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  • diffpy_cmi-2.0.tar.gz - source distribution for Linux, Unix, Mac OS X

We recommend to use Anaconda Python where DiffPy-CMI is available in
pre-built packages. Use this source archive if Anaconda is not available
or if you prefer to install the software from sources.

See the DiffPy-CMI page or README.txt for installation instructions.

Changes to since v1.0

  • Update all packages included in the release.
  • Fix the number of CPUs used in compilation.
  • Replace old sans modules with srfit-sasview.
  • Make shared libraries relocatable.
  • Reorder update steps to match the build step numbers.
  • Add option --clean for the install script.


2a60d3642980ed4133578a4a65cd1532  diffpy_cmi-2.0.tar.gz