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import sys
# load module beneath
sys.path.append ('..')
import gtk, gobject
gobject.threads_init() # see
import braseromedia
# Test listing of drives as they are overriden */
monitor = braseromedia.MediumMonitor ()
media = monitor.get_media (braseromedia.TYPE_ALL)
for medium in media:
print "Medium " + medium.get_name ()
drives = monitor.get_drives (braseromedia.TYPE_ALL)
for drive in drives:
print "Drive " + drive.get_display_name ()
s = braseromedia.DriveSelection()
def foo ():
global s;
print s.get_active().get_display_name()
b = gtk.VBox(False, 0)
w = gtk.Window (gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
w.add (b)
b.add (s)
gobject.idle_add (foo)
gtk.main ()
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