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This is the code that generates, which is made of static files.

It has two parts:

  1. A regular PHP app (index.php, pages/, includes/, files/), used to preview what’s happening while developing/writing.

  2. A static file generator, generate_static_files.php, which runs the preview on each page and save it as an HTML file in output/.

To generate static files, type make into a terminal.

You’ll need PHP 5.4 and nginx to run the preview app, you’ll need PHP 5.4 to generate the static files.

The content (HTML) is in pages/. It’s organized by folders on disk but those folders’ names aren’t visible in the URL when visiting the site.

Deploying with Git

On your server:

cd /wherever
mkdir instantclick.git
cd instantclick.git
git init --bare
nano hooks/post-receive
  git --work-tree=/home/alex/ --git-dir=/home/alex/instantclick.git checkout -f
  make -C /home/alex/
chmod +x hooks/post-receive
mkdir ../


git remote add production ssh://server/wherever/instantclick.git
git push production master


To keep a consistent tone I’ll end up editing most contributions. This means that for anything related to the copy (except for minor things, such as typos) you should open an issue first instead of a pull request. You’ll then be credited in the commit message.

I’m not a native English speaker, so if anything sounds weird, please tell me!

I’m also not a crackerjack back-end developer either, so if you spot anything that would make the code simpler to use/maintain, advice or pull requests are appreciated.

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