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Selfie: snapshot testing and memoizing for Java, Kotlin, and the JVM

gif demo of selfie in action

Key features

  • Just add a test dependency, zero setup, zero config.
  • Snapshots can be inline literals or on disk.
  • Use expectSelfie for testing or cacheSelfie for memoizing expensive API calls.
  • Disk snapshots are automatically garbage collected when the test class or test method is removed.
  • Snapshots are just strings. Use html, json, markdown, whatever. No magic serializers.
  • Record multiple facets of the entity under test, e.g. for a web request...
    • store the HTML as one facet
    • store HTML-rendered-to-markdown as another facet
    • store cookies in another facet
    • assert some facets on disk, others inline
    • see gif above for live demo, detailed example here

JVM only for now, python is in progress, other platforms on the way: js, .NET, go, ...



PRs welcome! Horror stories and glory stories too, share your experience! See


Heavily inspired by origin-energy's java-snapshot-testing, which in turn is heavily inspired by Facebook's jest-snapshot.