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Installing Ubuntu Linux for USB copying workstation

This documentation was written for Ubuntu Workstation 18.04.

Install Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu Workstation as you would normally do.

Install extra packages

Install following packages:

sudo apt-get install git pv python-psutil exfat-fuse

Disable automount

Give following command as the user you intend to for writing:

gsettings set automount false

Install MEB usb-monster scripts

cd /opt
git clone
ln -s usb-monster/dd-curses/ write_dd


Following example expects test taker's image at /opt/koe.dd:

sudo ./write_dd koe.dd

Execute by clicking

Create a following script to your desktop (e.g. ~/Desktop/


# Change the path of the image file here

# Path to write_dd

gnome-terminal --hide-menubar --geometry="120x50+0+0" -- sudo ${WRITE_DD} ${IMAGEFILE}

Make it executable:

chmod a+x ~/Desktop/

Tell Nautilus you want to execute scripts when double-clicking them:

gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences executable-text-activation launch