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The Category Pie plugin for WordPress adds a pie chart to the administration pages for categories, tags and custom taxonomies. For non-hierarchical taxonomies like post tags the top 10 is displayed.




Filter Hooks

  • category_pie_taxnow_hook
  • category_pie_datarows
  • category_pie_chart_options

Code Snippets

Configure pie chart options

Use the category_pie_chart_options filter to customize the pie chart.

add_filter( 'category_pie_chart_options', 'my_category_pie_chart_options', 10, 1 );
function my_category_pie_chart_options( $chart_options )
    $chart_options['is3D'] = true;

    return $chart_options;

Move the pie chart

Use the category_pie_taxnow_hook filter to move the pie chart to a different location on the admin page, e.g. below the terms table:

add_filter( 'category_pie_taxnow_hook', 'my_category_pie_taxnow_hook', 10, 2 );
function my_category_pie_taxnow_hook( $hook, $taxnow )
    return "after-{$taxnow}-table";


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