XML of Margaret Cavendish's works created by the Text Creation Partnership and Early English Books Online (EEBO-TCP)
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De Vita et Rubus A53042.xml
Description of New World A53044.xml
Life of William Cavendish A53046.xml
Natural Philosophy A53045.xml
Natures Pictures A53048.xml
Observations Upon A53049.xml
Orations A53051.xml
Philosophical Letters A53058.xml
Philosophical and Physical Opinions A53055.xml
Philosophicall Fancies A53057.xml
Playes A53060.xml
Poems and Fancies A53061.xml
Sociable Letters A53064.xml
World's Olio A53065.xml



These keyboarded and encoded editions of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership. These Phase I texts are available for reuse, according to the terms of Creative Commons 0 1.0 Universal. The texts can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Note: These texts were not created by the Digital Cavendish Project. These texts are available through the EEBO-TCP Phase I project. Please give credit to EEBO-TCP if their work is used in any way.