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# -*- python -*-
# encoding: utf-8
def configure(conf):
conf.env.append_value('MODULES_AVAILABLE', 'braseroburn')
if 'braseroburn' in conf.env['ENABLE_MODULES'] or 'all' in conf.env['ENABLE_MODULES']:
if conf.pkg_check_modules('BRASEROBURN',
'libbrasero-burn >= 2.29 pygobject-2.0 pygtk-2.0',
conf.env.append_value('MODULES_TO_BUILD', 'braseroburn')
def build(bld):
if 'braseroburn' in bld.env['MODULES_TO_BUILD']:
bld.codegen('brasero_burn', prefix='brasero_burn')
pyext = bld.create_pyext()
pyext.source = 'brasero_burn_module.c brasero_burn.c brasero-types.c'
pyext.includes = '.' = 'braseroburn'
pyext.uselib = 'BRASEROBURN'
pyext.install_path = '${PYTHONDIR}/gtk-2.0'
bld.install_files('${DATADIR}/pygtk/2.0/defs', 'brasero_burn.defs')
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