Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy empowers marginalized communities to use technology to defend their rights

Pinned repositories

  1. osm-p2p-db

    Peer-to-peer database for OpenStreetMap data

    JavaScript 188 18

  2. mapeo-desktop

    Offline participatory map editor for indigenous territory mapping and environmental monitoring in remote environments

    JavaScript 112 18

  3. react-mapfilter


    JavaScript 16 7

  4. leaflet-side-by-side

    A Leaflet control to add a split screen to compare two map overlays

    JavaScript 94 32

  5. osm-p2p-server

    Peer-to-peer OpenStreetMap API v0.6 Server for osm-p2p-db

    JavaScript 61 8

  6. simple-odk

    A minimal ODK server for receiving form submissions from a mobile device and saving them as JSON on github

    JavaScript 16 10