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The .po files in this directory contain only the ui and error
messages in the gtk20 domain. See ../po-properties for the
property nicks and blurbs in the gtk20-properties domain.
All the .po files are now in UTF-8!
For information on editing UTF-8 files on Unix, see
If you just want to convert it back to your native encoding to
edit and then convert again to UTF-8 to commit, please see the
scripts in gnome-i18n/UTF-8, for example
export ENCODING_TO=ISO-8895-15
utftopo fi.po
emacs fi.po fi.po
cvs commit fi.po
An alternative is to use the msgconv utility bundled along with
gettext package >= 0.11.
If you need help with this, ask, but please don't commit
non-UTF-8 files here.
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