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@spoonless spoonless released this Jun 3, 2020 · 2 commits to master since this release


New release for Blender 2.83. This release does not provide any new features: it's all about bug fixes and improving existing features.

Rigacar v6.0 is 100% backward compatible with previous releases of this addon. If you have already generated armatures with a previous version, you can upgrade to version 6.0.


  • steering bake animation algorithm is completely revamped and is much much more efficient.
  • Naming convention improvement: name matching is case insensitive and you can use dot, space, underscore or dash as separators. For instance, all these names are correct: car.Wheel.Ft.L, car_wheel ft l, car wheel-FT-L, CAR_WHEEL_FT_L
  • The origin point of the generated rig is moved automatically. Especially useful if you want to animate your model using a follow path constraint. No need to tweak the default position of the armature to match the front or back axle. This is optional (can be unchecked in the operator attributes panel at generation time).
  • Fixing issues coming from multi-editing
  • Fix error when using only empty objects to define the model
  • keyframe tolerance is set by default to 0.01

Known issues:

  • Reference objects (body, wheels, brake) should not be parented when the deformation rig is added.


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