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A controller framework for PHP

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A simple controller framework for PHP applications. Basically the C in MVC.

This is a very basic framework with little frills. It doesn't have a template system or a data layer in anyway. The App framework is strictly for dispatching requests to a specific class and method.

The dispatcher creates a request object, sends that request through the middleware, which can do all sorts of things to the request, but eventually it will run the App_Middleware_Event class which will actually execute your controller and event. Each event must return an instance of App_Response on it's way out, the middleware has an opportunity to alter the response as well.

It's got a few potential issues, but works pretty well. Feel free to suggest improvements.

To wire it up.

Copy the index.php file to a location readable by your webserver. You should alter the index.php file to be specific for you app.

To wire up / to the dummy controller add a mod_rewrite rule to your vhost that looks like:

RewriteRule ^/$ /index.php [L,E=APP_CONTROLLER:App_Controller_Dummy,E=APP_EVENT:index]

See App/Controller/Dummy.php for a sample controller.

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