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Registration agent for Difio, preconfigured for OpenShift / PHP applications.

It compiles a list of installed PEAR packages and sends it to http://www.dif.io.

Installing on your OpenShift PHP application

  • Create an account at http://www.dif.io

  • Create your PHP application in OpenShift

      rhc-create-app -a myapp -t php-5.3
  • Add dependencies to your application:

      cd myapp/
      echo HTTP_Request2 >> deplist.txt
      echo PEAR >> deplist.txt
      echo pecl/json >> deplist.txt
  • Download the registration script into your application

      wget https://raw.github.com/difio/difio-openshift-php/master/difio-openshift.php -O .openshift/action_hooks/difio-openshift.php
      chmod +x .openshift/action_hooks/difio-openshift.php
  • Enable the registration script in .openshift/action_hooks/post_deploy and set your userID

      export DIFIO_USER_ID=YourUserID
  • Commit and push your application to OpenShift

      git add . && git commit -m "enable Difio registration" && git push
  • If everything goes well you should see something like:

      remote: Running .openshift/action_hooks/post_deploy
      remote: Success, registered/updated application 416c208c-d212-4580-85fd-8aa207c8e2a1
  • That's it, you can now check your application statistics at http://www.dif.io

Updating the registration agent

  • When a new version of the registration agent script is available simply overwrite your current one

      wget https://raw.github.com/difio/difio-openshift-php/master/difio-openshift.php -O .openshift/action_hooks/difio-openshift.php
      chmod +x .openshift/action_hooks/difio-openshift.php
      git add . && git commit -m "updated to latest version of difio-openshift-php" && git push