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Python Bindings for goocanvas
Python Shell C
branch: windows
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demo Add an export SVG function in demo
docs Add .gitignore files
tests Fix #565710 and add a test for grid items
.gitignore Add eclipse configuration files to .gitignore
AUTHORS wrap goo_canvas_item_model_set_simple_transform and minor fixes
COPYING initial import
ChangeLog-pre-git Add a warning about the old ChangeLog being discontinued
INSTALL initial import
MAINTAINERS Add a MAINTAINERS file Autogenerate the ChangeLog from git logs
NEWS NEWS updated, release 0.14.1
README initial import
README.win32 README.win32: fix build instructions
acinclude.m4 Obtain flags for linking against python. This is required on Windows, fix "ImportError: No module named argtypes" when building Fix the script (pygoocanvas uses AC_PROG_LIBTOOL instead o… Require pycairo 1.8.4 since previous releases are still broken
goocanvas.defs add new goocanvas.Canvas methods
goocanvas.override use gobject.New also for goocanvas.Canvas
goocanvasmodule.c Fix a segfault due to a change in PyCairo API
pygoocanvas.doap Fix pygoocanvas.doap with the correct mbox syntax Install a .pc file Add a distutils based build for windows fix error message
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