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Pidgin-NateOn: NateOn protocol plugin for pidgin
version 2.5.6-svn143
* Support TICK command
version 2.4.2-svn140
* Fixed sms bug
version 2.4.2-svn139
* Fixed segmentation fault when recived memo
version 2.4.1-svn136
* Support PRS tunneling
version 2.4.1-svn136
* Support PRS tunneling
version 2.3.1-svn131
* Support "Show buddy icon" - Thank to difro
version 2.3.1-svn127
* Support "File send/receive" - Thanks to difro
version 2.3.1-svn120
* Aim at pidgin 2.3.1
* Can change buddies alias (name, screen name, name and id, name and
screen name)
* Added korean translation
version 2.2.1-svn112
* Add "Hidden" state
version 2.2.1-svn110
* Support "send sms message"
version 2.2.0-svn107
* Fixed QUIT bug
version 2.1.1-svn102
* Support "conversation formatting"
version 2.1.1-svn98
* Support "add/remove buddy"
* Support "add/remove group"
* Support "send slip of paper"
* Fixed conversation bugs
version 2.0.0-svn64
* Detach nateon-prpl from pidgin
version 2.0.0+nateon-svn54
* Nateon show buddy name by tooltips
version 2.0.0+nateon-svn53:
* Nateon can change own status
version 2.0.0+nateon-svn51:
* Add nateon support
version 2.0.0beta6-2:
* Fixed login bug
version 2.0.0beta6-1:
* Initial release.