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- Removed Difra\Envi\UserAgent
* Bumped PHP version requirement to 8.1
* Removed ESAPI library
* Moved Difra\Cache to difra/lib-cache
* Moved Difra\DB to difra/lib-db
* Moved Difra\Locales\Wordforms to difra/lib-wordforms
* Moved Difra\Logger to difra/lib-logger
* Moved Difra\Mailer to difra/lib-mailer
* Moved Difra\Security to difra/lib-security
* Moved build/ configs to
- Removed obsolete XCache and SharedMemory support
- Removed very old methods from Difra\Locales
+ New Plugin system: install plugins with composer
+ New Event system with custom events support
+ Added View\HTML elements for direct html injections
+ SCSS support (work is in the progress)
+ Added SyslogUDP logger target
+ New Mailer with SMTP and multiple new features
+ Resourcer: dependencies support
* New controller naming scheme: \Controller\Path\Action instead of PathActionController
* Some Difra features moved to plugins
* New entry point: just include vendor/autoloader.php and call \Difra::main()
* View is not static anymore
* Sitemap builder is now Difra\Tools\Sitemap and it's event-driven
* Modified paginator html
* Difra\DB methods now throw Difra\DB\Exception instead of Difra\Exception
* New Difra\Envi\Roots class for paths control instead of DIR_* variables