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Durian: Guava's spikier (unofficial) cousin

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Guava has become indispensable for many Java developers. Because of its wide adoption, it must be conservative regarding its minimum requirements.

Durian complements Guava with some features which are too spiky for Guava, such as:

Durian's only requirement is Java 8 or greater, no other libraries are needed (not even Guava).

Contributions are welcome, see the contributing guide for development info.


If you have a Box, but you'd like to subscribe to changes in its value, you should look at RxBox in DurianRx.


  • The API and tests for Suppliers, Functions, and Predicates are all verbatim from Guava.
  • StringPrinter.toOutputStream() borrows heavily from WriterOutputStream, inside Apache commons-io.
  • DurianPlugins is inspired by RxJava's plugin mechanism.
  • Formatted by spotless, as such.
  • Bugs found by findbugs, as such.
  • OSGi metadata generated by goomph, which leverages Peter Kriens' bnd.
  • Scripts in the .ci folder are inspired by Ben Limmer's work.
  • Built by gradle.
  • Tested by junit.
  • Maintained by DiffPlug.


Guava's spikier (unofficial) cousin




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