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Commits on May 23, 2010
  1. @tomeuv
Commits on May 22, 2010
  1. @tomeuv
Commits on May 21, 2010
  1. [docs] Document GICallableInfo and GIArgInfo

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Make docs more consistent and also fix a couple of broken links
Commits on May 20, 2010
  1. @danwinship
  2. @danwinship

    Makefile.introspection: use $^, simplifying non-srcdir builds

    danwinship authored Johan Dahlin committed
    In the .gir-building rule, use "$^" to refer to the source files,
    since that automatically looks in both $(srcdir) and $(builddir). This
    is particularly important since certain generated files will be in
    $(builddir) when building from git, but in $(srcdir) when building
    from tarballs
    If you were previously prefixing $(srcdir) to the Foo_gir_FILES
    members by hand, you should stop now.
    (Also, removed the dependencies on $(INTROSPECTION_SCANNER) and
    $(INTROSPECTION_COMPILER) for the .gir/.typelib rules, since the
    scanner one was broken anyway, and we don't have that kind of
    dependency for other rules (eg, making .o files depend on
  3. [girepository] Use g_slice

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Use g_slice to allocate instead of g_new(x, 1); It uses a memory
    pool internally and should be faster, especially for GBaseInfo/GRealInfo,
    structs which are tiny.
Commits on May 19, 2010
  1. [docs] Make gtk-doc language consistent.

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Make the language we use in the gtk-doc comments
    more consistent. Add transfer annotation for all functions
    returning a struct and mention how they should be freed.
  2. [docs] Reorganize sections

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Mark macros as standard and a couple of structs
    as private. Remove multiple defintion of GITypelib to reduce
    gtk-doc spew.
  3. [GIFunctionInfo] Document struct and functions

    Johan Dahlin authored
  4. [docs] Reference g_module_open instead of dlopen

    Johan Dahlin authored
    dlopen() is not cross platform, it's better to mention
    g_module_open everywhere as that's actually what we call internally.
  5. [docs] Remove multiple GIFunctionInfo link

    Johan Dahlin authored
  6. [docs] Remove title from gi-sections.txt

    Johan Dahlin authored
    They will be defined in inline gtk-doc comments.
  7. Take into account the underscore after the type name when checking if…

    Tomeu Vizoso authored Johan Dahlin committed
  8. @elima

    Adds annotations to g_filter_(input/output)_stream_get_base_stream

    elima authored Johan Dahlin committed
    Fixes bug 616893
  9. @smcv

    girparser: backtrace_stderr: fix int/ssize_t format mismatch

    smcv authored
    backtrace() is defined in terms of int, which differs from ssize_t on
    x86-64, and @size is also an int.
  10. @smcv
  11. Post release version bump

    Johan Dahlin authored
  12. Bump version to 0.6.11

    Johan Dahlin authored
  13. [build] Require gtk-doc at distcheck time

    Johan Dahlin authored
    This should make sure that new tarballs contain the reference
  14. @cgwalters

    Add uid_t, gid_t, dev_t to integral type conversions

    cgwalters authored Johan Dahlin committed
    Continuing where we were going with pid_t, define a few more POSIX
    types by converting them to their fundamental integers.  See
    commentary in patch for more explanation on rationale.
  15. [GIBaseInfo] Document all functions

    Johan Dahlin authored
Commits on May 18, 2010
  1. @jdahlin-litl

    [docs] Reorganize structs into chapters

    jdahlin-litl authored Johan Dahlin committed
    Instead of displaying all structures and methods
    in girepository.h on one page, split them out to a
    bunch of pages.
  2. [girepository] Document most of the structs

    Johan Dahlin authored
  3. [doc] Add missing symbols

    Johan Dahlin authored
  4. [doc Makefile] Remove html/ xml/ and tmpl/

    Johan Dahlin authored
    When invoking make clean, remove the directories with
    generated documentation
  5. [doc] Update to work with latest gtk-doc release

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Use xi:includes instead of sgml entities
  6. [doc] Remove private API from docs

    Johan Dahlin authored
  7. [girepository] Update gtk-doc syntax

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Update the gtk-doc syntax to remove a couple of warnings
  8. Update .gitignore

    Johan Dahlin authored
  9. [] Remove broken pythonpath

    Johan Dahlin authored
    It expands to YTHONPATH and could never have worked.
  10. @jobi
Commits on May 17, 2010
  1. [Makefile.introspection] Do not use _GIRDIR

    Johan Dahlin authored
    Instead use the path from configure in the example.
Commits on May 7, 2010
  1. @owtaylor

    [everything] Remove test_callback_infinite

    owtaylor authored
    The 'infinite' value for callback scope was removed, so the test
    case for it needs to be removed as well.
  2. @owtaylor

    [everything] Fix length annotations

    owtaylor authored
    Length annotations take a parameter name not a parameter index.
  3. @owtaylor

    Fix parameter ordering in error message

    owtaylor authored
    The function name and parameter name were backwards when warning
    about bad parameter references.
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