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+ Bootstrap support
+ Bootstrap adm
+ Added compatibility parameter to config instances description (to be removed soon)
+ New Difra\Envi\Roots class for paths control instead of DIR_* variables
+ Composer support
+ New Plugin system: plugins can be installed using composer now
+ New entry point: just include vendor/autoloader.php and call \Difra::main()
+ Added additional resource/application roots support
+ Resourcer: dependencies support
+ Support for additional XSL namespaces in XSL resources
+ Added Ajaxer::post action to submit POST data
+ Added reload parameter to Ajaxer::redirect()
+ Added automatic JSON render support if View::$output is array and View::$outputType == View::CONTENT_APPLICATION_JSON
+ New Event system with custom events support
+ Added SyslogUDP logger target
+ New reworked Mailer with SMTP and multiple new features
+ Added /root/@actionUri property
* Event handlers are Callables now
* Cleaned out old SVN versioning code
* Ajaxer overlay z-index changed to 9999
* Empty ajaxer reply doesn't trigger error anymore
* Ajaxer::status html structure changed
* Ajaxer::display type (CSS class) parameter added
* View is not static anymore
* Added View XML fill options (FILL_XML_NONE, FILL_XML_LOCALE, FILL_XML_MENU, etc.)
* Sitemap builder is now Difra\Tools\Sitemap and it's event-driven
* Switched to use system-wide fastcgi_params instead of built in values
* Added "compatibility<7" is deprecated message in ajaxer
* Modified paginator html
- Removed old Autoloader
- Removed adm/development/plugins page
- Removed Difra\Plugger class
- Removed Difra\Events class
- Removed lib/init.php run
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