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Welcome to the Extempore wiki

Extempore is a programming language and runtime environment designed with live programming in mind. It supports interactive programming in a REPL style, compiling code just-in-time. Although extempore has its roots in `live coding’ of audiovisual media art[fn:Impromptu], it is suitable for any task domain where dynamic run-time modifiability and good numerical performance are required. Extempore also has strong timing and concurrency semantics, which are helpful when working in problem spaces where timing is important (such as audio and video).

Extempore is currently under active development. The goals and ‘big picture’ of the project are probably best described here.

Getting started


The README.md has (fairly) up-to-date instructions about installing and working with Extempore on the various platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux).


The Extempore documentation is currently hosted at Ben’s blog.

Getting help

If you run into troubles, there are lots of great examples (tutorials, really) in the examples/ subdirectory of the extempore source folder. If you get stuck, you can try the google group and mailing list. Other than that, we often hang out in channel #extempore on freenode, so feel free to drop by if you have any questions.

Helping out

There are lots of ways to help out. One of the main ways you can help out is to let us know the cool things you’re doing with Extempore. If you do a live coding gig, or some cool visualisations, or some interesting stuff with OSC and arduinos, or whatever—write it up, make a video and let the world know :)

If you’re looking for a list of small projects which need doing, then there’s a list here.