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Official PHP SDK for the Digital Collections DC-X Digital Asset Management system

The DcxApiClient class helps your custom PHP code connect to your DC-X system via the HTTP-based DC-X JSON API (documented in our partner and customer Wiki).


If you need to use the old DCX_Api_Client class, check out the 1.0.0 release.

For everyone else, we recommend the latest, Guzzle-based version.

Installation in Composer-based projects

If your PHP project uses Composer, installation is straightforward.

  1. Either run composer require digicol/dcx-sdk-php.
  2. Or add this to your project’s composer.json file:
        "digicol/dcx-sdk-php": "^2.0"

… and run composer update in your project to download the SDK.

Installation in projects not using Composer

You don’t have to use Composer in your project to use the SDK. But you still need it (see its installation instructions) for downloading the SDK’s dependencies after checking out the sources:

$ git clone
$ cd dcx-sdk-php
$ composer install

In your PHP code, include the SDK’s autoloader like this:


Getting started

Here’s an example of retrieving a DC-X collection’s details (name, links to retrieving documents):

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
$dcxApiClient = new \Digicol\DcxSdk\DcxApiClient
    ['username' => 'testuser', 'password' => 'secret'],
    ['http_useragent' => 'MyCustomProject']
$httpStatusCode = $dcxApiClient->get
        'q' => ['channel' => ['ch050dcxsystempoolnative']],
        's' => ['fields' => ['_display_title', 'DateCreated']]
echo "Got search results:\n";

See the DC-X JSON API documentation for more examples.

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