SilverStripe CMS and Framework with a custom grid and rapid development environment
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Silver Stream is the SilverStripe framework 4.1.0 and CMS with a custom front end grid and SASS compiled with Stream Builder.

In short, this is my personal development environment when developing SilverStripe CMS applications. It's basically a heavily stripped down SilverStripe instance with a bare-bones theme and rapid development environment all-in-one.

If you're not comfortable with responsive grids, SASS, Node.js and the command line, you probably shouldn't use this tool. Additionally, this will not work well with Internet Explorer because it's dead.


  • Silverstripe Framework and CMS 4.1.0 Docs
  • mini Mighty Grid Docs
  • SASS CSS Extension Language Docs
  • Stream Builder Docs
  • Sortablegridfield module Docs


Setup in 5 minutes

  1. Clone this repo to your local working location. git clone
  2. Create a local *sql database. Create a .env file in your local working location. Example:
# SS_BASE_URL               ="your-local-URL"
SS_DATABASE_CLASS           ="MySQLPDODatabase"
SS_DATABASE_NAME            ="databasename"
SS_DATABASE_SERVER          ="localhost"
SS_DATABASE_USERNAME        ="database-username"
SS_DATABASE_PASSWORD        ="database-password"

SS_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE         ="dev"
  1. From the site root run composer update to install the SilverStripe framework, cms and additional modules.
  2. Create an assets folder in your working directory and make sure it's writable by the server user.
  3. With your web browser navigate to the local url with dev/build/?flush=all appended to the URL.

You should now have a working site.

To get started with node

  1. From within the /mysite directory, run npm update to install the necessary node_modules to run Stream Builder.
  2. Once npm has installed the necesary modules, from that same directory, run gulp. This will start the Stream Builder application that watches for any change to scss files. If a change is detected the scss will be compiled into compressed CSS and placed in the css directory. (ToDo: Fix browser refresh.)
  3. Now you can begin compiling SCSS into CSS and refreshing your browser on change.

Advanced Configuration

Coming soon