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Commits on Jul 17, 2012
  1. More updates

    Matthias Clasen authored
  2. @stefwalter

    GIOScheduler: Fix access after free in "cancelled" handler

    stefwalter authored Matthias Clasen committed
     * GCancellable can be "cancelled" more than once if
       g_cancellable_reset() is called.
     * Don't assume that because the "cancelled" signal fired
       it won't fire again.
  3. 2.33.6

    Matthias Clasen authored
  4. @danwinship

    GAsyncInitable: partially revert the init_finish changes

    danwinship authored
    g_async_initable_real_init_finish() was previously handling all
    GSimpleAsyncResults, even if they weren't created by
    g_async_initable_real_init_async(), and libnm-glib accidentally relied
    on that behavior. So remove the g_simple_async_result_is_valid()
Commits on Jul 16, 2012
  1. @krnowak

    GVariantType: Add (constructor) annotation for some constructors.

    krnowak authored
    This are mistaken by g-ir-scanner as GVariantType's methods, because
    they take a GVariantType* as a first parameter.
  2. @leo666

    Updated Spanish translation

    leo666 authored
  3. @elmarco

    win32: g_getenv() should return "" if variable exists and empty

    elmarco authored
    On Windows, GetEnvironmentVariable() returns 0 for empty variables.
    Checking GetLastError() == ERROR_ENVVAR_NOT_FOUND helps make a
    difference between a variable that does not exist or an empty one
    which should return "".
  4. @elmarco

    win32: fix g_get_environ()

    elmarco authored
    The current code create the strv array incorrectly, it is too big and
    leaves invalid holes. This may result in crashes when freeing the
    returned value.
  5. Bump version

    Matthias Clasen authored
  6. More updates

    Matthias Clasen authored
Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. @booxter
Commits on Jul 14, 2012
  1. @piotrdrag

    Updated Polish translation

    piotrdrag authored
  2. @pesder
Commits on Jul 13, 2012
  1. Fix GModule documentation a bit

    Matthias Clasen authored
    The documentation for g_module_make_resident was for some reason
    in the doc comment for g_module_name.
  2. Fix doc build

    Matthias Clasen authored
  3. @nilamdyuti
  4. Update NEWS

    Matthias Clasen authored
  5. @elmarco @cgwalters

    win32: fix build g_spawn_check_exit_status() with mingw

    elmarco authored cgwalters committed
    With mingw, only gspawn-win32.c is compiled, but it is missing some
    new symbols.
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
  1. @krnowak

    GRegex, GConvert: Add some missing annotations.

    krnowak authored
    Also, removed pointless (allow-none) return annotation.
  2. @cosimoc
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. @cosimoc
  2. @thanostx

    Updated Greek translation

    thanostx authored
  3. @rtcm
  4. @rtcm
Commits on Jul 10, 2012
  1. @cgwalters

    Add g_spawn_check_exit_status()

    cgwalters authored
    Many (if not "almost all") programs that spawn other programs via
    g_spawn_sync() or the like simply want to check whether or not the
    child exited successfully, but doing so requires use of
    platform-specific functionality and there's actually a fair amount of
    boilerplate involved.
    This new API will help drain a *lot* of mostly duplicated code in
    GNOME, from gnome-session to gdm.  And we can see that some bits even
    inside GLib were doing it wrong; for example checking the exit status
    on Unix, but ignoring it on Windows.
  2. @danwinship

    gio: add g_async_result_is_tagged()

    danwinship authored
    Rather than doing a two step first-check-the-GAsyncResult-subtype-then-
    check-the-tag, add a GAsyncResult-level method so that you can do them
    both at once, simplifying the code for "short-circuit" async return
    values where the vmethod never gets called.
  3. @danwinship

    gio: Add g_async_result_legacy_propagate_error()

    danwinship authored
    Finish deprecating the "handle GSimpleAsyncResult errors in the
    wrapper function" idiom (and protect against future GSimpleAsyncResult
    deprecation warnings) by adding a "legacy" GAsyncResult method
    to do it in those classes/methods where it had been traditionally
    (This applies only to wrapper methods; in cases where an _async
    vmethod explicitly uses GSimpleAsyncResult, its corresponding _finish
    vmethod still uses g_simple_async_result_propagate_error.)
  4. @danwinship

    gio: handle GSimpleAsyncResult errors in _finish vmethods

    danwinship authored
    Originally, the standard idiom with GSimpleAsyncResult was to handle
    all errors in the _finish wrapper function, so that vmethods only had
    to deal with successful results. But this means that chaining up to a
    parent _finish vmethod won't work correctly. Fix this by also checking
    for errors in all the relevant vmethods. (We have to redundantly check
    in both the vmethod and the wrapper to preserve compatibility.)
  5. @danwinship

    GFile: remove some unnecessary code

    danwinship authored
    The "mainloop_barrier" in copy_async_thread() is unnecessary, since
    the g_simple_async_result_complete_in_idle() will be queued after all
    of the g_io_scheduler_job_send_to_mainloop_async()s, and sources with
    the same priority will run in the order in which they were queued.
  6. @ajacoutot
Commits on Jul 9, 2012
  1. @desrt

    GVariant: fix string validation

    desrt authored
    String validation was done by checking if the string was valid utf8 and
    ensuring that the first non-utf8 character was the last character (ie:
    the nul terminator).
    No check was actually done to make sure that this byte actually
    contained a nul, however, so it was possible that you could have a
    string like "hello\xff" with length 6 that would correctly validate.
    Fix that, and test it.
  2. @stefwalter

    Fix up GObject interface documentation

    stefwalter authored
     * Document how to override interfaces already implemented
       in a base class, and also call those base class implementations
       from a derived reimplementation.
     * Don't recomend people use base_init() style functions to
       initialize interface signals and properties, use default_init()
       aka class_init() instead (as G_DEFINE_INTERFACE() uses).
     * The above solves the interface init called multiple times
       problem, so remove some needless naysaying about that.
     * Document default_init() in the interface initialization discussion
     * Linkify more stuff.
     * Remove some crud and typos
  3. @frandieguez
Commits on Jul 8, 2012
  1. @ajacoutot

    OpenBSD: explicitely define nitems

    ajacoutot authored
    nitems is never guaranteed to be defined in sys/params.h as it is meant
    to be defined within a protected ifdef __KERNEL condition.
Commits on Jul 7, 2012
  1. @tsch
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