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sqlmap embed in burpsuite
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  1. 首先安装sqlmap,传送门:

  2. 将sqlmap.py加入到path中(在cmd中输入sqlmap.py不会报找不到文件)

  3. 下载依赖的jar包: commons-io-2.4.jar,放置到burpsuite java 插件的classpath下,burpsuite中配置路径为:extender-->options-->Java Environment

  4. 编译此项目为单独的一个jar文件,添加到burpsuite的java插件中,配置路径为:extender-->extentions-->add

  5. 之后你将会看到在主页面中会新增一个tab,名字叫做Sqlmap


本插件实现原理:将目标请求的数据存放到临时文件中,然后调用" -r $file"来启动对请求的sql注入检测 在Sqlmap tab中,你可以配置sqlmap除 -r外的其他参数,比如:

加入配置中写:"--level 3",真实执行时是 -r $file --level 3

回到burpsuite主页面,在任何请求连接上右键,会看到新增"send to Sqlmap",点击后会开启cmd窗口,针对此请求进行sql注入检测


  1. 本插件在windows下开发并使用,其他系统需要自行做一些调整

  2. 关于本插件有任何问题,参考提问的智慧, 再提issues

a sqlmap plugin for burpsuite


  1. install sqlmap link is:

  2. set to your path

  3. download the dependent jar:commons-io-2.4.jar,put it in your burpsuite java plugin's classpath

  4. build this project to a single jar,add this jar to burpsuite's java plugin

  5. you will find a new tab named "sqlmap" added to the main tabs


  1. this plugin dumps a target request into a temp file,and then call the "sqlmap -r $file" to start sql injection check.

  2. in the sqlmap tab,you can add other parameters to the

eg: config "--level 3" means "sqlmap -r $file --level 3"

  1. now,back to the request list(eg: in proxy->history),right click mouse,find "send to Sqlmap",click it,it will start a dos-window for the sql injection check


  1. this tool is made on windows,other os need some modifications
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