Foundation as React components.
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React + Foundation

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Foundation as React components.



Foundation is both feature-rich and easy to customize. React on the other hand is awesome because of its simplicity. It's even more awesome when combined with Redux and Immutable.

After building quite a few applications with React and Foundation we noticed that we were writing the same components over and over again. First we tried to find a library that would do the job, but there was none that met our needs. So we collected our notes, started coding and here's the result.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

What's in the box?

The goal is to wrap every part of Foundation into re-usable React components following the framework's best practices. The primary focus is ease-of-use and extensibility. We use pure render components, also known as stateless components, whenever possible to keep the memory usage to a minimum. Stateful components are only used for larger components, such as ResponsiveNavigation, where state is actually necessary. All components are unit-tested to ensure their quality.

Here is a list of the available components:

More components coming soon!


Install library:

npm install react-foundation --save


import Foundation from 'react-foundation';

// Use components ...

Documentation is at and you can use our React Boilerplate as a reference.


Please read our guidelines.


  • Thanks to @jmreidy for releasing the react-foundation package name to us on NPM.