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@@ -41,6 +41,9 @@ placeholder. The configuration is the same as for placeholders in the CMS.
``'+'`` to allow the cms to check permissions properly. Attempting to do
so will raise a :exc:`ValueError`.
+Admin Integration
If you install this model in the admin application, you have to use
:class:`~cms.admin.placeholderadmin.PlaceholderAdmin` instead of
:class:`~django.contrib.admin.ModelAdmin` so the interface renders
@@ -52,6 +55,31 @@ correctly::, PlaceholderAdmin)
+I18N Placeholders
+Out of the box :class:`~cms.admin.placeholderadmin.PlaceholderAdmin` supports multiple languages and will
+display language tabs. If you extend `PlaceholderAdmin` and overwrite `change_form_template` be sure to have a look at
+'admin/placeholders/placeholder/change_form.html' on how to display the language tabs.
+If you need other fields then the placeholders translated as well: django CMS has support for `django-hvad`_. If you
+use a `TranslatableModel` model be sure to not include the placeholder fields in the translated fields::
+ class MultilingualExample1(TranslatableModel):
+ translations = TranslatedFields(
+ title=models.CharField('title', max_length=255),
+ description=models.CharField('description', max_length=255),
+ )
+ placeholder_1 = PlaceholderField('placeholder_1')
+ def __unicode__(self):
+ return self.title
Now to render the placeholder in a template you use the
:ttag:`render_placeholder` tag from the
:mod:`~cms.templatetags.placeholder_tags` template tag library:
@@ -128,3 +156,6 @@ admin page with at least one :class:`~cms.models.fields.PlaceholderField`:
:class:`~cms.models.fields.PlaceholderField` per fieldset.
2. You **must** include the following two classes: ``'plugin-holder'`` and
+.. _django-hvad:

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