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This is a small command line tool to analyse gcodes (control codes for 3D printers, CNC,...). It calculates various print details like -print time -used filament -yx move distance -print object dimension -average print speeds -number of layers -layer details -speed distribution -weight and price of the printed object ... I used it to optimize m…
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This is a small command line tool to analyse gcodes (control codes for 3D printers, CNC,...). It calculates various print details like -print time -used filament -yx move distance -print object dimension -average print speeds -number of layers -layer details -speed distribution -weight and price of the printed object ...

I used it to optimize my slicer settings and print times for my reprap printer. Tested mostly with slic3r generated gcodes.

UPDATE V0.95 Version* Added guessed info about print material and diameter Added info about mass and weight (based on guessed material info) Added info about price (based on guessed material info + default price per kg=30€) Ability to specify environment variables to overwrite diameter and price per kg (FILAMENT_DIAMETER, FILAMENT_PRICE_KG) (Guessing of PLA or ABS is based on temperature, Diameter guessing based slicer comments or rough guess assuming WOT=~2) . Fixed some issues with Skeinforge comments and average calulations.

UPDATE V0.94 Version* Added support for Java 1.6 (MacOS)

UPDATE V0.93 Version* Fixed issues with Z-Lift and negative coordinates. Added "position on print bed" to model details. Show gcode load time and analyse time. Added undodumented option "g" for debugging (print gcode details)

Start the java program by calling on the command line (Java 1.7.x required) java -jar GCodeInfo.jar [mplnscg] gcode_file

GcodeUtil 0.91 Usage: GcodeUtil [mode m|p|n] gcodefile [ Modes: m = Show Model Info l = Show Layer Summary p = Show Printed Layer Detail Info n = Show Non-Printed Layer Detail Info s = Show Printing Speed Details Info c = Show embedded comments (e.g. from slicer) Example: Show Model Info and Printed Layers GcodeUtil mp /tmp/object.gcode Show All Info GcodeUtil mlpnsc /tmp/object.gcode

Example output for model details with speed distribution:

****************************** Model Details ******************************

Filename: ../MadeAlready/chichen-itza_pyramid.gcode Layers visited: 73 Layers printed: 71 Avg.Layerheight: 0.4mm Size: 76.42mm x 80.57mm H28.8mm XY Distance: 103305.76mm Extrusion: 2823.27mm Bed Temperatur: 60.0° Ext Temperatur: 185.0° Extrusion: 2823.27mm Avg.Speed(All): 81.22mm/s Avg.Speed(Print): 80.34mm/s Avg.Speed(Travel): 91.83mm/s Max.Speed(Print): 110.0mm/s Min.Speed(Print): 9.0mm/s Gcode Lines: 15830 Overall Time: 00:23:53 (1433.39sec) ---------- Model Speed Distribution ------------ Speed 9.0 Time:0.11sec 0.01% Speed 19.0 Time:11.41sec 0.8% Speed 20.0 Time:0.02sec 0.0% Speed 21.0 Time:32.45sec 2.26% Speed 26.0 Time:0.94sec 0.07% Speed 27.0 Time:149.92sec 10.46% Speed 29.0 Time:1.92sec 0.13% Speed 30.0 Time:0.13sec 0.01% Speed 50.0 Time:14.01sec 0.98% Speed 60.0 Time:49.58sec 3.46% Speed 63.0 Time:142.19sec 9.92% Speed 70.0 Time:242.72sec 16.93% Speed 74.0 Time:0.3sec 0.02% Speed 76.0 Time:0.38sec 0.03% Speed 79.0 Time:2.01sec 0.14% Speed 80.0 Time:80.88sec 5.64% Speed 90.0 Time:596.4sec 41.61% Speed 97.0 Time:7.18sec 0.5% Speed 100.0 Time:7.57sec 0.53% Speed 105.0 Time:0.01sec 0.0% Speed 110.0 Time:47.13sec 3.29% Speed 130.0 Time:12.79sec 0.89%

Gcode Analyse Time: 00:00:01

Example Output for Layer Summary: ---------- Printed Layer Summary ------------ #2 Height: 0.2mm/0.2mm Temp:195.0°/58.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 45.78mm/s Time: 56.32sec 12.52% #3 Height: 0.6mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 98.01mm/s Time: 36.85sec 8.19% #4 Height: 1.0mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 87.07mm/s Time: 17.91sec 3.98% #5 Height: 1.4mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 87.42mm/s Time: 17.83sec 3.96% #6 Height: 1.8mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.51mm/s Time: 17.73sec 3.94% #7 Height: 2.2mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.57mm/s Time: 17.76sec 3.95% #8 Height: 2.6mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 87.54mm/s Time: 17.77sec 3.95% #9 Height: 3.0mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 87.1mm/s Time: 17.59sec 3.91% #10 Height: 3.4mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.6mm/s Time: 17.6sec 3.91% #11 Height: 3.8mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 87.45mm/s Time: 17.57sec 3.9% #12 Height: 4.2mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.54mm/s Time: 17.58sec 3.91% #13 Height: 4.6mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 87.48mm/s Time: 17.8sec 3.96% #14 Height: 5.0mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.64mm/s Time: 17.53sec 3.9% #15 Height: 5.4mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.66mm/s Time: 17.64sec 3.92% #16 Height: 5.8mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.58mm/s Time: 17.55sec 3.9% #17 Height: 6.2mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.54mm/s Time: 17.65sec 3.92% #18 Height: 6.6mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.56mm/s Time: 17.68sec 3.93% #19 Height: 7.0mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 86.56mm/s Time: 17.61sec 3.91% #20 Height: 7.4mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 97.55mm/s Time: 36.65sec 8.14% #21 Height: 7.8mm/0.4mm Temp:185.0°/60.0° Avg.Speed(Print): 98.55mm/s Time: 36.68sec 8.15%

Example output for Layer details

****************************** Layer Details ******************************

#2 Height: 0.2mm LayerHeight: 0.2mm Is Printed: true Print Time: 00:00:56 Distance: 2712.23/534.93mm Extrusion: 85.13mm Bed Temperatur:58.0° Extruder Temperatur:195.0° Cooling Time (Fan): 0.06% GCodes: 1395 GCode Linenr: 33 Dimension: 87.68mm x 64.97mm x0.2mm Avg.Speed(All): 64.5mm/s Avg.Speed(Print): 45.78mm/s Avg.Speed(Travel): 140.73mm/s Max.Speed(Print): 120.0mm/s Min.Speed(Print): 33.0mm/s Percent of time:12.52%

Tested mostly with slic3r generated gcodes.

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