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PyGooCanvas 0.14.1 (May 10 2009)
o Fix a segfault due to an API change in PycCairo (Gian Mario)
o Autogenerate the ChangeLog from git logs (Gian Mario)
o Fix the build when using libtool 2.x (Gian Mario)
o Make the required changes after the switch to git (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.14.0 (Mar 17 2009)
o Update the docs with new goocanvas API and some random fixes (Gian Mario)
o Add an export SVG function in the demo (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.13.1 (Dec 27 2008)
o Fix a bug in docs #565710 (Felipe Reyes)
o Some more code for the demo (Gian Mario, Gustavo)
o Fix goocanvas.Grid and goocanvas.GridModel constructors (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.13.0 (Nov 30 2008)
o Update docs with new API. (Gian Mario)
o Update build system in order to compile on Windows (Armin Burgmeier)
o wrap new goocanvas.Canvas methods (Gian Mario)
o add goocanvas.Grid and goocanvas.GridModel (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.12.0 (Sep 21 2008)
o wrap goocanvas.Points fields (Gian Mario)
o add a gradient demo to test fill_pattern (Gian Mario)
o wrap Item.get_requested_area() and Item.update() (Gian Mario)
o wrap Item.get_transform_for_child() (Gian Mario)
o manually wrap Item.set_transform() and ItemModel.set_transform(). It' is now
possible to use None to unset the matrix (Gian Mario)
o manually wrap goocanvas.create_cairo_context() and fix a bad API change
in Pycairo. (Gian Mario)
o demo play (and drag around...) a flash file into a canvas item. (Gian Mario)
o some docs fixes.
PyGooCanvas 0.10.0 (May 01 2008)
o Install a .pc file (Gustavo)
o Add goocanvas.ItemSimple.bounds getsets (Gustavo)
o prevent PYGTK from being imported into goocanvasmodule,
patch from Randall Wood. Fixes LP#150412
o fix object registration TYPE_CAIRO_PATTERN (Gian Mario)
o New custom example for SVG images. (Gian Mario)
o update with new goocanvas 0.10 API (Gian Mario)
o fix a bug introduced by pycairo API change, see LP#222503
reported by David Boucher (Gian Mario)
o Update docs according to new API (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.9.0 (Aug 18 2007)
o Wrap goo_canvas_item_get_bounds (Gian Mario)
o fix compilation on Solaris, patch by
JerryYu <>. Fixes LP#130106 (Gian Mario)
o Add goocanvas.ItemSimple.get_line_width (Gian Mario)
o Docs updated fixes LP#124921 (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.8.0 (Apr 03 2007)
o Register some const-GooCanvasBounds* argtypes (Gustavo)
o Fix ellipse animation by fixes LP#95468
o Restructured examples and docs (Gian Mario)
o Add new API following goocanvas (Gian Mario)
o Fix goo_canvas_item_get_transform and
goo_canvas_item_model_get_transform (Gian Mario)
o Wrap wrap goo_canvas_item_get_items_at(Gian Mario)
o Fix goo_canvas_item_simple_get_path_bounds (Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_get_items_at goo_canvas_get_items_in_area (Gian Mario)
o Wrap few more methods as classmethod (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.6.0 (Feb 19 2007)
o Rename and implement latest API changes according to
goocanvas 0.6 (Gian Mario)
o wrap GooCanvasItem.find_child_property as classmethod (Gian Mario)
o New example of Table (Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_polyline_model_new_line Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_item_model_[get|set]_child_properties (Gian Mario)
o Wrap goo_canvas_item_[get|set]_child_properties (Gian Mario)
o Add setters for bounds_x1, bounds_x2, bounds_y1,
bounds_y2 of goocanvas.ItemSimple. Closes LP#81992. (Gustavo)
o Wrap all new methods of goocanvas.Style (Gustavo)
o Implement mapping methods in goocanvas.Style (Gustavo)
o _wrap_GooCanvasItem__proxy_do_get_bounds,
Override to implement proper 'return value' semantics for the
bounds parameter. (Gustavo)
o Add a reversewrapper. Parameter handler for GooCanvasBounds* (Gustavo)
o Added new examples (Gian Mario, Gustavo)
o _cairo_pattern_to_gvalue: allow pattern=None in properties (Gustavo)
o Regenerated defs files with new goocanvas include files (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.4.2 (Dec 18 2006)
o Wrapped missing method goocanvas.Group.set_model (Gian Mario)
o Wrapped missing methods of goocanvas.ItemView (Gian Mario)
o Fixed function item_view_simple_item_changed (Gian Mario)
o Improved documentation (Gian Mario)
PyGooCanvas 0.4.1 (Sep 10 2006)
o Much better support for subclassing ItemSimple / ItemSimpleView (Gustavo)
o Don't crash an functions returning NULL CairoMatrix (Marco Pesenti Gritti)
o CairoPattern property convertion bug fixed (Gustavo)