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Automatically shrink images using TinyPNG API during uploading to the Media Library. Applicable for Kentico 12 CMS.
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Automatically shrink images using TinyPNG API during uploading to Media Library or as a Page Attachment. Applicable for Kentico 12 CMS.


Install DeleteAgency.Kentico12.TinyPng NuGet package for both Kentico CMS and MVC solutions:

Install-Package DeleteAgency.Kentico12.TinyPng

Build and run Kentico CMS Admin. During first open Kentico module with settings will be imported in the database automatically.


Open the following settings in Settings > Integration > TinyPNG section, tick Enabled and fill your TinyPng API Key. Other settings can be changed as well, if needed: TinyPng module settings


All contributions are very much welcomed! Setting up a development environment is pretty easy:

  1. Download the code from the repository:
    git clone
  2. Install Kentico default Dancing Goat MVC sample site
  3. Import package via Kentico Import interface in Sites application
  4. Copy the content of the CMS folder from code repository to the Dancing Goat website CMS folder
  5. Add DeleteAgency.Kentico12.TinyPng.csproj project into Dancing Goat WebApp solution, build and open Kentico admin interface


This NuGet package is compatible with Kentico 12, any Hotfix, both Portal Engine and MVC.


Found a bug? Please raise an Issue in the GitHub or contact me.


For more information please read my blog post.

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