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* fully integrate as native protocol handler (see hgsubversion)
- hg push git@...
- hg fetch [remote] (remote is url, hg alias or hg-git remote)
- hg clone url
* file:/// support
* work fine with eclipse plugin or tortoise-hg
* work in Git on a named branch created in Hg is forward-ported to be named branch commits in Hg and stripped back out if re-exported
* push with branch names (w/ proper error messages)
* explain what branch mapping policy determined when updating refs
* add a warning for a non-fast forward push
* error nicer if pushing to remote without push access (over git://)
* fail nicely when the remote_name is not there
* more usage documentation
* screencast
* cache rename detection on push (seems to be very expensive)
* switch object mapping to hg->git since the many to one is that direction
* don't send blobs/trees already on server (thin pack)
* packfile creation benchmarking (seems to take a while sometimes)
- at least provide status output
* submodules?
* .gitignore, etc - try to convert?
- (probably not automatically, but perhaps a generator?)