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Commits on Oct 7, 2009
  1. 2.22.2

    Matthias Clasen committed
  2. Updates

    Matthias Clasen committed
Commits on Oct 6, 2009
  1. @bratsche

    g_object_unref racy condition can lead to crash

    bratsche committed
    Store whether the object has a toggleref before decrementing the
    refcount to prevent race condition when two threads simultaneously
    try to unref an object with a refcount of 2.
    Patch by Antoine Tremblay.
  2. Updated Russian translation by <>

    Leonid Kanter committed
Commits on Oct 3, 2009
  1. @bilboed

    gobject/gtype.h: Fix _G_TYPE_CVH macro. Fixes #597194

    bilboed committed
    If __val doesn't exist, we shouldn't do any other checks.
Commits on Oct 2, 2009
  1. @alexlarsson

    Add fast path for construction with no params

    alexlarsson committed
    This avoids a bunch of code and makes construction of simple objects
    Object construction performance improvement:
             Non-Threaded   Threaded
    Simple:           14%         5%
    Complex:        -1.1%      -2.2%
    Other tests stable.
  2. @alexlarsson

    Don't freeze/thaw notification during construction if no properties

    alexlarsson committed
    If the class has no properties there could be no notification anyway.
    This is an important optimization for construction of simple objects.
    Object construction performance improvement:
             Non-Threaded   Threaded
    Simple:           84%        91%
    Complex:        -1.4%      -0.6%
    Other tests stable.
  3. @alexlarsson

    Add a check that no properties are added after a class is derived

    alexlarsson committed
    We can't support that, because that would cause the CLASS_HAS_PROPS_FLAG
    class flag to not be correct.
  4. @alexlarsson

    Add GObjectClass flag CLASS_HAS_PROPS_FLAG

    alexlarsson committed
    This is set if a class or any of its parents have installed any
  5. @alexlarsson
  6. @alexlarsson

    Allocate GObjectNotifyQueue with g_slice instead of abusing g_list

    alexlarsson committed
    This is both cleaner and faster (it avoids function calls and
    zeroing the memory twice).
    Object construction performance improvement:
             Non-Threaded   Threaded
    Simple:           11%       1.3%
    Complex:           8%         6%
    Other tests stable.
  7. @alexlarsson

    Add gobject performance tests for threaded code

    alexlarsson committed
    This measures how much things like lock contention affects the gobject
  8. @alexlarsson

    Add performance tests for GObject primitives

    alexlarsson committed
    These are basic performance test for a couple of basic gobject
    * construction of simple objects. Simple is a bare gobject derived
      class with no properties, signals or interfaces.
    * construction of complex objects. Complex is a gobject subclass
      with construct properties, normal properties, signals, and
      implements an interface.
    * run-time type check of complex objects
    * signal emissions
    Lots of care is taken to try to make the results reproducible. Each
    test is run for multible "rounds", where we try to make each round be
    "not too short" in order to be significant wrt timer accuracy, but
    also "not to long" to make the probability of some other random event
    happening on the system (interrupts, other process scheduled, etc)
    during the round less likely.
    The current target round time is 4 msecs, which was picked without
    rigour, but seems small wrt e.g. scheduler time.
    For each test we then run the calculated round size for 60 seconds,
    and then report the performance based on the minimal time of one
    round. The model here is that any random stuff that happens during a
    round can only slow it down, there is nothing that can make it go
    faster, so the minimal time is the best estimate of how fast one round
    The result is not ideal, even on a "idle" system the results vary
    from round to round, but the variation seems to be less than 1%.
    So, any performance difference reported by this test over 1% is
    probably statistically significant.
    Additionally the tests can be run with or without threads being
    initialized. The script tests/gobject/ makes
    it easy to produce a performance report for the current checkout.
  9. @alexlarsson

    remove xdgmime test

    alexlarsson committed
    This is getting diverged from the xdgmime copy and we don't need it here.
  10. @alexlarsson
  11. @alexlarsson
  12. @alexlarsson
  13. @alexlarsson
  14. @alexlarsson
  15. @tml1024
  16. @pierrejoye @tml1024

    Update VS9 project files to fix build

    pierrejoye committed with tml1024
    From bug #596784
Commits on Sep 30, 2009
  1. Fix --runtime-libdir option

    Matthias Clasen committed
    For stable releases, it needs to take LT_REVISION into account, not
    hardcode 0.
  2. Bump version

    Matthias Clasen committed
  3. 2.22.1

    Matthias Clasen committed
  4. Updates

    Matthias Clasen committed
  5. Updated Serbian translation

    Miloš Popović committed
  6. Updated Serbian translation

    Miloš Popović committed
  7. Updated Serbian translation

    Miloš Popović committed
  8. Don't mark test files for translation

    Matthias Clasen committed
    As pointed out in bug 596064
  9. Fix mime_info_cache_dir_add_desktop_entries

    Matthias Clasen committed
    This function tried to avoid adding duplicate entries, but failed
    due to using the wrong search function. See bug 595972.
  10. Avoid a C99ism

    Matthias Clasen committed
    Move a variable declaration to the beginning of the block; see
    bug 596561. Also remove a pointless register declaration.
  11. Improve docs for g_utf16_to_utf8

    Matthias Clasen committed
    Document that g_utf16_to_utf8 does not validate the resulting
    UTF-8 string. See bug 596314.
  12. Clarify docs of g_async_result_get_source_object

    Matthias Clasen committed
    It returns a new reference. Reported in bug 596748
Commits on Sep 29, 2009
  1. @alexlarsson

    Avoid critical error in thread check if source is destroyed

    alexlarsson committed
    The source can be destroyed by the time we complete the result, and
    then the g_source_get_context(current_source) call will cause
    a critical error. We check for the source being destroyed and avoid
    the check in that case.
    This means we miss the right-thread check in this case, but thats
    merely a helper, so this is not critical.
Commits on Sep 28, 2009
  1. @itsjamil

    Updated Bengali translation

    itsjamil committed
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