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@@ -7,9 +7,18 @@ Building GTK+ on Win32
First you obviously need developer packages for the compile-time
-dependencies: Pango, atk, glib, gettext-runtime, libiconv, libpng,
-zlib, libtiff at least. See
- .
+dependencies: GDK-Pixbuf, Pango, atk, glib, gettext-runtime, libiconv at least.
+See .
+For people compiling GTK+ with Visual C++ 2005 or later, it is
+recommended that the same compiler is used for at least GDK-Pixbuf,
+Pango, atk and glib so that crashes and errors caused by different CRTs
+can be avoided. The VS 2008 project files and/or VS Makefiles are
+either already available or will be available in the next stable release.
+Unfortunately compiling with Microsoft's compilers versions 2003 or earlier
+is not supported as compiling the latest stable GLib (which *is* required for
+building this GTK+ release) requires features from newer compilers
+and/or Platform SDKs
After installing the dependencies, there are two ways to build GTK+
for win32.
@@ -147,11 +156,17 @@ Use the Microsoft compiler, cl and Make, nmake. Say nmake -f
makefile.msc in gdk and gtk. Be prepared to manually edit various
makefile.msc files, and the makefile snippets in build/win32.
+There are also VS 2008 solution and project files to build GTK+, which
+are maintained by Chun-wei Fan. They should build GTK+ out of the box,
+provided that the afore-mentioned dependencies are installed. They will
+build GDK with the Win32 backend, GTK+ itself and the gtk-demo program.
+(The GAIL and GAIL-util sources are not built by this method yet)
Alternative 1 also generates Microsoft import libraries (.lib), if you
have lib.exe available. It might also work for cross-compilation from
-I use method 1 myself. Hans Breuer has been taking care of the MSVC
+I (Tor) use method 1 myself. Hans Breuer has been taking care of the MSVC
makefiles. At times, we disagree a bit about various issues, and for
instance the makefile.msc files might not produce identically named
DLLs and import libraries as the "autoconfiscated" makefiles and
@@ -182,3 +197,4 @@ sources. Unfortunately it seems that only Wacom tablets come with
support for the Wintab API nowadays.
--Tor Lillqvist <>, <>
+--Updated by Fan, Chun-wei <>
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