Fractal module for the Lumen PHP framework.
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Lumen Fractal

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Fractal module for the Lumen PHP framework.




Run the following command to install the package through Composer:

composer require nordsoftware/lumen-fractal


Copy the configuration template in config/fractal.php to your application's config directory and modify according to your needs. For more information see the Configuration Files section in the Lumen documentation.

Available configuration options:

  • default_serializer - Default serializer to use for serialization, defaults to null


Add the following lines to bootstrap/app.php:


Optionally you can also use Nord\Lumen\Fractal\FractalMiddleware to parse includes automatically from the request.



You can now use Nord\Lumen\Fractal\FractalService to access Fractal anywhere in your application.

Here is a few examples on how you can serialize data if you are using Eloquent:

public function getBook(FractalService $fractal, $id) {
  // load the book model ...

  return response()->json($fractal->item($book, new BookTransformer)->toArray());
public function listBooks(FractalService $fractal) {
  // load the book collection ...

  return response()->json($fractal->collection($books, new BookTransformer)->toArray());


Please read the guidelines.

Running tests

Clone the project and install its dependencies by running:

composer install

Run the following command to run the test suite:

vendor/bin/codecept run unit