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Releases: diffractor/diffractor

Diffractor 125.0

04 Jul 15:29
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Diffractor is now free. Thank you to everyone who purchased in the past – very much appreciated. I am hoping donations will cover the running costs. Let’s see how it goes :)

This release removes any payment verification screens. It also includes several small fixes:

  • Support display scale factor #111
  • Make Diffractor free #110
  • slide show stops bug #100
  • Option to remove shadows around image view panel #99
  • Caption/Description - mixed up #97
  • Full screen image not reloaded after tag or rename #95
  • Tags with space at the end #92
  • Add option to not update file modified timestamp when changing file metadata enhancement #86
  • HEIC Support #85
  • Allow space in search scope #42
  • very short wav files do not play bug #39
  • Option to toggle on/off playing media at the last known position enhancement #19
  • Better “customize” screen #18
  • Optimize network IO enhancement #15

Diffractor 124.0

30 Dec 20:22
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The version of Diffractor adds a new smart scrollbar to the items view that shows year or other grouping information about the items displayed. It also improves performance when displaying large lists of items.

  • Enable wildcards when searching in the scopes enhancement #90
  • Cannot "bulk remove" tag when there is more than one word in it bug #89
  • Folders thumbs are shown when using WITHOUT #93
  • Wrong glyphs/fonts in description #87
  • Thumbnail's size keeps changing when clicking on it #88
  • Title - no action when clicking enhancement #77
  • Typo in sidebar 'todo' label bug #71
  • Search box doesn't always find what is needed #70

Diffractor 123.6

26 Oct 20:47
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Diffractor goes 64bit:

  • The installer now contains both 32bit and 64bit configurations of Diffractor. It automatically links shortcuts to the appropriate executable.
  • Improvements to sound playback latency. This makes video playback and scrubbing seem faster.
  • Added filters to allow only images, videos, or audio files to be shown.
  • Fixed an issue where DNG files were not shown correctly. #83
  • Fixed playback of short videos and audio files less than one second. #39

Diffractor 123.5

23 Jul 17:43
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This release improves workflow and collection management:

  • The import screen has a new 'analyze' feature to preview where items will be copied to.
  • A synchronize collection feature has been added to allow the collection to be synchronized with an external folder or NAS.
  • An advanced search dialog has been added to easily create more advanced searches.
  • WEBP save support has been added.
  • The resize and convert dialogs have been combined as they have overlapping behavior.
  • Combine to PDF has been replaced by print to PDF as it has more layout options.
  • Other various bugs and crash fixes.

Diffractor 123.4

15 Jun 09:10
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This release adds support for XMP color labels and fixes several bugs:

  • Support XMP color labels #46
  • system speakers volume (fn+...) affects Diffractor internal volume #60
  • Not all keyboard shortcuts are working in Edit Window #59
  • "with" scope gives same result as "without" #58
  • folders thumbnails overlap #56
  • "artist" scope - comes together with "album" scope #54
  • Thumbnail View changes to Details View #53

Diffractor 123.3

23 May 09:15
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Minor release containing:

  • Fix to diffractor randomly closing #55
  • Updated location dialog that allows selecting a location by clicking on the map. #11
  • Added option to show verbose metadata #33
  • Fixes to various crashes identified by Diffractor crash reporting.

Diffractor 123.0

26 Apr 09:35
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This is a major release including many improvements. The main changes are:

  • Diffractor has been translated into German by a helpful volunteer. This is exciting because Diffractor has many German users. Wunderbar!
  • The sidebar has new history and map selectors. They allow quick searches by date and country.
  • The dark color scheme allows Diffractor to do more with color in the user interface. For example highlight differences and special items.
  • Comparing photos and other files has been enhanced to show differences in file attributes.

Diffractor 122.16

03 Mar 12:43
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This release fixes crashes and bugs:

  • #34 "Genre" metadata problems (bug)
  • #32 GUI visual glitch in busy_control (bug)
  • #29 Update POPM metadata in MP3 files (enhancement)
  • Fixes based on crash reporting telemetry (crashes)

Diffractor 122.15

18 Feb 09:32
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This release adds new features to make it easier to manage a large collection of photos and videos. It allows you to easily determine if an item is in your collection or not. All indexed locations combined make the collection.

The changes are:

  • Allow grouping items by presence. "Did you ever insert an old memory card and wonder do I have these photos on my hard disk? Now you can open diffractor and sort those items by presence in your collection. Items not in your collection will be grouped together."
  • #16 Separated ordering and sorting
  • #23 Fixed crash when structured copy screen opened on an invalid drive.
  • #12 Added support for .m2ts files
  • #24 Fixed for importing before all selected items are fully scanned
  • #10 Returned shift based selection of multiple items
  • #25 Returned drag and drop of items to/from windows explorer
  • #26 Reduced the amount of CPU used when starting Diffractor.

Diffractor 122.14

25 Jan 07:52
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This release fixes several crashes and bugs.

  • Fixed occasional issue where diffractor would not start up. This was caused by an error processing empty tags in xmp metadata. Diffractor would go into an endless loop.
  • Fixed a crash when decoding truncated TIFF files.
  • Fixed a crash when decoding malformed GIF files.