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SproutCore HTML5 Application Framework

SproutCore is a framework for building blazing-fast, desktop-like applications in the web browser using only native HTML5 features. With SproutCore, you can build rich, interactive applications in the web in less code than most simple web pages require today.

The easiest way to get started with SproutCore is using the Abbot build tools included with the SproutCore package when you install it from the Ruby gem. Please see the Get Started documentation on the SproutCore website for more information.

If you would like to contact the authors, you can reach the current maintainer at


SproutCore has been built thanks to the tireless efforts of many talented developers. Special thanks to the following developers who contributed lots of code and ideas:

  • Alex Iskander
  • Billy Kakes
  • Brian Cully
  • Charles Jolley
  • Chris Hyle
  • Colin Campbell
  • Cortland Klein
  • Devin Torres
  • Erich Ocean
  • Evin Grano
  • Geoffrey Donaldson
  • James Austin
  • Jason Ketterman
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Joshua Dickens
  • Juan Pinzon
  • Majd Taby
  • Matthias Loitsch
  • Martin Ottenwaelter
  • Maurits Lamers
  • Mike Ball
  • Mike Subelsky
  • Mohammed Ashik
  • Onar Vikingstad
  • Peter Bergstrom
  • Peter Wagenet
  • Ray Bodenhorn
  • Santosh Shanboque
  • Sudarshan Bhat
  • Tanner Donovan
  • Teresa Tsui
  • Thomas Langemann
  • Tom Dale
  • Trek Glowacki


SproutCore includes code from a number of different open source projects including: