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Mer robust resolving av filer i

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runeflobakk committed May 13, 2014
1 parent bfa4386 commit c8b4e1bc4a298f91f021a65e3e8d6b14d2154999
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  1. +5 −2 eksempler/
@@ -1,5 +1,8 @@

xmllint --noout --schema ../xsd/sdp.xsd sdp*.xml
xmllint --noout --schema ../xsd/SBDH20040506-02/StandardBusinessDocumentHeader.xsd sbdh.xml
eksempler=$(dirname "$0")

xmllint --noout --schema ${xsds}/sdp.xsd ${eksempler}/sdp*.xml
xmllint --noout --schema ${xsds}/SBDH20040506-02/StandardBusinessDocumentHeader.xsd ${eksempler}/sbdh.xml

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