say loquacious...)
2000-12-19 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* grand.c: Updated G_RAND_DOUBLE_TRANSFORM to be more
accurate. Redid g_rand_double() such that it returns 52 bits after
the point instead of 32 as before. That OTOH requires calling
g_rand_int() twice. Overhauled g_rand_int_range(), which is easier
now thanks to the new precision of g_rand_double(). Thanks to
Sverre Johansen <> for the hint.
* grand.h: Added g_rand_boolean() and g_random_boolean()
macros. While they could be omitted due to extreme simplicity,
they make intention clearer in code and are therefore good to have.
* grand.c, grand.h: Renamed all 'min' and 'max' parameters to'
begin' and 'end' resp. to avoid making people think, that 'max' is
included in the interval. 'end' now isn't, whereas 'begin'
is. That's similar to the use in the STL.
* gslist.c, glist.c: Ok, I'm a moron. When I originally
implemented ENABLE_GC_FRIENDLY, I forgot to include config.h into
the affected files. Now that Alex did that for those two,
inevitable typos surfaced, which are now fixed.
* garray.c, ghash.c, gqueue.c, gtree.c: Include config.h as well,
as ENABLE_GC_FRIENDLY should be known.
2000-12-19 Alexander Larsson <>
Added --disable-mem-pools option.
* glist.c:
* gslist.c:
* gnode.c:
* gmem.c:
Disable free list and memory chunks if DISABLE_MEM_POOLS is defined.
2000-12-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_get_charset_internal): (Win32) Use GetACP to get
the current ANSI codepage.
* gunicode.h: Add comment that the static string g_get_charset
sets the parameter to point to should be copied in case the
charset might be changed later in the program.
2000-12-14 Tor Lillqvist <>
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: No need to -DGSPAWN_HELPER when
compiling gspawn-win32-helper any longer.
* giowin32.c (g_io_win32_dispatch): Warn if no callback. Call
callback correctly.
(g_io_win32_create_watch): Fix typo.
(g_io_win32_fd_create_watch): Ditto.
(g_io_channel_unix_new): If it is a file descriptor (i.e., a Unix
fd lookalike provided by the C library), call
g_io_channel_win32_new_fd(). If it is a socket (from WinSock),
call g_io_cahnnel_win32_new_stream_socket(). Hopefully sockets and
fds don't overlap. TODO: Implement also datagram sockets.
(g_io_channel_win32_poll): Call g_main_context_get_poll_func().
* gcompletion.h: Include <unistd.h> only on Unix. Is this
inclusion really needed here? OTOH, do include <stddef.h>, for
* gmessages.c: (Win32) Don't define a function called "write" that
might clash with the prototype from <io.h>, use a #define.
* glib.def: Update.
* gmain.c (g_source_add_poll): Don't return a value from void
(g_main_context_get_poll_func): Compile also for non-Win32, as
presumably was intended. The result var is a GPollFunc, not a
GPollFunc*. Return the result!
2000-12-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* gconvert.c (open_converter): make static
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_validate): Simplify logic a bit, maybe
speeding it up - now we just return FALSE if we had to bail out
for any reason before getting to the end of the string, as defined
by a nul byte if len was -1, defined by the len otherwise. This
also fixes a bug where nul bytes were not treated as invalid
when the length was specified.
2000-12-12 Havoc Pennington <>
* gmain.c (g_main_context_destroy): don't try to use thread stuff
(g_main_context_query): ditto
(g_main_context_check): ditto
(g_main_loop_quit): ditto
Tue Dec 12 18:58:22 2000 Tim Janik <>
* ghash.c (g_hash_table_remove): return whether a value
got removed.
Tue Dec 12 15:18:10 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.[ch]: Revert unauthorized changes.
2000-12-12 Elliot Lee <>
* gmain.c, gmain.h (g_main_context_new, g_main_context_destroy):
GMainContext useful in implementing some additional styles of
main loop usage. To do this, however, Joe Hacker needs to be able
to create/destroy GMainContext's at will. This is just an export
of existing functionality, rather than any new functionality.
They are listed in the "Low level functions for implementing custom
main loops" section of the header file, to avoid confusing people.
Sun Dec 10 10:47:11 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.c (g_source_destroy_internal): Remove pollfds
from the context here, not when actually freeing the
* gmain.c (g_source_unref_internal): Free source list
and source, call source->source_funcs->destroy().
* giochannel.c: Unreference io_channel properly.
Thu Dec 7 15:22:30 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* tests/mainloop-test.c (recurser_start): Add a bunch
of unrefs.
* gmain.c (g_source_attach): Reference the source
when adding (pointed out by Elliot)
2000-12-08 Raja R Harinath <>
Update to track autoconf 2.49b.
* Reflect above change.
(AC_EGREP_HEADER): Rename from really obselete AC_HEADER_EGREP.
(debug_default): Replace "if test `expr ...`" with "case".
* tests/ (TESTS): Rearrange into other variables, and
(TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): New. Pass $srcdir to tests.
(noinst_PROGRAMS): Rename to ...
(check_PROGRAMS): ... this. 'automake' ensures that these are
built before running the tests.
* tests/ Support $srcdir != $builddir.
2000-12-08 Havoc Pennington <>
* tests/ (TESTS): move markup-test to noinst_PROGRAMS;
it isn't a proper test, the proper test would be, but that can't go in tests, so we need
a manual make check rule. Didn't do that yet.
2000-12-07 Raja R Harinath <>
* gmain.h: Don't put anything after an #endif.
* gmain.c: Likewise.
2000-12-06 Havoc Pennington <>
* tests/strfunc-test.c (main): add g_strdupv test
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strdupv): Add a function to copy
an array of strings
Tue Dec 5 12:23:04 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.[hc]: Major change in API for creating sources
to handle multiple main loops (GMainContext *).
GSources are now exposed as GSource * and implemented
with structure derivation.
* giochannel.[ch]: Changed vtable for GIOChannel to correspond
to the new mainloop API, add g_io_channel_create_watch().
* gtypes.h: Move GTimeVal here.
* gthread.h: Remove gmain.h include to avoid circularity.
* giounix.c: Update for new GMain API.
* giowin32.c: Update for new GMain API. (No check for
proper compilation or working.)
* timeloop.c timeloop-basic.c: A benchmarking program for
the main loop comparing the main loop against a
hand-written (timeloop-basic.c) variant.
* tests/mainloop-test.c: New torture test of mainloop.
* docs/Changes-2.0.txt: Started. Added text about
changes to GMain.
* gmain.c (g_main_add_poll_unlocked): Initial fd->revents
to zero. (#8482, Benjamin Kahn)
2000-12-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* {.,*}/ Include make.msc from GLib's build subdir.
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (glib_OBJECTS): Add gunibreak.
* glib.def: Update correspondingly.
2000-11-21 Havoc Pennington <>
* gmacros.h: Provide G_CONST_RETURN which is 'const' by default,
and nothing when G_DISABLE_CONST_RETURNS is defined.
2000-11-29 Havoc Pennington <>
* gunidecomp.c (COMBINING_CLASS):
* gunichartables.h: Update for data in Unicode 3.0.1
* gunidecomp.h: Ditto
* gunicode.h (GUnicodeBreakType): Enum for line break properties
(g_unichar_break_type): Get the break property for a char
* gunibreak.h: Autogenerated line break property tables
* gunibreak.c (g_unichar_break_type): added
* (EXTRA_DIST): dist
* (libglib_1_3_la_SOURCES): Add gunibreak.h, gunibreak.c
* Include the script to update the unicode
char tables
2000-11-28 Elliot Lee <>
* gmarkup.c: Fix warnings.
* guniprop.c, gunidecomp.c: Make warnings go away by using
GPOINTER_TO_INT() instead of (int).
* gcompletion.[ch]: Add g_completion_set_compare(),
to allow (for example) using case-insensitive completion.
2000-11-28 Tor Lillqvist <>
Patches by Hans Breuer:
* gspawn-win32.c: Move the code for gspawn-win32-helper to its own
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: Change accordingly.
* gspawn-win32-helper.c: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add it.
* gmarkup.c (find_current_text_end): Fix assertion not to check an
uninitialised variable.
2000-11-28 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c: Set the thread data before locking the mutex, because
the locking call might use g_thread_self ().
* gthread.h: Do only show the location of the locking/unlocking
for -DG_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES and not the name of the mutex. Add the
errorcheck capability for g_cond_wait and g_cond_timed_wait as
2000-11-27 Havoc Pennington <>
* gthread.h: Add void in empty function arg list
2000-11-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: Add gqsort.
* glib.def: Update.
2000-11-21 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Add a surrogate for thread priorities using PID
niceness for systems with no thread priorities and different PIDs
for threads of the same process (most notably: Linux). Define
G_THREAD_USE_PID_SURROGATE in that case, as used by
gthread-posix.c. Also make the system thread bigger by
sizeof (long) to contain the thread's PID.
* gfileutils.c: Include stdlib.h for mkstemp prototype.
* gthread.c: Add priority range checks to the affected functions.
* gthreadpool.c: Remove unused variable.
Mon Nov 20 18:55:17 2000 Jonathan Blandford <>
* gtree.[hc]: Patch from David Benson <> to add
user_data support to gtree functions.
Mon Nov 13 18:35:52 2000 Jonathan Blandford <>
* gtypes.h (GCompareFuncData): new func type to let you use user
data when comparing nodes.
* gslist.c (g_list_sort_with_data): new function to sort with
* glist.c (g_list_sort_with_data): new function to sort with
* garray.[ch]: Added convenience functions to sort arrays.
2000-11-16 Havoc Pennington <>
* guniprop.c (g_unichar_isspace): Use a switch here, maybe helps
the compiler optimize things. Also, ' ' is a SPACE_SEPARATOR,
so don't special case it.
2000-11-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add g_trash_stack entry points.
Fri Nov 17 15:43:00 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Released 1.3.2
* NEWS: Update.
* tests/ (dist-hook): Add code to distribute
markup test files.
2000-11-15 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Check for the sched.h header and include it on
gthread/gthread-posix.c if available.
when searching for thread libs. Look for sched_* functions in
-lrte as well. All of that is necessary on DG/UX.
various places to make it work more reliable, to make it accept
macros instead of functions etc.
* Replace some NULL's for checks with 0 to make it
work without stdio.h everywhere.
*, gutils.c: changed the test for getpwuid_r to first
test for a posix version and then for a non-posix version. No code
change in gutils.c. Again this change deals better with getpwuid_r
being a macro and not a function. Most of the above with kind help
from Tethys <>. This fixes Bug #13403.
2000-11-14 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gwin32.h: Make #endif comment match #ifdef.
Mon Nov 13 14:00:20 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Up version to 1.3.2
* gconvert.h (enum GConvertError): Remove trailing ,
* gfileutils.c (g_file_open_tmp): Fix comment to
properly describe return value.
2000-11-13 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gconvert.c: Check G_OS_WIN32 only after including glib.h.
* glib.def: Update.
2000-11-13 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c (g_static_rec_mutex_*): Made recursive mutexes also
work when the thread system is not (yet) initialized.
Sun Nov 12 18:34:32 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gconvert.[ch]: Create wrapper functions for iconv()
so that we can transparently use the native iconv,
libiconv, or (in the future) a mini-iconv included
with glib.
* Include @ICONV_LIBS@
* INSTALL: Added note about libiconv.
* Add checks for libiconv from pango. If
EILSEQ is not defined in errno.h add define for it into
glibconfig.h so g_iconv can use it. (Note, recompiling
from a system without EILSEQ to a system with EILSEQ
will break binary compatibility)
2000-11-12 Robert Brady <>
* gstrfuncs.c, gstrfuncs.h: Remove g_filename_{to,from}_utf8
* gconvert.c, gconvert.h: Add g_filename_{to,from}_utf8 and
g_locale_{to.from}_utf8. The locale_ variant honours
nl_langinfo(CODESET), the filename_ variant uses UTF-8 unless
asked otherwise.
(g_convert): Add G_CONVERT_ERROR_PARTIAL_INPUT error, if bytesread
!= length and no bytesread pointer passed.
Sun Nov 12 15:29:53 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gfileutils.[ch]: template is a reserved word in
C++ s/template/tmpl/.
2000-11-11 Havoc Pennington <>
* gmarkup.c (g_markup_parse_context_parse): Handle a long stream
of bytes containing no UTF-8 character starts
2000-11-11 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add missing entry points.
* gfileutils.c (g_mkstemp): Improve chance to generate unique
names with less effort a bit.
* gfileutils.h: Add g_file_open_tmp() declaration.
* testglib.c: Include <io.h> on Win32.
* Correct the way to invoke sub-makes.
Sun Nov 5 13:20:54 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib-object.h: Add gtypemodule.h
2000-11-11 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gfileutils.c (g_file_open_tmp): New function, suggested by Havoc
earlier this month.
(g_mkstemp): Use only one case for letters in temp file name, as
this will be used on systems with case-insensitive file systems.
* testglib.c (main): Test g_mkstemp() and g_file_open_tmp().
2000-11-09 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthreadpool.c: Don't take other threads with other priorities
into account as changing the priority is highly
unportable. (Actually using it at all already is unportable, but
even sometimes where that works, changing priority is not
2000-11-05 Havoc Pennington <>
* gmarkup.h: rename G_MARKUP_FOO to
* gmarkup.c: don't start doc comments with "Returns"
2000-11-05 Havoc Pennington <>
* gmarkup.c: inline docs
(unescape_text): properly check strtoul for failure.
* gerror.c (g_propagate_error): Free the src error if the dest
location is NULL - I'm pretty sure that's what this function was
supposed to do.
2000-11-05 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutils.c (g_find_program_in_path): cleanup docs, sync param
names to those in the header
* gfileutils.c (g_mkstemp): clean up docs
* gshell.h: sync param names with param names in .c file
* gfileutils.h (enum GFileTest): remove trailing comma from last
member, confuses gtk-doc
* gmarkup.h: s/GMarkupErrorType/GMarkupError/g; to follow
2000-11-02 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gasyncqueue.c: Added documentation for asyncronous queues.
* gspawn.c: Include sys/select.h (some platforms need it for
* gspawn.c: Changed unportable __FUNCTION__ to the verbatim
function name.
2000-10-31 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c
* gutils.h
* gfileutils.c
* gfileutils.h: Actually, g_mkstemp() is better suited in gfileutils.
2000-10-30 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Check for mkstemp.
* gutils.c (g_mkstemp): New function. If HAVE_MKSTEMP, just call
it, otherwise use code lifted from glibc.
* gutils.h: Declare it.
* glib.def: Here, too. Plus two missing functions.
2000-10-30 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gcache.h, gcache.c, ghash.h, ghash.c, grel.c, grel.h, gtypes.h:
Introduced new function type GEqualFunc to return TRUE for equal
params. This is now used instead of GCompareFunc (which should
work akin to strcmp) here. This kind of fixes Bug #14412. Note
that technically GCompareFunc and GEqualFunc are still the same
types, as gint == gboolean.
* ghash.h, gutils.c: g_int_equal and g_direct_equal now return
gboolean to be really become GEqualFunc.
* gscanner.c, testglib.c, tests/hash-test.c: Some tiny changes to
follow the above change.
2000-10-27 Tor Lillqvist <>
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (glib_OBJECTS): Add gmarkup.
* glib.def: Add missing functions.
* tests/makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (TESTS): Add markup-test.
2000-10-24 Havoc Pennington <>
* gmarkup.h, gmarkup.c: New module to parse a simple
markup language
* add gmarkup.h, gmarkup.c
* tests/ add markup-test
* gstring.h (g_string_new_len): new function to create a string
with a length
(g_string_new): avoid a gratuitous realloc
2000-10-26 Tor Lillqvist <>
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: Cosmetics.
2000-10-26 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strsplit): When the string is ended by a
delimiter, return an extra empty string just like for a delimiter
at the start of the string. This makes the function behave more
consistent and also fixes Bug #15026.
Tue Oct 24 22:09:14 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib-object.h: added newly added gobject/ headers.
* gmesage.c: print g_message() output to stderr instead of stdout.
2000-10-23 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Use one = instead of two, which is plainly wrong.
2000-10-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Pass -DGSPAWN_HELPER when building it. Link
with user32.lib.
* gspawn-win32.c
* gfileutils.c: Make them compile with picky MSVC.
* gwin32.h: New file. Move Win32-only stuff that isn't related to
GIOChannels here from giochannel.h.
* Add it here.
* giochannel.h: Move stuff to gwin32.h.
* glib.h: On Win32, include gwin32.h.
Mon Sep 11 10:03:24 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h convert.c (g_convert_with_fallback): Change
ERROR_OTHER to ERROR_FAILED, add some dummy marking with _().
* docs/reference/glib/glib-sections.txt
docs/reference/glib/glib-docs.sgml Update for g_convert,
2000-10-16 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Remove alloca stuff from here. galloca.h
takes care of it, correctly.
* giowin32.c (reader_thread): Some more debugging output.
(g_io_channel_win32_poll): Remove unused vars.
* gfileutils.c: Changes for Win32, with no unistd.h and no
* gspawn-win32.c: Implementation of the g_spwan_* functions for
Win32. Due to the general non-Unixness of Win32, much of the
functionality that is relatively clean to implement on Unix, is
hard to do on Win32. We must use a separate helper program to
change directory, close extra file descriptors, redirect the std
ones, as needed, and only then start the child process. No child
process pid can be returned, unfortunately. Or if we used
CreateProcess directly, it probably could. (Now we use the spawnv*
functions from msvcrt.)
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add gspawn-win32.c
* glib.def: Add new entry points.
* glib.def
* giowin32.c: Remove g_io_channel_win32_wait_for_condition(),
g_io_channel_win32_poll() subsumes it.
* gbacktrace.h: G_BREAKPOINT for MSVC (on the ix86).
* gwin32.c (g_win32_getlocale): Use "sp" for
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (glib_OBJECTS): Add new files.
Add gspawn-win32-helper.exe rule.
* tests/makefile.{mingw,msc}.in (TESTS): Add shell-test and
* tests/spawn-test.c: (run_tests): On Win32, don't try to run
/bin/sh, but ipconfig (no special significance in choosing that,
just a program that outputs something to stdout).
2000-10-15 Raja R Harinath <>
Remove need for acconfig.h, and misc. cleanups.
* acglib.m4 (GLIB_SIZEOF): Add 'autoheader' comment to
* Add 'autoheader' comments to all AC_DEFINE(...)
and AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(...) lines.
* acconfig.h: Empty out.
* (BUILT_EXTRA_DIST): New variable. List 'dist'able
files that are created in the builddir.
(dist-hook): Handle those files.
(libglib_1_3_la_SOURCES): Remove @ALLOCA@. @ALLOCA@ should only
be used in an _LDADD or _LIBADD, since it expands (if necessary)
to 'alloca.o'.
* tests/ (BUILT_EXTRA_DIST): New variable.
(dist-hook): Handle $(BUILT_EXTRA_DIST).
2000-10-13 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* grand.c: Added inline documentation.
* gtypes.h, gnode.h, gutils.h: Readded GFreeFunc,
g_node_insert_after and g_find_program_in_path resp., which
mysteriously disappeared during the glib.h dissection.
2000-10-12 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Adapted accordingly to header separation
and GLIB_HAVE_ALLOCA_H renaming.
* Added the new headers to glibinclude_HEADERS.
* glib.h: Forgot to include gerror.h.
* glib.h, galloca.h, garray.h, gasyncqueue.h, gbacktrace.h,
gcache.h, gcompletion.h, gconvert.h, gdataset.h, gdate.h, ghash.h,
ghook.h, giochannel.h, glist.h , gmacros.h, gmain.h, gmem.h,
gmessages.h, gnode.h, gprimes.h, gquark.h, gqueue.h, grand.h,
grel.h, gscanner.h, gslist.h, gstrfuncs.h, gstring.h, gthread.h,
gthreadpool.h, gtimer.h, gtree.h, gtypes.h, gutils.h: Split glib.h
into many header files mostly according to the resp. *.c-files.
* gmacros.h: Added G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS to mean: 'in case
of C++: extern "C" { ... }' analogous to glibc __BEGIN_DECLS and
*, gerror.h, gfileutils.h, gshell.h, gspawn.h,
gunicode.h, : Changed guard-macro names to something more
*, *.h: Use G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS.
* Defined GLIB_HAVE_ALLOCA_H instead of including
alloca.h in glibconfig.h, GLIB_HAVE_ALLOCA_H is used in glib.h.
* Removed cruft from old threading code.
2000-10-09 Raja R Harinath <>
Work with beta autoconf 2.50.
(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Remove redundant AC_DEFINE(HAVE_...).
(dlopen): Quote nested AC_CHECK_... calls.
* acglib.m4 (GLIB_TR_SH, GLIB_TR_CPP): Utility macros copied from
beta autoconf 2.50.
(GLIB_DIVERT_BEFORE_HELP): New macro that works both with autoconf
2.13 and beta autoconf 2.50.
* (CONFIGURE_DEPENDENCIES): Use this to specify
that 'configure' depends on acglib.m4.
2000-10-09 Havoc Pennington <>
*, tests/ Add new files.
* tests/spawn-test.c, tests/shell-test.c: new tests for
the shell/spawn stuff
* gutils.c (g_find_program_in_path): convert a relative
program name into an absolute pathname to an existing
* gspawn.h, gspawn.c: New fork/exec API
* gshell.h, gshell.c: Shell-related utilities, at the moment
simply routines to parse argv and quote/unquote strings
* guniprop.c (g_unichar_isspace): Return TRUE for the
ASCII space characters isspace() returns TRUE for.
* gfileutils.c (g_file_get_contents): Convenience function
to slurp entire file into a string and return it. Partially
written by Joel Becker.
(g_file_test): file test function
2000-10-06 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Revamp to be like, make
the MSVC build actually work again.
* gmodule/
* gobject/
* gthread/ New files, like their mingw counterparts.
* gmodule/
* gobject/
* gthread/ Make and distribute them.
* */ Allow override of GLib version number from
the build/win32/module.defs file.
* glib.def: Add new entry point.
* tests/gio-test.c (main): Fix the Win32-only code to use current
API, g_io_channel_win32_make_pollfd() and g_io_channel_win32_poll().
Fixes from Hans Breuer:
* glib.h (struct DIR): Keep the last readdir result cached inside
the DIR struct, to enable several DIRs being open simultaneously.
* gwin32.c (g_win32_readdir): Use the above instead of static.
* giowin32.c (g_io_channel_win32_make_pollfd): Insert cast to keep
MSVC happy.
2000-10-05 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h: Changed alloca stuff a bit: when we have a working
alloca.h, we're not messing with alloca any further. Should fix a
bug reported by Bernd Demian <>.
2000-09-29 Jonathan Blandford <>
* gnode.c (g_node_insert_after): Added function to keep symmetry
with g_node_insert_before.
2000-09-29 Martin Baulig <>
Several minor ANSI C fixes.
Added missing casts:
* gdate.c (g_date_fill_parse_tokens): `s = (guchar *) str'.
* gmain.c (g_idle_dispatch): `func = (GSourceFunc) source_data'.
(g_idle_add_full): `(gpointer) function' in call to g_source_add().
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strdown): `s = (guchar *) string' and
`return (gchar *) string'.
(g_strup): Likewise.
(g_strchug): `start = (guchar*) string' in 1st for() argument;
`strlen ((gchar *) start)' in call to g_memmove().
* gstring.c (g_string_down): `s = (guchar *) string->str'.
(g_string_up): Likewise.
* gthreadpool.c (stop_this_thread_marker):
`(gpointer) &g_thread_pool_new'.
* gunidecomp.h (decomp_table[]): Cast all the strings to
`unsigned char *'.
Put text following #endif into comments:
* gmain.c: here.
2000-09-29 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
*, glib.h: Added errorcheck mutexes. These are
activated through the preprocessor symbol
G_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES. Need to add an extra word to StaticMutex in
order to achieve this. g_(static_)mutex_* functions instrument the
mutex operations with mutex name and location, when compiled with
-DG_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES. g_thread_init activates the errorcheck
mutexes, when compiled with -DG_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES.
2000-09-28 Havoc Pennington <>
* glib.h (GThreadPriority): fix indentation
(GConvertError): generic error is conventionally called
_FAILED rather than _OTHER, at least at the moment,
according to GError docs in docs/reference.
* gconvert.c: s/_OTHER/_FAILED/
2000-09-28 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Adjusted the test for an unimplemented
getpwuid_r. Info from Michael Pruett. This is just a forward
merge from glib-1-2.
* Moved determination of G_THREAD_FLAGS before
G_THREAD_LIBS. Check for UnixWare systems and set the right cflags
and libs there (it needs -Kthread for the native compiler and
-pthread for gcc). Thanks to Boyd Lynn Gerber <>
for the info.
* Fail immediately, when no thread library is found,
instead of continuing searching for rt libs etc. Changed almost
all occurances of $enable_threads to $have_threads, as that's,
what we want.
* tests/threadpool-test.c: Define vars inside the guard to avoid
*, tests/type-test.c: Some platforms support 64 bit
'long long', but you can not printf or scanf them. In that case,
don't define G_G{UINT|INT}64_FORMAT. Changed the type-test program
to reflect that.
* gutils.c (g_get_current_dir): max_len can't be initialized
statically as it might call a function. So do it at first call.
Tue Sep 26 2000 Elliot Lee <>
* glib.h: Add G_GNUC_PURE macro (but don't use it anywhere).
Mon Sep 25 2000 Elliot Lee <>
* garray.c, glib.h, gmem.c: Add a few missing G_GNUC_CONST's.
2000-09-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Add gconvert.o. Use libiconv.
* glib.def: Add new entry points.
2000-09-21 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* The last released automake (1.4) still requires
AM_PROG_LIBTOOL instead of AC_PROG_LIBTOOL, so use that for the
time being.
2000-09-19 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* acconfig.h,, gutils.c: Test for the existence of
getcwd, and use it only when found.
* glib.h: Only use the gcc-variable-macro-argument-extension for
gcc >= 2.4. Both patches from Jonas Oberg <>.
Mon Sep 18 10:58:21 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gutf8.c: Implement g_ucs4_to_utf8 which was in
the header file but not implemented.
Sun Sep 17 2000 Elliot Lee <>
* glib.h Define g_alloca() as an
* gconvert.c: Fix warnings which could have caused problems on
64-bit platforms.
Sun Sep 10 12:37:40 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h gconvert.c (g_convert): Havoc Pennington's implementation
of convenient character set conversion using iconv, with
the addition of GError. We probably need a fallback that
just does conversions between, say UTF-8,16,32 and ISO-8859-1
for targets without iconv at all.
Also add g_convert_with_fallback() to take care of conversions
where we accept some loss going to the target encoding.
2000-09-10 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_validate): Add this function.
Sat Sep 9 18:50:42 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strescape): Add a missing g_return_if_fail().
Mon Aug 21 03:57:46 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (G_BREAKPOINT): for non-i386 and non-alpha, or non gcc,
implement BREAKPOINT() as raise (5 /* SIGTRAP */);
* glib.h: provide user-definable switch G_IMPLEMENT_INLINES,
to turn on compilation of inline function implementations provided
in header files with extern linkage.
wrap inline function implementations into ifdef __G_UTILS_C__, so we
really only compile them for gutils.c and not also into arbitrary user
code that wants to make use of G_IMPLEMENT_INLINES.
adjusted comment apropriately.
* gutils.c: to turn on compilation of inline functions, provide
#define G_IMPLEMENT_INLINES 1 and #define __G_UTILS_C__.
2000-09-06 Havoc Pennington <>
* gerror.c: docs
* docs/reference/glib/tmpl/error_reporting.sgml: docs
Wed Sep 6 10:28:34 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* guniprop.c gunicode.h gutf8.c: Some inline docs fixes.
2000-09-06 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h, gtimer.c, tests/thread-test.c:
* glib.h: Removed G_G{U}{SHORT|INT|LONG}_FORMAT from glib.h, as
they are really superfluous.
Tue Sep 5 20:16:27 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/ Add gtk-doc checks
for newly added docs/reference/ subdir.
2000-09-05 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gthread.c (g_thread_error_quark): Don't use a G_LOCK, as it
isn't necessary.
2000-09-01 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gstring.c (g_string_free): Use g_return_val_if_fail instead of
g_return_if_fail, as the function now is supposed to return
* gerror.c, gerror.h (g_propagte_error): Added function
g_propagte_error to hand over local errors to the calling
* glib.h: Include gerror.h before it is used for some g_thread_*
* gthread.c, gthreadpool.c, glib.h: Enable error reporting for
thread creation, namely for g_thread_create, g_thread_pool_new,
g_thread_pool_push and g_thread_pool_set_max_threads.
* tests/thread-test.c, tests/threadpool-test.c: Adapted
2000-08-31 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h
* glib.def
* giowin32.c (g_io_channel_win32_make_pollfd): New function, to
make a GPollFD from a GIOChannel. Creates the events and starts
the reader thread if necessary.
* glib.h
* giowin32.c (g_io_channel_win32_poll): No use for separate
condition parameter.
* gmain.c (g_get_current_time): (Win32): Simplify, use
2000-08-27 Tor Lillqvist <>
* giowin32.c (g_io_channel_win32_poll): New function, otherwise
like g_io_channel_win32_wait_for_condition(), but accept several
(g_io_channel_win32_wait_for_condition): Call
* glib.h: Declare g_io_channel_win32_poll().
* gwin32.c (g_win32_error_message): Don't believe return value
from FormatMessage.
2000-08-25 Elliot Lee <>
* glib.h, gunicode.h, gmodule/gmodule.h:
Mark the following functions G_GNUC_CONST (to allow optimization)
because their results are a function of only their parameters:
g_int_hash, g_int_equal, g_direct_hash, g_direct_equal,
g_quark_to_string, g_date_is_leap_year, g_date_days_in_month,
g_date_monday_weeks_in_year, g_date_sunday_weeks_in_year,
g_spaced_primes_closest, g_unichar_is*, g_unichar_to*,
g_unichar_*digit_value, g_unichar_type
2000-08-21 Elliot Lee <>
* gobject/, gobject/gobject-query.c,
gobject/gparamspecs.c: Fix inclusion of config.h
Mon Aug 21 14:46:23 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* tests/gio-test.c: Fix a couple of trivial bugs that
were causing warnings.
Mon Aug 21 14:39:36 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h: Use C99 varargs macros where possible
(check __STDC_VERSION__), otherwise, on gcc, use an alternate
form of gcc varargs which is more likely
to be supported going forward. (Based on some code
from Raja Harinath)
2000-08-17 Darin Adler <>
* glib.h:
* garray.c: (g_array_free), (g_ptr_array_free),
(g_byte_array_free): Return the data left behind.
* gstring.c: (g_string_free): Return the data left behind.
Changed the free calls that leave data behind so they
return a pointer to the left-behind data, NULL if told not
to leave anything behind. This makes these calls easier
to use correctly, without any incompatible API change for
callers that don't know about the return value. Of course,
it would be even clearer if the free calls weren't dual-purpose
in the first place.
2000-08-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* giowin32.c: Some indentation and spacing fixes. Add some more
(g_io_win32_add_watch): New function, with common code from
g_io_win32_fd_add_watch and g_io_win32_sock_add_watch. Don't start
more than one reader thread for a GIOChannel. We should obviously
have just one reader thread reading a file descriptor or socket.
2000-08-10 Havoc Pennington <>
* (Cflags): don't duplicate glib Cflags
* (Cflags): don't duplicate glib Cflags
* (Cflags): don't duplicate Cflags from glib
2000-08-10 Havoc Pennington <>
* (Cflags): Look in glib-2.0/include for
2000-08-07 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/gio-test.c (shutdown_source): New function, that calls
g_source_remove(). Check return value of g_source_remove(), and
decrement running subprocess counter only if g_source_remove()
actually did remove the source.
(recv_message): Call shutdown_source() on EOF condition. Return
FALSE on G_IO_HUP and G_IO_ERR condition. Fix printf format typo.
Sun Aug 6 20:06:02 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gmessages.c (g_log_domain_check_free): keep *last updated while
running through the domain list, so we don't screw up the removal,
patch provided by Gady Kozma <>.
Sun Aug 6 20:03:41 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gmessages.c (g_log_remove_handler): keep *last updated while running
through the handler list, so we don't screw up the removal.
Sun Jul 30 16:54:13 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gunicode.h: Fix stray character
* gutf8.c (g_unichar_to_utf8): Allow outbuf to be NULL, in
which case we just compute the length.
2000-07-31 Havoc Pennington <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): forgot to add to EXTRA_DIST
2000-07-31 Havoc Pennington <>
*,,, pkg-config data files
* Install/dist the .pc files
* Output the .pc files
2000-07-31 Tor Lillqvist <>
* giowin32.c (buffer_read): The code didn't compile (must
have been sleepy when committing). "return" instead of "break"
(g_io_win32_fd_add_watch): Cannot check if the file descriptor is
readable by calling ReadFile to read zero bytes. ReadFile blocks
on NT even if trying to read nothing at all. So, don't check if
file descriptor is readable; assume this function isn't called
Sun Jul 30 10:44:16 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gmain.c (g_get_current_time): fix tor's recent changes which
got rid of a required variable in the non-windows path.
2000-07-30 Tor Lillqvist <>
Finally, a new and improved IO Channel and condition watch
implementation for Win32. Based on code provided by Craig Setera.
When watching file descriptors, for which there is no select()
like functionality on Win32 that would work on all Win32 platforms
for all types of file descriptors (including anonymous pipes), we
start a new thread that blocks while trying to read from the file
descriptor. When the read returns, a Win32 Event is signalled that
the polling routine eventually notices. Meanwhile, the data being
read is stored in a circular buffer, from where the IO channel's
read() method picks it up.
If the buffer fills up the reading thread has to wait for space
becoming available. For this another Win32 Event is used. The IO
Channel's read() method signals this when it has read some data
out of the buffer.
The separate reader thread(s), and the circular buffer(s) with
associated events mean lots of possibilities for fun parallelism
errors. But it seems to work OK, i.e. GIMP runs.
* gmain.c: Small changes to the Win32 polling function.
(g_main_win32_get_poll_func): New function. Perhaps it would be a
good idea to provide this on all platforms.
* giowin32.c: The bulk of the new implementation.
(g_io_channel_win32_wait_for_condition): New function. To be used
where on Unix one does a select() on the channel's fd, like
libgimp's gimp_extension_process(). Could be provided on all
* glib.h: Update documentation for IO Channels on Win32. Remove
the declarations for the as of now obsolete old functions related
to IO Channels for pipes with "wakeup" messages.
* glib.def: Some new functions.
* tests/gio-test.c: New file, to test GIOChannel and main loop.
* tests/
* tests/ Add it.
(Later the same night:)
* giowin32.c: Compile in the debugging code all the time, but only
output debug messages if told so. Add (unadvertised) function to
turn on/off debug messages for a channel.
(buffer_read): Don't loop. It is expected behaviour to return a
short read occasionally, for instance when reading from
pipes. It's the calling code that should loop if it *knows* how
much the writer has written.
* tests/gio-test.c: Correct the program's name in the output.
(recv_message): Loop calling g_io_channel_read() (in a new
function read_all()) until we have all the bytes we want (that we
know the writer has written/will write).
Thu Jul 27 05:15:11 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strlcpy, g_strlcat): completed tor's fix
to cover both #ifdef branches.
2000-07-26 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strlcpy, g_strlcat): Return 0 on error, not NULL.
* glib.def: Add g_strlcpy, g_strlcat.
* Add gsize and gssize.
Wed Jul 26 12:59:31 2000 Tim Janik <>
* *.[hc]: applied patch from Andreas Persenius <> that
updates the license headers to the GNU Lesser General Public License,
as well as updating the copyright year to 2000.
Wed Jul 26 05:47:48 2000 Tim Janik <>
* testglib.c:
* gstrfuncs.c:
* glib.h: added g_strlcat() and g_strlcpy() wrappers, supplied by
David Wheeler <>:
* glib.h, gstrfuncs.c: added g_strlcpy and g_strlcat to support
safe manipulation of fixed-length string buffers.
These functions were originally developed by Todd Miller to simplify
development of security-related programs, and
are available on many (but not all) Unix-like systems,
including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Solaris. See
If there's a strlcpy/strlcat on the system, it's called, otherwise
an implementation is provided.
* testglib.c: Added tests for g_strlcpy, g_strlcat.
Wed Jul 26 05:03:24 2000 Tim Janik <>
* acglib.m4 (GLIB_SIZEOF): include <stdlib.h> and <stddef.h> if
STDC_HEADERS is defined.
* glib.h:
* glibconfig.h: define gsize and gssize in terms of GLIB_SIZEOF_SIZE_T
* glib.h (g_return_if_reached): applied darin's fix for copy'n
paste error in the macro implementation.
Wed Jul 26 00:46:03 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: applied patch from Darin Adler <> which
supplies g_return_if_reached(), g_return_val_if_reached() and
2000-07-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
* build-dll: Fix resource handling, the resource file got left out
from the DLL after all... Remove the WIN32APIHEADERS, not needed
with current windres.
* glib.def: Add new functions.
2000-07-20 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gutils.c, glib.h: Mark the functions g_basename and g_dirname
deprecated. They will issue an warning once, when compiled with
G_ENABLE_DEBUG, but continue to work as before. Instead the
functions g_path_get_basename and g_path_get_dirname should be
used, which BOTH return newly allocated memory, that has to freed
by g_free. The new g_path_get_basename now strips trailing slashes
from the path. This fixes #5097. For discussion see
* gwin32.c, testglib.c, tests/dirname-test.c: Use the new
functions instead of the old ones.
* ghash.c, gscanner.c, glib.h: Mark the functions
g_hash_table_freeze, g_hash_table_thaw and thus
g_scanner_freeze_symbol_table and g_scanner_thaw_symbol_table
deprecated. They will issue an warning once, when compiled with
G_ENABLE_DEBUG. This fixes Bug #3883. For discussion see
2000-07-19 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
*, glib.h: glibconfig.h and glib.h now include files
outside of the extern "C" block. Makes some C++ compiler
happy. Reported by Denis Vakatov <>.
Sat Jul 15 23:49:03 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib/glib.texi: Remove incomplete start of info file -
real docs are in RDP.
Sat Jul 15 22:44:22 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Add build/Makefile and
build/win32/Makefile to AC_OUTPUT() so things build
Sat Jul 15 09:11:46 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strncasecmp): fixed an off by 0 error (yeah,
the function went off when the while (n--) loop failed due to
n==0 ;), reported by Jean-Louis HAMEL <>.
2000-07-15 Tor Lillqvist <>
* (SUBDIRS): Include the "build" module in GLib, too,
to make it more self-contained. If your CVS client doesn't
automatically get it, do a cvs get build in glib.
* */ Include make.mingw from build in the glib
source directory.
Fri Jul 14 16:26:35 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Release 1.3.1
Fri Jul 14 12:22:49 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib-config.m4 glib.m4: Move
glib-config to glib-config-2.0 move glib.m4 to
* gobject/ gmodule/
gthread/ tests/ Change
library names to, etc, so that we
can distinguish glib-1.2 and glib-2.0 on the linkline.
* gobject/ gmodule/
Move include files into /usr/include/glib-2.0.
Thu Jul 6 18:54:49 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* docs/ (EXTRA_DIST): Remove info files
from the build.
2000-07-14 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add g_error functions.
* Add gbacktrace.o.
* gbacktrace.c: No need to include <process.h>.
2000-07-12 Havoc Pennington <>
* glib.h: #include <gerror.h>
* (include_HEADERS): Add gerror.h
(libglib_la_SOURCES): Add gbacktrace.c
* gbacktrace.c: Move g_on_error_query() in here (moved on the
server, so history is preserved)
* gerror.h: GError interface
* gerror.c: GError implementation replaces stuff that's now in
Sun Jul 9 21:20:45 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gunicode.h: Include stddef.h instead of stdlib.h
2000-07-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h (GLIB_VAR): Rename the GUTILS_C_VAR macro to GLIB_VAR.
* gunicode.h: Mark the g_utf8_skip array with GLIB_VAR.
* glib.def: Add two missing entry points.
Thu Jul 6 15:35:28 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* Release 1.3.1
* (EXTRA_DIST): Dist fixes.
* Moderate the warnings just a little bit.
2000-07-05 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Update.
Mon Jul 3 17:58:02 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gutf8.c (g_utf8_get_charset_internal): Fix up
to correspond to checks.
Mon Jul 3 17:18:19 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h: Comment g_get_codeset() out of the header file
temporarily. (Very similar to g_get_charset(), need
to resolve the two.)
2000-07-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add new entry points.
* makefile.{mingw,msc}.in: Add the new Unicode object files.
Thu Jun 29 15:57:28 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* NEWS: updated
* added snapcheck target to go along with snapshot
* gstring.c glib.h (g_string_hash): Add g_string_hash to
go along with g_string_equal.
Tue Jun 27 12:40:23 EDT 2000 David A. Wheeler <>
* glib.h: Added g_string_equal for comparing GStrings;
changed g_str_equal so it returns gboolean (instead of gint).
* gstring.c: Modified GString implementation to support embedded
ASCII NUL ('\0') characters, and implemented g_string_equal.
* testglib.c tests/string-test.c: Added tests for g_string_equal
and tests for proper handling of embedded ASCII NUL characters.
Wed Jun 28 22:52:00 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* (libglib_la_SOURCES): Fix
gunichartable.h => gunichartables.h. (From Eric Limings)
Fri Jun 23 17:20:26 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: define gstring in terms of gchar*. this typedef reflects
the type name of the primitive G_TYPE_STRING in the gobject module.
Wed Jun 21 12:09:03 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gunicode.h gutf8.c guniprop.c gunidecomp.[ch] gunichartables.h glib.h: Initial pass at adding unicode support
functions. A few things still need to be implemented, a bit
of cleanup needs to be done, tests need to be added, and
the docs need to be finished, but this should allow replacing
most or all use of libunicode.
2000-06-06 Tor Lillqvist <>
* giowin32.c (g_io_channel_win32_pipe_readable): If we are
watching the same pipe for different conditions (with different
callbacks), check them all. Only call the callback for G_IO_IN
from here. (This bug popped up when a watch for G_IO_ERR|G_IO_HUP
was added to gimplib.)
2000-05-30 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c (g_locale_get_codeset): Implement on Win32.
* glib.def: Add g_get_codeset.
* tests/ (EXTRA_DIST): makefile.cygwin* has been
renamed to makefile.mingw*.
Tue May 30 16:01:32 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h gutils.c: Move the g_locale_get_codeset() up in the
header file to correspond to to comments about memory
management. Rename to g_get_codeset() to avoid
polluting the g_locale_* namespace, which probably
would have g_locale_get_codeset (GLocale *locale).
Add a doc comment.
Mon May 29 14:10:35 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gutils.c (g_locale_get_codeset): Add function to get the
codeset name for the current locale.
* acconfig.h: Add check for nl_langinfo(CODESET);
Fri May 19 11:39:29 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gutils.c (g_snprintf):
(g_vsnprintf): added argument assertments.
* gstring.c (g_string_assign): added argument assertments.
(g_string_truncate): make len a guint.
Fri May 19 09:00:44 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gmem.c (g_free): fixed SIZEOF_LONG==4 assumption with
ENABLE_MEM_CHECK, from Art Haas <>.
* gslist.c (g_slist_reverse): shut up compiler.
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_get_token_ll): removed inline assignment.
* garray.c: remove index>=0 checks for unsigned indices.
* gmain.c (g_idle_prepare): timeout assignment fix.
* gtree.c (g_tree_node_rotate_right): shut up compiler.
2000-05-13 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/
* build-dll: Rename makefile.cygwin(.in) to
makefile.mingw(.in), which better describes what it is. Move the
build of gmodule, gthread and gobject DLLs to makefiles in those
directories. Move resource file handling and build number bump to
build-dll, where it sits much cleaner.
* README.win32
* (EXTRA_DIST): Update accordingly.
* glib.h: Add G_PI, G_PI_2, G_PI_4, G_E, G_LN2, G_LN10 and
G_SQRT2. M_PI etc aren't necessarily in <math.h> in strict ISO C
* glib.def: Add g_strcanon.
* gtree.c (g_tree_node_rotate_left): Remove unused variables.
* gwin32.c (g_win32_opendir): Remove unneeded statement.
Thu May 4 02:04:46 2000 Tim Janik <>
* (STRIP_DUMMY): some Make 3.79 $(strip ) versions are
broken and require an empty arg, give it to them.
Fri Apr 28 23:54:35 2000 Tim Janik <>
* setup things for a new sub-library libgobject:
* (SUBDIRS): added gobject
* feature -lgobject.
* (AC_OUTPUT): generate gobject/Makefile.
* glib.m4 (AM_PATH_GLIB): feature gobject module.
* added %{prefix}/lib/*
Fri Apr 28 21:41:49 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: added G_STRLOC macro.
G_STRUCT_OFFSET(): signedness corrections.
(G_CSET_DIGITS): list 0-9.
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_config_template): use G_CSET_DIGITS.
* glib.h:
* gstrfuncs.c:
(g_strreverse): return the modified string instead of void, so
calls to these functions can be nested.
(g_strcanon): new function, canonicalizes string according to
a given character set.
Fri Apr 28 19:45:16 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gasyncqueue.c (g_async_queue_unref): get rid of an unused variable.
Wed May 10 19:52:44 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.m4: Print found version when test succeeds.
2000-05-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/ Include the common makefile snippet
from ../build/win32.
Maybe CVSROOT/modules should be changed so that the 'build' module
is included within the glib module (and gtk+, and gimp, and maybe
others later), in the same way as the 'macros' module is included
in lots of GNOME CVS modules?
2000-05-02 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add new functions.
* makefile.{cygwin,msc}.in (glib_OBJECTS): Add new object files.
* tests/makefile.{cygwin,msc}.in: Add threadpool-test.
2000-04-28 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gasyncqueue.c: New File implementing an asynchronous queue to be
used for asynchronous inter-thread communication.
* gthreadpool.c: New File implementing a thread pool to be used
for distributing work among several threads.
* glib.h: Added the type and function declarations for these two
* tests/threadpool-test.c: New File implementing a test for the
thread pool. This also checks the asynchronous queue underlying
the thread pool.
* tests/ Changed accordingly.
2000-04-26 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Look for both pthread_create and pthread_join in
the thread library. Some systems define one of them, but not both
in libc. Arghh. Now we really start a thread and join it later and
check, whether the thread to actually ran.
* glib.h, gcache.c, gtree.c: Changed the 'value' parameter of
g_cache_remove from gpointer to gconstpointer. Dito for the 'key'
parameter of g_tree_lookup and g_tree_remove and the 'data'
parameter of g_tree_search. This function now takes a function of
type GCompareFunc instead of GSearchFunc. This fixes Bug
#8267. Thanks to Juan Toledo <> for
pointing that out.
* glib.h: Removed declaration of GSearchFunc.
* gmem.c: s/GSearchFunc/GCompareFunc/.
2000-04-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Update entry point list.
2000-04-19 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h (G_TRYLOCK): Made the debugging G_TRYLOCK call also work
for compilers with funny G_STMT_(START|END) macros.
* tests/thread-test.c: Implemented a check for that.
* gutils.c (g_getenv): Changed the win32 part of this function to
be thread safe and to make the returned environment string
persistent to match the UN*X behavior. This is again a response to
Bug #8983.
* glib.h (G_LOCK_NAME): Removed parentheses around the lock name,
as that seems to cause problems for some compilers and really
isn't necessary.
Wed Apr 19 08:32:32 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_new): make sure that
scanner->config->cset_skip_characters is "" instead of NULL, so we
don't segfault further on.
2000-04-18 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h, glist.h, gslist.h: Changed the 'data' parameters from
gpointer to gconstpointer for the functions
g_(list|slist)_(remove|find|find_custom|index), as they do not
change this parameter. This fixes bug #4836.
* glib.h: Changed comment for g_getenv to reflect, that the
returned memory must not be freed. Fixes bug #8983.
2000-04-17 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
*, acconfig.h: Add configure test for garbage
collector friendliness for GLib. If enabled, ENABLE_GC_FRIENDLY
will be defined.
* garray.c, ghash.c, glist.c, gmain.c, gmem.c, gnode.c, gqueue.c,
gslist.c, gtree.c: If ENABLE_GC_FRIENDLY is defined, NULLify all
memory released by the user, but cached by GLib. This lets a
garbage collector have a more correct view of the actually used
* garray.c, glib.h: Added g_(array|ptr_array|byte_array)_sized_new
functions, that reserve a certain amount of memeory for the array
at creation time to avoid reallocation. Fixes bug #6707 from
Charles Kerr <>.
* glib.h, gqueue.c, tests/queue-test.c (main): Renamed
g_queue_create to g_queue_new in conformance to all other GLib
data types.
2000-04-07 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* grand.c (g_rand_new): Fixed bug. Thanks to Marko Kreen
<> for reporting that.
2000-03-26 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Tell about using the mingw-based gcc, which is
much easier than modifying the cygwin gcc to product mingw code
for the msvcrt runtime.
* (WIN32APIHEADERS): Kludge to make it work
with a "pure" mingw gcc, too.
2000-03-24 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* garray.c: Made GArray behave correctly. Now zero_terminated
really means, that the element array->data[array->len] exists and
is zeroed, and clear means that any unassigned elements obtained
through g_array_set_size (the only way to get unassigned elements
AFAICT) are zeroed. Added some macros to make the code more
obvoius. Also made GPtrArray zero elements after
g_ptr_array_set_size. This is done in a portbale way (assignment
of NULL instead of just memsetting it to zero), though that might
be more portability than we actually want.
*, gthread/, gmodule/,
tests/ Added various win32 related *.in files to
EXTRA_DIST to let 'make distcheck' procude all the corresponding
files, which it silently fails to do currently.
2000-03-23 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* After finding the right thread library (containing
e.g. pthread_create) we now search for the right realtime library
(containing e.g. sched_get_priority_max). Makes the output of the
thread related libraries correct.
* gtimer.c (g_usleep): The current implementation of g_usleep
(simply calling select) doesn't work reliable for multi-threaded
programs on some platforms (bad omen for the main loop....), so I
changed the implementation for thread-using programs to wait for a
GCond for the specified amount of time (NB: sleep and usleep are
not MT-safe in general, because they often use signals).
Wed Mar 22 16:49:57 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* gmem.c (g_mem_chunk_area_compare): Fix indentation.
2000-03-22 Elliot Lee <>
* gmem.c (g_mem_chunk_area_compare): Fix 64-bitness bug in
comparing two pointers more than 4G apart.
2000-03-22 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c: Move Win32-only includes after inclusion of glib.h, so
that G_OS_WIN32 is defined.
* Add GSystemThread.
2000-03-22 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gutils.c (g_get_current_dir): Ok, Marcus Brinkmann
<> convinced me, that 128 KB
path length might not be enough for the HURD. So I changed the
loop to at least avoid an integer overflow, which could happen at
beyond 2GB size ;-)
* Test for sched_yield as the native yield function
first. Corrected typo g_thread_sleep -> g_usleep. Corrected
message for the pthread_create test. Negative Priorities are
allowed (and used on Solaris), so consider
sched_get_priority_min failed only if it returns -1, not <0. Check
for sched_get_priority_min also in -lrt, if not found in -lpthread
alone and add -lrt to G_THREAD_LIBS then. Remove special case
handling of priorities for older solaris versions and posix
threads. Thanks to Wan-Teh Chang <> for suggesting
some of those changes.
* config.guess, config.sub, ltconfig,
Upgrade to libtool 1.3.4.
2000-03-21 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h,, gutils.h: always define G_GNUC_EXTENSION,
even when not needed by GLib. That's actually also the way, the
GLib reference manual describes that macro. Therefore I had to
remove the lonesome #include <glibconfig.h> in gutils.c, which
doesn't seem to be needed there however. This change should make
Ben Gertzfield <> happy.
* gutils.c: Furthermore two warnings in gutils.c were voided,
which crept in due to my last change.
* gutils.c (g_get_current_dir): Allocate only up to 128KB for a
pathname. While this is an arbitrary value just like 2048, it
seems to be enough (after all, even 4GB is an arbitrary value).
2000-03-20 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmain.c (g_main_poll): Warn in case of an error during the call
to poll(2). Closes Bug#7564 as reported by David Helder
* gutils.c (g_get_current_dir): Make g_get_current_dir work on
systems with unlimited pathname length like the HURD (It worked
there before, but only for pathes shorter than 2048). Closes
Bug#4525 as reported by Marcus Brinkmann
2000-03-17 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* giounix.c (g_io_unix_write, g_io_unix_read): Interpret EINTR as
2000-03-17 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Added the missing POSIX_NO_YIELD and
POSIX_NO_PRIORITIES warning messages.
* Use AC_TRY_RUN instead of AC_TRY_LINK, to test for
real thread support. On solaris pthread_create can be linked to
even in -lc, but it doesn't work then.
* Don't use priorities for threads, when the
minimal/maximal priorities couldn't be determined at configure
*, gthread.c: Always define GSystemThread in
glibconfig.h to represent a system thread.
* Do not use native recursive threads, when
possibe. We use some features, that they do not expose (namely the
depth counter).
* glib.h, gthread.c: Redefined GStaticRecMutex. The functions are
now implemented in a different way, which should be way
faster. Alsothere are now functions g_static_rec_mutex_unlock_full
and g_static_rec_mutex_lock_full to leave/enter a recursive mutex
* gthread.c (g_thread_self): Do not test the system_thread to be
non-zero to speed things up.
* gthread.c (g_mutex_init): Therefore set the system_thread of the
main thread here.
* tests/thread-test.c: Rerun all tests once again, but this time
we fool the system into thinking, that the available thread system
is not native, but userprovided.
2000-03-13 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gqueue.c (g_queue_push_tail_link, g_queue_push_head_link): We
want the next and prev pointer of the inserted link to be NULL.
2000-03-06 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Another small change to the pthread_.. search
pattern. Should work *now* for AIX.
2000-03-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gwin32.c (g_win32_error_message): New function that returns the
message string for a Win32 error code.
* glib.h: Declare it.
* glib.def: Export it, plus g_node_copy.
2000-03-03 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Make the search for pthread_attr_... prototypes
find names at the start of a line also, like it is on AIX. Thanks
to Valdis Kletnieks <> for the info.
Wed Mar 1 10:39:39 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gslist.c (g_slist_reverse): minor optimization.
* testglib.c (g_node_test): added a couple of tests for
* glib.h:
* gnode.c (g_node_copy): new function to copy subtrees,
supplied by
changed iterator to walk the children list backwards, so
we get down from O(n^2) to O(n).
* gnode.c (g_node_first_sibling): applied patch from to optimize access if node->parent
is present.
* gutils.c (g_get_any_init): backed out HAVE_PW_GECOS check around
assignment of g_real_name, sicne HAVE_PW_GECOS is never defined and
thus breaks the original code.
* merged changes from 1.2.7.
Fri Jan 28 11:37:41 2000 Owen Taylor <>
Bug #4156 - Changes vaguely modelled after Scott Gifford's patch
* gtimer.c (g_timer_elapsed): Never report negative times -
clip times to 0.
* gmain.c (g_timeout_prepare): Guard against unexpected
clock shifts by never setting a timeout of more than
data->interval msecs.
2000-02-27 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add new functions.
2000-02-23 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Add a missing step to the setup instructions for
gcc-2.95.2. Thanks to Arnaud Charlet.
* glib.def: Add missing entry point.
2000-02-18 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Changed GCC version test to also accept major
versions > 2. Thanks to Ben Gertzfield <> for
pointing this out.
Thu Feb 17 12:53:44 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gstring.c: changed g_str_hash() to a 31 bit version based on
a submission by Karl Nelson and hand optimized ad absurdum by
various people ;)
* gstring.c: applied patch from havoc for new gstring functions,
added some more sanity checks, coding style fixups.
2000-02-13 Havoc Pennington <>
* tests/string-test.c (main): Add tests for the new GString
* testglib.c (main): Add tests for the new GString features
* gstring.c (g_string_insert_len): New function; insert
a given length of string at a given position.
(g_string_append): reimplement in terms of g_string_insert_len
(g_string_append_len): new function
(g_string_insert_c): accept -1 for "pos" arg to mean "append"
(g_string_append_c): reimplement in terms of g_string_insert_c
(g_string_prepend): reimplement in terms of g_string_insert_len
(g_string_prepend_len): new function
(g_string_prepend_c): reimplement in terms of g_string_insert_c
(g_string_insert): reimplement in terms of g_string_insert_len
* glib.h: Declare g_string_insert_len, g_string_append_len,
Sun Feb 13 08:16:47 2000 Tim Janik <>
* wtf??? someone destroyed the, reverting to
an older version from Feb 4 which apears to still work.
2000-02-07 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Move to corresponding subdirectories.
* gmodule/
* gthread/ Change accordingly.
* makefile.cygwin: Corresponding changes, some cleanup.
2000-02-05 Tor Lillqvist <>
* New files, for putting
version info in the DLLs on Win32.
* Generate corresponding *.rc files and distribute
* Add rules to automatically bump a "build
number" in the version info in the rc files each time the DLL is
built. But do this only for the person who releases binaries. If
others build the DLLs, the build number is set to zero.
Fri Feb 4 19:36:05 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gdataset.c: return stolen data from g_datalist_id_remove_no_notify()
and g_dataset_id_remove_no_notify() to avoid second lookup for common
2000-02-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h
* gstrfuncs.c (g_filename_to_utf8, g_filename_from_utf8): New
functions for conversion between UTF-8 and the encoding expected
by C runtime functions like open() and stat(), and returned by
Implement them on Win32 where we use the system "ANSI" codepage,
which might be single-byte or double-byte. On Unix, just skip the
issue for now and provide dummy implementations that return a copy
of the argument.
* README.win32
* build-dll
* glib.def: Minor updates.
Wed Jan 26 05:24:38 2000 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gmain.c: s/current_time/dispatch_time/ for the dispatch() handlers.
refetch the current time after invocation of poll() to cover up for
the time spent in that function call.
Fri Jan 21 10:18:24 2000 Owen Taylor <>
* glib.h (G_N_ELEMENTS): Added G_N_ELEMENTS macro to determine
the number of elements in an array.
Sun Jan 9 13:28:36 2000 Tim Janik <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strtod): correctly fetch the current locale,
fix from owen.
1999-12-16 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gmodule/gmodule-win32.c: Use FormatMessage to translate system
error codes into textual messages.
1999-11-25 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h (G_TRYLOCK): This of course should return TRUE in a
program with a thread-disabled GLib.
1999-11-18 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: g_strjoin was missing.
1999-11-16 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* acconfig.h,, Renamed
changed meaning.
* Cope with systems, that have a pthread_t type,
that is not a pointer. Hint from Karl Nelson
for Solaris. Cope with systems, that have no default mutex
initialize, like obviously most DCE systems.
* glib.h, gthread.c: Changed the prototype of thread_create and
thread_self to return the system thread into provided memory
instead of a return value. This is necessary, as HPUX has a
pthread_t, that is bigger than the biggest integral type there.
* gthread.c: system_thread is no longer a pointer, but an memory
area of size GLIB_SIZEOF_SYSTEM_THREAD. Changed the
zeroinitialization and the tests for zeroness accordingly.
1999-11-09 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Create docs/glib-config.1 from
docs/ Makes 'make distcheck' happy (and me too).
* glib-config.1: Removed from CVS, as it is a generated file.
1999-11-08 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Make the test for getpwuid_r work on newer AIX
versions, too. Still works on Solaris and Linux. Patch from Craig
Rodrigues <>.
1999-11-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gwin32.c (g_win32_getlocale): Look at env vars LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE
and LANG first. Some refinements to the sublanguage logic.
1999-11-04 Tor Lillqvist <>
* makefile.{cygwin,msc}.in: Add gwin32 object. Add rule to make .i
(preprocessed source) files.
1999-11-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h
* glib.def: Rename Win32-only functions from gwin_* to g_win32_*
to match the GLib naming conventions.
* gutils.c
* gwin32.c
* testglib.c
* Move the Win32-only functions to the new
file gwin32.c
1999-10-31 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gutils.c (gwin_getlocale): New Win32-specific function, returns
a Unixish current locale string (en, zh_TW etc).
* glib.h: Declare it.
* glib.def: Export it.
* testglib.c: Test it.
* gmessages.c (Win32: ensure_stdout_valid): Some improvements,
make sure we don't call AllocConsole several times, which I think
has happened.
Sun Oct 31 18:55:01 1999 (Asbjorn Pettersen)
* gcache.c (g_cache_remove): Test if node is NULL.
If not tested, GIMP's script-fu will crash.
Sun Oct 17 18:11:40 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gdataset.c (g_data_set_internal): remove g_dataset_global_lock around
destroy() notification here as well.
1999-10-15 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gdataset.c (g_datalist_clear_i): Avoid Freezing, when g_datalist
is called recursivly. Reported by Ola Andersson <>.
Tue Oct 12 14:17:12 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: removed useless g_string(x) macro that cluttered the namespace
and was just a poor wrapper around the cpp '#' symbol, use #x if you
need to work around this.
added new macro G_STRINGIFY(arg) that will convert arg to a string,
no matter whether it contains macros or not.
1999-10-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Define the new GLIB_SIZEOF_* constants here,
* glib.h: Small Win32 comments improvement.
Tue Oct 12 12:16:12 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gmessages.c (g_printf_string_upper_bound): completly new
implementation for printf string upper bounds calculation.
we handle all glibc 2.1 format specifiers now, except for positional
parameters (%nn$...) and wide char strings, plus some obscure upper
case variants of the standard conversions. this fixes a lot of
bugs in the old code, i.e.
- NULL format strings
- floats with exponents >+24
- %G
- precision specifications in general
- negative field widths
- %p for SIZEOF_VOID_P > 4 platforms
we now issue warnigns in places where the old code would have
caused buffer overruns anyways. warnings are suppressed when invoked
from glogv(), to avoid infinite recursions if someone passes a log
message that comes with really obscure format specifications.
Tue Oct 12 11:49:00 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gstrfuncs.c: nuked old g_printf_string_upper_bound() version.
Tue Oct 12 03:34:40 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: added GFloatIEEE754 and GDoubleIEEE754 unions to access sign,
mantissa and exponent of IEEE floats and doubles (required by the new
version of g_printf_string_upper_bound). the unions are endian specific,
we handle G_LITTLE_ENDIAN and G_BIG_ENDIAN as of currently. ieee floats
and doubles are supported (used for storage) by at least intel, ppc and
sparc, reference:
Mon Oct 11 18:01:49 1999 Tim Janik <>
* added additional checks to figure sizes of size_t,
ptrdiff_t and intmax_t (required by g_printf_string_upper_bound).
Wed Oct 6 12:44:23 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* blah. use G_WITH_CYGWIN instead of G_HAVE_CYGWIN
1999-10-05 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h: (Win32) Drop the mapping of POSIX function names to the
underscored versions, it's unnecessary after all. With MSVC we get
them from oldnames.lib, with gcc-2.95 and mingw32 from
-lmoldname-msvc. Add comment about what headers to include for
* Don't define WIN32 and NATIVE_WIN32.
* gerror.c (g_on_error_query): (Win32) Slightly increased verbosity.
* build-dll: Don't strip.
* tests/string-test.c tests/dirname-test.c: Use G_OS_WIN32.
* glib.def: Add g_thread_use_default_impl.
Sun Oct 3 19:46:55 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
Sun Oct 3 19:25:42 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acconfig.h
* glibconfig.h.win32: G_OS_FOO #defines. I *think* I got the cygwin
and beos stuff right, but I haven't tested it. The respective
porters should fix any screwups
* glib.h
* gerror.c
* gmain.c
* gmessages.c
* gscanner.c
* gthread.c
* gtimer.c
* gutils.c
* testglib.c: use G_OS stuff
Wed Sep 22 01:53:18 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (NULL): define NULL as (0L) if __cplusplus is defined, to
avoid "ANSI C++ forbids implicit conversion from `void *' in argument
passing" errors upon NULL usage in C++ programs (gcc-2.95 is on crack
for erroring out on this, instead of just issueing a warning).
* glib.h (g_trash_stack_pop): use uncasted NULL again.
Fri Sep 17 10:24:45 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gmem.c (g_mem_chunk_compute_size) (g_mem_chunk_new): applied
patch from Soeren Sandmann <>, to force mem
chunk's area sizes to be a multitiple of atom_size, and to
eliminate the MAX_MEM_AREA restriction of 65536 bytes. we also
catch cases where users pass an area size < atom size with a
return_if_fail statement now (which is ok, because previously this
lead to memory corruption anyways).
Thu Sep 16 13:19:54 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (g_trash_stack_pop): add explicit (GTrashStack*) cast for NULL
pointer to cure ANSI C++ error.
Mon Sep 13 23:25:59 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gmessages.c (g_logv): in case we have to abort the program,
debugging is enabled and we are not called recursively, try
to abort with raise (SIGTRAP) first, so developers may ignore
certain failure conditions during debugging stage.
Thu Aug 26 15:09:36 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gmodule/
* gthread/ added --export-dynamic so we can load dynmic
modules, (required, according to the libtool 1.3.3 docu).
1999-07-23 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* grand.c (g_rand_new): Use /dev/urandom, as it doesn't block,
which /dev/random might do. Do not XOR the time, when getting the
seed form /dev/urandom, as this is good itself. Prevent the
initial seed from being zero, which causes the PRNG to produce
only zeros. Hints from Colin Plumb <>.
1999-08-17 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h (g_trash_stack_push): Add a cast.
* gslist.c
* glist.c: Make the inline functions static inline, and add
separate extern wrappers. Not all compilers produce callable entry
points for inline functions, even if gcc does.
Sun Aug 15 02:47:14 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h (g_trash_stack_pop): eliminate memset() call, since string.h
has not neccessarily been included prior to glib.h.
Mon Aug 2 21:03:10 1999 Tim Janik <>
* added --enable-msg-prefix option.
* gmessages.c (g_log_default_handler): feature "prg_name (pid:%u): "
if --enable-msg-prefix was selected (use "(process:%u): " if
g_get_prgname () returns NULL, along the lines of g_on_error_query).
1999-08-03 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h
* gstrfuncs.c
* tests/strfunc-test.c: Rename g_strccpy to g_strcompress and
g_strecpy to g_strescape per Tim Janik's suggestion. Dropped the
destination parameter, always g_malloc a new string. Fix bug in
g_strcompress, octal digits were gobbled up without limit, should
use max three.
Sources that use g_strescape must have ifdefs to be compilable
both with GLib 1.2 and 1.3.
Sat Jul 31 17:52:03 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* glib.h
* gstrfuncs.c: the #define for g_strescape interfered with the
compilation of the function, so just remove the function and
note that it's deprecated in the header
1999-08-01 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strccpy, g_strecpy): New functions.
* glib.h: Declare and document them. Define the deprecated
g_strescape as a macro that calls g_strecpy.
* tests/strfunc-test.c (main): Test them.
* makefile.{cygwin,msc}.in
* tests/makefile.{cygwin,msc}.in: Remove gstack and its test
* glib.def: Additions and removals.
* README.win32: Improve gcc build instructions.
* build-dll: Also build import library for MSVC.
Sat Jul 24 20:11:35 1999 Tim Janik <>
* merged GLib 1.3.0 with glib-1.2.3 from Fri Jul 16 22:18:36.
* incorporated proposed cleanups from gtk-devel-list.
* bumped version number to GLib-1.3.1
* glib.h:
* gqueue.c:
* gstring.c:
* glist.c:
removed string tokenisation (we got g_strsplit() and g_strjoin()
already) and readline functions.
implemented g_slist_delete_link.
removed notion of g_ATEXIT() macro in glib.h, this is an *internal*
macro, g_atexit() is provided for public consumption.
added GTrashStack inline utility functions.
reimplement double eneded queues.
removed GStack implementation, people can use a queue or a (singly)
linked list for this task.
deprecated g_strescape(), we need the SunOS variants here.
* gdate.c: added DEBUG_MSG() macro to wrap old messages.
* *.*: CVS merges.
* upgrade to libtool 1.3.3.
1999-07-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
Win32: With the latest gcc (2.95, pre-release), we can have binary
compatibility with MSVC by using the switch -fnative-struct. No
longer build DLLs with .gcc in the name when using gcc.
* README.win32: Renew gcc build instructions.
* build-dll: Comments change, handle also .a files.
* tests/ Remove .gcc from DLL name.
1999-07-13 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Correct URL for mingw runtime sources.
* build-dll: Combine commands with &&.
* glib.h: Map also rmdir() and hypot() for MSVCRT library.
* tests/ New DLL naming style. GCC-compiled DLLs are
now called *.gcc.dll, to avoid binary incompatibilities with
MSVC-compiled versions.
* Cosmetics.
1999-07-07 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Test for pthread_join rather than for
pthread_create to determine the right thread-lib. Makes it work on
mips-sgi-irix6.5. Hitn from to Jari Vuoksenranta
1999-07-02 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Note about need to fix another bug in the mingw32
* Debugging turned on via an nmake variable,
no need to edit the makefile.
1999-07-01 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
*, acconfig.h, gutils.c: Added a g_memmove
replacement for platforms without memmove, where bcopy can't
handle overlapping copies and the corresponding checks, which is
taken form the PERL Configure routine.
* glib.h: Updated the commentary about g_memmove to be right and
more GLib-like.
* Removed test for rand_r, as it isn't used anymore.
1999-06-30 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h, grand.c: Finally removed the g_random_normal and
g_rand_normal functions.
1999-06-28 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.def: Add missing export of g_strncasecmp.
1999-06-21 Jose Mercado <>
* Changed version number (1.1->1.3) in files section
to allow rpm to build packages again.
1999-06-21 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Update the pthreads snapshot version we want.
Advice how to hand-expand the makefile.*.in files.
* Define values needed by Sebastian Wilhelmi's
new thread stuff.
* glib.def: Add new functions.
* Update the pthreads snapshot version.
Fix typo.
* gthread.c: Include config.h, guard inclusion of unistd.h. When
using gcc on Win32, g_thread_functions_for_glib_use must be marked
for export here, too.
* gtimer.c: Implement g_usleep on native Win32 using Sleep (which
only has millisecond granularity, though).
* Update pthreads snapshot version. File
name changes. Remove testgthread.
* tests/
* tests/ Add thread-test. Link with gthread lib.
1999-06-18 Jeff Garzik <>
* tests/ Re-order tests in alpha order.
1999-06-18 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Changed test for pthread_attr_setstacksize from
1999-06-17 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
*, acglib.m4, acconfig.h, glib.h, gthread.c:
Completed the thread support in GLib. Thread creation,
prioritizing threads, yielding, joining threads as well as
reader/writer locks and recursive mutexes are now in place. Please
test heavily on your platform. It is so far tested on
Linux/i386/pthreads, Solaris/Sparc/pthreads and
* gtimer.c, glib.h: Implement g_usleep (gulong microseconds) for
thread safe sleeping. (sleep() is not MT-safe at all!)
* gutils.c: Avoid compiler warning.
* tests/, tests/thread-test.c: New program to test some
aspects of the thread implementation.
* gthread.c, Renamed from gmutex.c to reflect the
change of content.
* Purged all appearances of nspr.
Wed Jun 2 11:42:46 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acinclude.m4
* config.guess
* config.status
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.3.2 (BeOS changes merged)
1999-05-29 Tor Lillqvist <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strescape): Backslashify also '"' characters.
* glib.h: Document g_strescape.
1999-05-12 Tor Lillqvist <>
* glib.h (Win32): Map fileno to _fileno for mingw32. Map fstat to
* README.win32: Advice also to remove -lmoldname in the
patch to the egcs-1.1.2 spec file.
Wed May 12 00:23:55 CDT 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* gmodule/ Another small fix.
1999-05-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/ Correct rules for making the
win32-related files that are made from corresponding .in files.
Is there a cleaner way than explicitly writing rules that invoke
Fri Jul 16 22:18:36 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.3.3
1999-06-18 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gdate.c, gstrfuncs.c, gstring.c: Fixed the use of the
is..... and to..... macros, which take unsigned chars, not chars!
Thanks to Morten Welinder <> for pointing this out.
Thu Jun 3 16:30:31 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* gerror.c (g_on_error_query): check isatty() before querying so
we don't loop endlessly
Sat May 29 11:16:29 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acinclude.m4
* config.guess
* config.status
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.3.2
1999-05-26 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmain.c: provide a poll prototype for SunOS, as they do not do
it self. Hint from Christian Parg <>.
Tue May 25 12:23:07 1999 Owen Taylor <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strchug): Use g_memmove() not memmove().
(Reported by Charles Levert <>)
Mon May 10 22:03:52 CDT 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.2.3
1999-05-08 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/ Correct rules for making the
win32-related files that are made from corresponding .in files.
Is there a cleaner way than explicitly writing rules that invoke
Sat May 1 10:18:01 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acinclude.m4
* config.guess
* config.status
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.3
1999-04-30 Tor Lillqvist <>
* Don't distribute, but
glibconfig.h.win32. Generate it when making a dist. Also generate
makefile.msc and config.h.win32 from corresponding .in files when
making dist.
* Also substitute @GLIB_INTERFACE_AGE@ and
@GLIB_BINARY_AGE@ (needed in config.h.win32).
* Use static mutex structure and initial
value corresponding to the 1999-04-07 snapshot of pthreads-win32.
* tests/ Distribute makefile.msc. Generate it when
making dist.
* tests/ New file.
* tests/node-test.c: Include <stdlib.h> for exit().
Thu Apr 29 02:16:36 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gstrfuncs.c: minor code cleanups.
Tue Apr 27 13:11:29 1999 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.c (g_main_poll): Mask out ERR HUP and NVAL from
the events field so we don't give IRIX fits.
Tue Apr 20 08:42:22 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_unexp_token): behave conservative with
G_TOKEN_IDENTIFIER_NULL and always assume scanner->value.v_string
to be "null" in that case.
1999-04-20 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutils.c (g_vsnprintf): When using the vsnprintf()
implementation, '\0'-terminate the resulting string
and return its length rather than -1.
Mon Apr 19 13:42:21 1999 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.c (g_main_iterate): Added missing
the first place!)
1999-04-18 Havoc Pennington <>
* gutils.c (g_snprintf): When using the vsnprintf()
implementation, '\0'-terminate the resulting string
and return its length rather than -1.
Fri Apr 16 06:52:07 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gscanner.c (g_scanner_unexp_token): feature G_TOKEN_EOF as a valid
expected token as well, so we get "- expected end of file" instead of
"- expected (unknown) token <0>".
Tue Apr 13 16:16:14 CDT 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.2.2
1999-04-12 Elliot Lee <>
* g_strchug(): s/strcpy/memmove/
1999-04-12 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Adjusted the test for an unimplemented
getpwuid_r. Info from Michael Pruett <>.
Sun Apr 11 15:07:34 1999 Tim Janik <>
* bumped versin number to GLib 1.2.2, interface 2,
binary 2.
* NEWS: updates.
Sun Apr 11 14:37:06 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gstrfuncs.c (g_strcasecmp): always check for s1, s2 != NULL.
Sat Apr 10 19:30:50 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: removed braces around inline strings for the G_GNUC_FUNCTION
and G_GNUC_PRETTY_FUNCTION macros, so the macros can be used for
compile time string concatenation.
Thu Apr 8 19:53:19 1999 Owen Taylor <>
* gmain.c (g_main_iterate): Check for two threads
calling g_main_iterate at once.
* gmain.c: If the set of poll file descriptors changes
during a call to poll(), abort that call, and start
a new poll. My test program still segfaults
obscurely on glibc 2.0 (in read()!!!), but now it works on
glibc 2.1, so I'll blame something else for the other segfault.
1999-03-31 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Fixed slight bug, that made configure hang on some
systems. Please do not merge this into 1.3 branch. It's taken care
of differently there. Info from J. Rhett Aultman
Wed Mar 24 21:23:47 CST 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.2.1
sanity_check: updated
docs/ Added files used to generate new files.
* glibconfig.h.win32:
docs/glib-config.1: Removed, now generated.
* Added to output now-generated files.
Tue Mar 23 13:43:39 PST 1999 Manish Singh <>
* giounix.c: add user_data param to check and prepare functions
Mon Mar 22 03:54:43 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h:
* gmain.c: add user_data to the GSource ->check and ->prepare
functions, so it can be used to e.g. pass a GPollFd.
(g_main_poll): only add poll records with an events mask != 0 to the
fd_array. don't even bother calling poll_func() if fds=timeout=0.
added debugging printouts around poll_func() invokation that can be
enabled with #define G_MAIN_POLL_DEBUG.
Fri Mar 19 16:29:50 PST 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acinclude.m4
* config.guess
* config.sub
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.2f
* libtool is not required to autogen glib
* acconfig.h: remove WITH_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE (not explictly
1999-03-18 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmem.c: Fixed another stupid fault of mine: Did
Wed Mar 17 03:17:42 1999 Tim Janik <>
* bumped versin number to GLib 1.2.1, interface 1,
binary 1.
* NEWS: updates.
* glib.h: added GLIB_CHECK_VERSION() macro similar to
Sun Mar 14 17:50:35 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gmem.c (g_mem_chunk_*): changed a bunch of g_assert() statements
to g_return_if_fail().
(g_mem_chunk_info): removed some extraneous "\n"s at the end of the log
* gtimer.c (g_timer_*): changed a bunch of g_assert() statements
to g_return_if_fail().
* grel.c (g_*): changed a bunch of g_assert() statements to
g_return_if_fail() and added some extra ones to check relation != NULL.
1999-03-12 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Also accept _Pctime_r instead of ctime_r, while
seraching for the right `_REENTRANT' flag. This is for Digital
UNIX 4.0d. Thanks to Sascha Brawer <>.
Tue Mar 9 23:25:50 1999 Tim Janik <>
* check for working realloc (NULL,).
* gmem.c (g_realloc): use malloc() for initial allocation on systems
where realloc(NULL,) will not work (this is the case on SunOS, reported
by Tom Geiger).
Mon Mar 8 07:42:08 1999 Tim Janik <>
* ghook.c (g_hook_unref): when !hook_list->is_setup, wrap the
flag around the call to g_hook_free() to avoid spurious
warnings (happens during destruction phase).
1999-03-03 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glibconfig.h.win32, config.h.win32: Moved G_THREADS_IMPL_POSIX
from config.h.win32 to glibconfig.h.win32
* acconfig.h,, config.h.win32: Added test for DCE
versions of mutex_trylock and cond_timedwait. The win32 versions
are posix, aren't they?
1999-03-02 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmem.c: Fixed a stupid cut'n'paste error of mine. Thanks to
Friedrich Dominicus <>
1999-03-01 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gutils.c (g_get_any_init): Fixed yet another bloody
implementation of getpwuid_r on AIX. Thanks to Olaf Dietsche
<>. I would like a configure
test better than that, but have no idea, how to do that easily.
Sun Feb 21 22:11:51 CST 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.2.0
* AUTHORS: updated
Wed Feb 24 00:08:42 CST 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* *.[ch]: inserted additional note to look for ChangeLog and
AUTHORS file for a log of modifications.
Sun Feb 21 14:01:00 1999 Dr Mike <>
* Made specfile generated, tweaked slightly
Sat May 8 06:00:17 CDT 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
gthread/ Better testing reveals better
methods. Fixes for BeOS.
Sat May 8 01:52:29 CDT 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
gthread/ Port to BeOS by myself and Richard Offer.
1999-05-06 Tor Lillqvist <>
* tests/ tests/
New files, used to generate corresponding files when
making a dist. This is just so the version numbers will be kept in
synch automatically.
* Also substitute @GLIB_MAJOR_VERSION@,
* tests/ Also distribute makefile.cygwin.
* gerror.c (g_on_error_query): On Win32, put up a MessageBox and
then exit.
* glib.def: Add a couple of functions.
Sat May 1 10:26:20 PDT 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acinclude.m4
* config.guess
* config.status
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.3
1999-04-25 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: More editing.
* build-dll: Use gcc, not ld to link.
* glib.h: On native Win32 use _unlink().
* gscanner.c: Use corrent NATIVE_WIN32 feature test macro,
not _MSC_VER.
* gstring.c: Include <io.h> on Win32 for _read prototype.
* gutils.c: Remove old IO channel code (was in #if 0).
* makefile.cygwin: Don't need to link with kernel32 and msvcrt
explicitly, they are included anyway.
1999-04-24 Tor Lillqvist <>
Support added for building using a GNU toolchain on Win32,
i.e. gcc -mno-cygwin on cygwin (a.k.a. mingw32, using egcs-1.1.2).
* README.win32: Updated.
* build-dll makefile.cygwin tests/makefile.cygwin: New files.
* glib.h glib.def glibconfig.h.win32: Slight updates.
* gmain.c: No need to include <fcntl.h> and <io.h> on Win32.
* gmain.c gutils.c testglib.c tests/string-test.c: Test for
* gmutex.c: Must declare g_thread_functions_for_glib_use as
exported (using the GUTILS_C_VAR macro).
* gutils.c gmodule/libgplugin_[ab].c: LibMain not needed.
* gmodule/gmoduleconf.h.win32: Need underscore with gcc.
* gthread/gthread.c: With gcc on Win32, must use memcpy to assign
value of g_thread_functions_for_glib_use (?).
* makefile.msc tests/makefile.msc: Cosmetics.
Fri Apr 23 14:29:25 BST 1999 Tony Gale <>
* glib.h: Fix typo in g_string_ncasecmp macro (by me).
Add b_string_strncasecmp macro.
1999-04-22 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gutils.c (g_get_any_init): use sysconf (_SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX) as
the new initinal bufsize for getpwuid_r on systems, that support
this. Hint from Holger Duerer <>.
Sat Apr 17 20:55:13 BST 1999 Tony Gale <>
* glib.h, gstring.c: Add new g_string functions for reading
from file/socket descriptors, and tokenising strings.
Added various g_string macros.
Tue Apr 13 23:28:32 1999 Tor Lillqvist <>
* README.win32: Mention the tests directory.
* glib.def: Add the functions from grand.c.
* glibconfig.h.win32: Add unsigned max values, and the format
* makefile.msc: Add grand.
* tests/{date-test,node-test}.c: Include <stdlib.h> for exit().
* tests/makefile.msc: New file.
1999-04-12 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* glib.h: Moved struct declaration up. Style fixes.
* grand.c: Style fixes. Only try to open /dev/random once.
* tests/rand-test.c (main): New tests; Slight bug fix.
1999-04-09 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* grand.c, tests/rand-test.c: New files to implement the Mersenne
Twister Pseudo Random Number Generator.
* glib.h, AUTHORS,, tests/ Changed
Thu Apr 8 21:12:30 CDT 1999 Shawn T. Amundson <>
* Released GLib 1.3.0
1999-03-30 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Added a check for the right format to printf and
scanf long longs. It is %qi instead of %lli on FreeBSD for
whatever reason.
1999-03-28 Raja R Harinath <>
* (glibconfig.h): Make sure `glibconfig.h' exists
after the rule is fired.
(install-exec-local): Install glibconfig.h only if the contents
are different from the currently installed glibconfig.h.
1999-03-26 Raja R Harinath <>
* (configexecincludedir): Rename from
configincludedir so that glibconfig.h will be installed
as part of `make install-exec'.
Thu Mar 25 22:45:47 1999 Tor Lillqvist <>
* config.h.win32: Update version numbers.
* glibconfig.h.win32: Update version numbers and pthreads-win32-
related magic values.
* README.win32: Some improvements.
* makefile.msc: Add gqueue and gstack. Correct version number.
Fri Mar 19 16:29:50 PST 1999 Manish Singh <>
* acinclude.m4
* config.guess
* config.sub
* ltconfig
* upgrade to libtool 1.2f
* libtool is not required to autogen glib
* acconfig.h: remove WITH_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE (not explictly
1999-03-18 Jeff Garzik <>
* glib.def: Add new g_list, g_stack, g_queue functions.
1999-03-18 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
to hold various defines to get the right thread implementation on
different platforms. Also look in -ldce for pthread_create. Should
make it work on HP-UX 10.x. Information from "D. Emilio Grimaldo
Tunon" <>.
1999-03-17 Jeff Garzik <>
* gstack.c, gqueue.c:
Add copyright, clean up code a bit.
1999-03-17 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Added missing values for G_MAXU(SHORT|INT|LONG) on
platforms with only /usr/include/values.h.
* acconfig.h: Removed unnecessary macros.
* glibconfig.h.win32, config.h.win32: Moved G_THREADS_IMPL_POSIX
from config.h.win32 to glibconfig.h.win32. Taken from glib 1.2
* Also accept _Pctime_r instead of ctime_r, while
seraching for the right `_REENTRANT' flag. This is for Digital
UNIX 4.0d. Taken from glib 1.2 branch.
Wed Mar 17 03:14:56 1999 Tim Janik <>
* glib.h: added GLIB_CHECK_VERSION() macro similar to
Wed Mar 17 01:46:28 1999 Tim Janik <>
* merges from glib-1-2:
Sun Mar 14 17:50:35 1999 Tim Janik <>
* gmem.c (g_mem_chunk_*): changed a bunch of g_assert() statements
to g_return_if_fail().
(g_mem_chunk_info): removed some extraneous "\n"s at the end of the log
* gtimer.c (g_timer_*): changed a bunch of g_assert() statements
to g_return_if_fail().
* grel.c (g_*): changed a bunch of g_assert() statements to
g_return_if_fail() and added some extra ones to check relation != NULL.
Tue Mar 9 23:25:50 1999 Tim Janik <>
* check for working realloc (NULL,).
* gmem.c (g_realloc): use malloc() for initial allocation on systems
where realloc(NULL,) will not work (this is the case on SunOS, reported
by Tom Geiger).
Mon Mar 8 07:42:08 1999 Tim Janik <>
* ghook.c (g_hook_unref): when !hook_list->is_setup, wrap the
flag around the call to g_hook_free() to avoid spurious
warnings (happens during destruction phase).
1999-03-02 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gmem.c: Fixed a stupid cut'n'paste error of mine. Thanks to
Friedrich Dominicus <>
1999-03-16 Timur Bakeyev <>
* Fix problem with pthread_create in libc, as running
"gcc test.c -l " is not legal.
1999-03-16 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* tests/type-test.c: Added a test for the
* Removed G_(U)?INT8_FORMAT again, as it can't be
used for scanf.
* Added the macros G_MAXU(SHORT|INT|LONG). I do not
know how to handle these on platforms with /usr/include/values.h,
but without /usr/include/limits.h. Please someone add this.
1999-03-15 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Added the macros G_(U)?INT(8|16|32|64)_FORMAT to
use for printf and (much more important) scanf format strings for
the corresponding GLib types.
* glib.h Added G_(U)?(SHORT|INT|LONG)_FORMAT for consistency. It
however makes no sense to also provide G_(FLOAT|DOUBLE)_FORMAT, as
they are different for printf (f for both) and scanf (f for float,
lf for double). Defining G_INT_FORMAT makes sense however, as we
might want to define gint to something different than int someday
in the future. Idea from Sascha Brawer <>.
1999-03-14 Jeff Garzik <>
* gdate.c:
Commented out debugging output.
* tests/, tests/date-test.c:
Added test of the GDate module, based closely on testgdate.c.
* tests/
Bugfix - compile tests with @GLIB_DEBUG_FLAGS@.
1999-03-14 Raja R Harinath <>
* (glibconfig.h): Remove widechar tests and defines.
(fd_set): Change the grep for `fd_mask' to search for `fd_set'.
* gerror.c (fd_mask): Remove conditional typedef. It is not used
elsewhere in the file.
* gmain.c (fd_mask): Likewise.
1999-03-12 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Test for posix threads first, then for dce threads.
1999-03-11 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* Revamped the thread configure stuff. Now dce
threads (old posix draft) are recogniced. This is necessary,
because dce threads are in fact working quite differently from
posix threads. Also changed the conditions for checking for MT
safe functions a bit, because G_THREADS_IMPL_NONE still have to
compile thread safe. NOTE: Please do not commit my change to
glib-1-2/{acconfig.h,,config.h.win32} from 1999-03-03,
as the current change will take care of that too.
Tue Mar 9 14:37:32 1999 Jeff Garzik <>
*, glib.h, gstack.c, gqueue.c,
tests/, tests/queue-test.c, tests/stack-test.c:
Added stack, queue ADTs and related tests.
* glib.h, glist.c:
New g_list_delete() function.
Sat Mar 6 11:03:08 1999 Asbjorn Pettersen <>
* gutils.c (g_get_any_init): add OS/2 changes.
change '\\' in HOME to '/'.
1999-03-03 Josh MacDonald <>
* glib.def: g_spaced_primes_closest was omitted here, so I
couldn't build Xdelta on Windows.
1999-03-01 Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
* gutils.c (g_get_any_init): Fixed yet another bloody
implementation of getpwuid_r on AIX. Thanks to Olaf Dietsche
<>. I would like a configure
test better than that, but have no idea, how to do that easily.
Sat Feb 27 01:18:47 1999 Tim Janik <>
* ChangeLog: moved old ChangeLog to ChangeLog.pre-1-2, and started
new one.
* set glib version to 1.3.0.
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