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ImageGrinder: Image manipulation for Gradle
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image manipulation for Gradle

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Simple image processing

To use it, just add image-grinder to your buildscript, and configure it as so:

imageGrinder {
    // creates a task called 'processEclipseSvg', you can name it whatever you want
    // if the name starts with 'process', then the 'processResources' task will depend on it
    processEclipseSvg {
        srcDir = file('src')
        dstDir = file('dst')
        grinder { img ->
            img.render('@2x.png', 2)
        // used for up-to-date checking, bump this if the function above changes
        bumpThisNumberWhenTheGrinderChanges = 1

Every single file in srcDir needs to be an image that ImageGrinder can parse. Each image will be parsed, and wrapped into an Img. Call its methods to grind it into whatever you need in the dstDir.

ImageGrinder uses the gradle Worker API introduced in Gradle 4.1 to use all your CPU cores for grinding. It also uses gradle's incremental task support to do the minimum amount of grinding required.


  • ImageGrinder can only read SVG images.
  • ImageGrinder can only write PNG images.
  • ImageGrinder needs Gradle 4.1 or higher.

Not much of a grinder, but it does everything we needed. If you need more, we're happy to take PR's!


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