Commits on Jan 12, 2011
  1. @cgwalters

    Post-release version bump

    cgwalters committed Jan 12, 2011
  2. @tomeuv

    Add g_vfunc_info_invoke and g_vfunc_info_get_address

    for calling the native implementation of a virtual function. Refactors
    the code common with g_function_info_invoke in _g_callable_info_invoke.
    tomeuv committed Dec 13, 2010
Commits on Jan 11, 2011
  1. @cgwalters
  2. @cgwalters
  3. @cgwalters
  4. scanner: Rename g_irepository_dump when included from the dumper

    This avoids a naming conflict when compiling GiRepository.gir, where
    g_irepository_dump() was defined in an included header.
    Benjamin Otte committed Jan 11, 2011
  5. gir: Fix build of Gio-2.0.gir

    - include gio-unix headers properly into Gio gir
    - don't include gsettingsbackend.h
    Benjamin Otte committed Jan 11, 2011
Commits on Jan 10, 2011
  1. scanner: Stop predeclaring the functions that are to be scanned

    Instead, rely on the c_includes. See the previous commit for details.
    Benjamin Otte committed Jan 10, 2011
  2. scanner: Include all headers when building the dumper binary

    This avoids warnings about undefined functions when using init sections
    and it removes the requirement to predeclare the get_type functions that
    should be called. For an example for this problem with GStreamer, see
    We can now also use gcc's error checking to ensure that users
    - specify the correct C includes in the gir file (because otherwise we
      get errors when compiling the dumper).
    - the types do actually exist (because again, the compiler will
    Benjamin Otte committed Jan 10, 2011
  3. scanner: Use packages from --pkg

    Use pkgconfig files from --pkg when compiling the dump binary.
    This helps avoiding linker errors when init sections are provided that
    use code from those packages.
    Benjamin Otte committed Jan 10, 2011
Commits on Jan 7, 2011
  1. @tomeuv

    scanner: Make sure that vfuncs made to the GIR

    * don't skip those associated to a signal
    * don't warn if it doesn't have an invoker
    tomeuv committed Jan 7, 2011
Commits on Jan 5, 2011
  1. @cgwalters

    scanner: Fix handling of property transfer

    * was incorrectly passing the ctype for transfer
    * Property constructor wasn't actually doing anything with passed transfer
    * Parse transfer-ownership in girparser
    cgwalters committed Jan 5, 2011
  2. @cgwalters

    scanner: Properly parse recursive list type nodes

    Previously we were just looking for <type> inside a GLib.List,
    but it may be <array>.
    See bug 637262 for code that triggered this.
    cgwalters committed Jan 5, 2011
  3. Regenerate gio-2.0.c

    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Jan 5, 2011
Commits on Dec 29, 2010
  1. Regenerate gio-2.0.c and gobject-2.0.c from current glib HEAD

    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Dec 29, 2010
Commits on Dec 28, 2010
  1. Avoid using namespace as identifier in public header files

    Kristian Rietveld committed Dec 28, 2010
Commits on Dec 22, 2010
  1. @owtaylor

    Post-release version bump

    owtaylor committed Dec 22, 2010
  2. @owtaylor
  3. @owtaylor

    Fix error handling when writing out typelib

    Return a non-zero result when opening the output file fails and
    don't use g_error() for other failures when writing out the file,
    since such errors should not produce a core dump.
    owtaylor committed Dec 22, 2010
Commits on Dec 21, 2010
  1. Regenerate gir/gio-2.0.c

    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Dec 21, 2010
Commits on Dec 19, 2010
  1. Regenerate gio-2.0.c and gobject-2.0.c from current glib.

    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Dec 19, 2010
  2. Fix misc/

    g-ir-annotation-tool is in builddir root now.  Also avoid feeding
    problematic and not-GI-useful headers to it.
    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Dec 19, 2010
Commits on Dec 17, 2010
  1. @danwinship
  2. @cgwalters

    make check pass for recent commits

    * Fix use of tabs
    * Update for correct signal parameters
    cgwalters committed Dec 17, 2010
  3. Regenerate gio-2.0.c from current glib/gio HEAD.

    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Dec 17, 2010
Commits on Dec 16, 2010
  1. @pavouk

    Regenerate gio-2.0.c

    pavouk committed Dec 16, 2010
  2. @pavouk
Commits on Dec 15, 2010
  1. scanner: support typedefs for container types

    Inside an alias definition, we only need the name of the alias target
    type.  Add a method to GIRWriter to write out a type reference rather
    than full type definition and use it when writing out an alias.
    Determine introspectableness of aliases in IntrospectablePass so functions
    using aliases can be marked not-introspectable if the alias itself is not.
    Jonathan Matthew committed Oct 27, 2010
  2. Regenerate gio-2.0.c from current glib/gio.

    Pavel Holejsovsky committed Dec 15, 2010
  3. @pavouk

    giscanner: don't ignore signal parameter names from annotations.

    If present in annotation, use parameter names from annotation instead
    of (object, p0, p1, ...) names generated by dumpparser.
    Assign names for all parameters before trying to resolve annotation
    types, so that annotations containing forward references to other
    arguments, e.g.
    * GApplication::open:
    * @application: the application
    * @files: (array length=n_files) (element-type GFile): an array of #GFiles
    * @n_files: the length of @files
    pavouk committed Dec 14, 2010
Commits on Dec 10, 2010
  1. @cgwalters

    cairo: Fill out GIR with cairo-gobject boxed information

    We need these references to correctly handle when an API (say GTK3)
    uses the cairo-gobject boxed types in a signal (like "draw").
    API consumers need to be using g-i for signal handling to make
    this all work.
    cgwalters committed Dec 6, 2010
  2. @cgwalters

    cairo-1.0.gir: Un-foreign RectangleInt

    cairo.RectangleInt is a very tricky case; it's (as of now)
    boxed in cairo-gobject.  We're trying to fix a few bugs here.  First,
    we want to make (out caller-allocates) work.  In order to do that,
    we need to explicitly specify the fields so that the typelib
    has the right size.
    Also, add the boxed type now so that we pick up the right thing
    from GObject signal parameters.
    See history in bug 623222 and bug 636393.
    cgwalters committed Dec 6, 2010
Commits on Dec 9, 2010
  1. gir: Add Time to xlibs-2.0

    Emmanuele Bassi committed Dec 9, 2010