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tag: 2.29.10

Jul 05, 2011

  1. 2.29.10

    Matthias Clasen authored
  2. Colin Walters

    build: Use --disable-maintainer-mode for distcheck

    Otherwise due to weird things like gtk-doc.make copying files back
    into the source directory, we may run into the maintainer mode
    bits mistakenly attempting to rerun.
    cgwalters authored
  3. Colin Walters

    gio: Fix srcdir != builddir build for docs

    cgwalters authored
  4. Update NEWS for 2.29.10

    Matthias Clasen authored

Jul 04, 2011

  1. Fix the build

    When renaming a variable from _SCRIPTS to _DATA, it helps to
    also rename all references.
    Matthias Clasen authored
  2. Disable a failing test

    Matthias Clasen authored
  3. Update GIO VS 2010 project templates

    Revert EOL of these files to Unix style as they are to be processed
    during "make dist"
    Chun-wei Fan authored
  4. Updated GIO Visual Studio Projects

    -In gio/, the name for one of the filters for capturing the
     sources for the GIO VS Project Files is corrected.
    -Remove the GIO source file items in the VS project files templates as
     a result for this change, and move the entry of the "new"
     gregistrysettingsbackend.c into the filter in gio/
    Chun-wei Fan authored
  5. Murray Cumming

    G_STATIC_REC_MUTEX_INIT: Fix missing initialization.

    Add the third struct field, zeroed, to avoid a compiler warning.
    murraycu authored

Jul 03, 2011

  1. Ryan Lortie

    Install completion scripts as DATA, not SCRIPTS

    They are sourced by the shell and don't include a #!/bin/sh, so they shouldn't
    be marked as executable.
    desrt authored

Jul 01, 2011

  1. Dan Winship

    gasyncresult: document that NULL GAsyncReadyCallback is allowed

    danwinship authored

Jun 30, 2011

  1. Dieter Verfaillie

    GCancellable: Fix build on Win32

    authored cgwalters committed

Jun 29, 2011

  1. gio: Some more build fixes

    Emmanuele Bassi authored
  2. Fix build

    The g_return_val_if_fail() macro takes a return value.
    Emmanuele Bassi authored
  3. Ryan Lortie

    parameter guards for GSimpleAction constructors

    desrt authored Robert Ancell committed
  4. Ryan Lortie

    GAction: make GObject properties read-only

    GAction is a read-only interface (as is visible by the lack of _set() functions
    on its API).  The properties on the interface currently force implementors to
    support writing of the properties at construct time, however.
    Lift that restriction.
    Take advantage of this from GSimpleAction by nuking the set_property
    function and setting the fields directly in the constructor.
    desrt authored Robert Ancell committed
  5. Ryan Lortie

    actions: merge testcases change_state and entries

    Since we have support for change_state in GActionEntry now.
    desrt authored jjardon committed
  6. Ryan Lortie

    Add 'change_state' callback to GActionEntry

    desrt authored jjardon committed
  7. Ryan Lortie

    Add example for 'change-state' signal

    Pulled from the testcase.
    desrt authored jjardon committed
  8. Ryan Lortie

    Add testcase for GSimpleAction::change-state

    desrt authored jjardon committed
  9. Ryan Lortie

    Add 'change-state' signal to GSimpleAction

    If connected, allows the user to control the result of
    desrt authored jjardon committed
  10. Ryan Lortie

    Add example to docs for using GActionEntry

    desrt authored jjardon committed
  11. Ryan Lortie

    Add a test case for GActionEntry

    desrt authored jjardon committed
  12. Ryan Lortie

    Add g_simple_action_group_add_entries()

    A convenience API for creating lots of actions quickly.
    desrt authored jjardon committed
  13. Ryan Lortie

    allow NULL state in g_simple_action_new_stateful

    as an undocumented feature
    desrt authored jjardon committed
  14. Ryan Lortie

    Make 4 incompatible changes to the GAction API

    This commit represents an API break to GAction in the following ways:
      - the 'set_state' entry in the GActionInterface vtable has been
        renamed to 'change_state'.  The number and order of vtable items has
        not otherwise changed.
      - g_action_set_state() has been renamed to g_action_change_state() to
        match the updated vtable entry.
      - the "state" property of the GAction interface has been changed to
        read-only to reflect the fact that g_action_set_state() no longer
      - GSimpleActionClass has been hidden.  GSimpleAction can no longer be
    >> Rationale
    g_action_set_state() has never been a true setter in the sense that
    calling it will update the value of the "state" property.  It has always
    been closer to "request 'state' to be changed to this value" with
    semantics defined by the implementor of the interface.  This is why the
    equivalent method in GActionGroup had its name changed from 'set' to
    'change'.  This change makes the two interfaces more consistent and
    removes any implication about the effect that calling set_state() should
    have on the 'state' property.
    >> Impact
    This incompatible API break was undertaken only because I strongly
    suspect that it will go entirely unnoticed.  If the break actually
    affects anybody, then we will accommodate them (possibly going as far as
    to revert this commit entirely).
    The virtual table change only impacts implementors of GAction.  I
    strongly suspect that this is nobody (except for GSimpleAction).
    The hiding of GSimpleActionClass only impacts impacts subclasses of
    GSimpleAction.  I strongly suspect that none of these exist.
    The changing of the property to be read-only only affects people who
    were trying to change the state by using GObject properties.  I strongly
    suspect that this is nobody at all.
    The removal of the g_action_set_state() call is the most dangerous, but
    I still suspect that it will impact nobody outside of GLib.  If anybody
    is impacted by this change then, at their request, I will reintroduce
    the API as a deprecated alias for g_action_change_state().
    desrt authored Sebastien Bacher committed
  15. Update Visual Studio README.txt's

    -The VS2010 README.txt should have Windows CRLF EOL.
    -Tell people about the added dependency on LibFFI
    Chun-wei Fan authored
  16. Re-attempt to correct EOL on VS2010 solution

    This time I realized that I needed to set autocrlf=false on my Windows side
    ... ugh...
    This is one of those files that must have CRLF line endings to work
    orrectly :|
    Chun-wei Fan authored

Jun 28, 2011

  1. Colin Walters

    GCancellable: Fix build on Win32

    cgwalters authored
  2. Colin Walters

    gmain: Fall back to pipes if kernel doesn't support EFD_CLOEXEC for e…

    Also remove the caching of checking for eventfd; just try it every time, it's
    cheap enough to do so.
    cgwalters authored

Jun 27, 2011

  1. Ihar Hrachyshka

    Updated Belarusian translation.

    booxter authored
  2. Ihar Hrachyshka

    Updated Belarusian translation.

    booxter authored
  3. Ryan Lortie

    Change to AM_MAINTAINER_MODE([enable])

    desrt authored jjardon committed

Jun 25, 2011

  1. Ihar Hrachyshka

    Updated Belarusian translation.

    booxter authored

Jun 24, 2011

  1. Claudio Saavedra

    GSimpleAction: fix typo

    csaavedra authored
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