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Below are just a few of the people who have contributed
to GLib. Please don't mail these people about problems you
have with GTK+; see the README file for information about
filing bugs and submitting patches.
GLib-2.0 Team
Hans Breuer <>
Matthias Clasen <>
Tor Lillqvist <>
Tim Janik <>
Havoc Pennington <>
Ron Steinke <>
Owen Taylor <>
Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
GLib-1.2 Team
Shawn T. Amundson <>
Jeff Garzik <>
Raja R Harinath <>
Tim Janik <>
Elliot Lee <>
Tor Lillqvist <>
Paolo Molaro <>
Havoc Pennington <>
Manish Singh <>
Owen Taylor <>
Sebastian Wilhelmi <>
The random number generator "Mersenne Twister", which is used by GLib,
was developed and originally coded by:
Makoto Matsumoto <>
Takuji Nishimura <>
Original Authors
Peter Mattis <>
Spencer Kimball <>
Josh MacDonald <>
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