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Koha docker image builders
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Koha Docker Container (WILL BE DEPRECATED SOON)

This repo is no longer maintained by Deichman (Oslo Public Library)

If anyone wants to keep on developing this, we'd happily transfer ownership.

If interested in seeing our customized version of the Koha project, head to OPL repo.

It includes a koha + mysql setup with a heavily customized version of Koha, of course keeping the GPL license.

Old info

This project builds a Docker image containg an installation of the library system Koha.

More documentation can be found on project wiki

Development Quickstart for Deichman

This is documentation on the development setup used in Deichman, but should be general enough to be used by anyone.

Clone the two projects

1. The Koha codebase (upstream) the community code

git clone

We keep master in sync with upstream and a local branch for each release with all our local patches on top (eg. release_17.11.01)

git checkout release_17.11.01

2. The Koha Docker project (origin) deichman fork with local patches

This is the project for setting up Koha using docker in the various environments:

  • koha_dev : development and testing of patches
  • koha_ci : automated build used by gitlab runners for creating debian packages and a docker image
  • koha_build : using a production-ready docker image
git clone

3. Run Development

TODO: use Makefile instead

  • cd into docker-compose folder in koha-docker project (koha-docker/docker-compose)
  • start a docker container using code from git
  • mount locally checked out codebase as a volume inside the container

Build development docker image

KOHAPATH must point to koha-docker root dir

source docker-compose.env && KOHAPATH=.. docker-compose -f common.yml -f dev.yml build koha_dev

Run development container

KOHAPATH must point to koha-docker root dir

REPO must point to koha code repo

  • this will run container in foreground with STDOUT and will stop and remove if you Ctrl-C
  • docker-compose run params explained
  • --rm (delete container when stopped)
  • --publish=8081:8081 ( publish ports so koha intra pages are accessible outside container )
  • --volume=xxx:yyy ( mounting of host code into container hostpath:containerpath )
  • --name ( optionally give container a name )
  • -d ( detatch )
  • --service-ports ( publish all ports from inside container )
  • -e (add environment variables e.g. KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/name/koha-conf.xml)
  • --entrypoint ( override entry point , e.g /bin/bash for a simple shell with no services running )
source docker-compose.env && KOHAPATH=..  \
  docker-compose -f common.yml -f dev.yml run --rm --volume=/home/to/koha/repo:/kohadev/kohaclone --publish=8081:8081 koha_dev

4. Enter container

Container will have an autogenerated name (find it with docker ps) if not started with --name

Admin pages are at localhost:8081, with default admin (admin/secret) login

docker exec -it dockercompose_koha_dev_run_1 bash

5. Useful commands inside container

It is a debian jessie distro, koha source code is mounted in /kohadev/kohaclone

A lot of env vars exist used to configure system (use env for overview)

  • restart service
    supervisorctl -u$KOHA_ADMINUSER -p$KOHA_ADMINPASS restart <service> <service>
      plack ( perl multiworker server, need to be restarted for koha to pick up changes in modules, systempreferences etc )
      sip   ( sip server used by self checkout machines, door access, etc )
      ncip_server ( interlibrary loan NCIP service )
      zebra_server ( local Koha search index )
  • enter mysql
koha-mysql name
  • Koha xml configuration file


  • run tests ( from /kohadev/kohaclone )

KOHA_CONF=/etc/koha/sites/name/koha-conf.xml PERL5LIB=. perl t/db_dependent/api/v1/illrequests.t
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