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PokecomGO - Emulator of SHARP's Pocket computer(sc61860 series)

It is an emulator of SHARP's Pocket Computer(sc61860 series).
Supported models:pc-1245/1251/1261/1350/1401/1402/1450/1460/1470U.
ROM image is not included, so it is necessary to prepare own.

When you start the emulator for the first time, /sdcard/pokecom/rom directory (the path may be different depending on the device) is created, and is created a dummy ROM image file(pc1245mem.bin) there. Please arrange various ROM images in this folder.

ROM image files

For example, in the case of PC-1245, 8K of internal ROM:0x0000-0x1fff and 16K of external ROM:0x4000-0x7fff are arranged in 64K space of 0x0000-0xffff, Other addresses are created as a binary image filled with dummy data, Please create with file name pc1245mem.bin. The same applies to PC-1251/1261/1350/1401/1402/1450.

PC-1460 and 1470U have external ROM in bank format, make 2 file configuration. Please create internal ROM as pc1460mem.bin. Only the part of 0x0000 - 0x1fff is necessary. Create external ROM as pc1460bank.bin and arrange the bank data in order as it is.

If the file is recognized correctly, the target model will be valid in the list on the initial screen.

Memory map information

0x0000-0x1fff : internal ROM
0x4000-0x7fff : external ROM

0x0000-0x1fff : internal ROM
0x8000-0xffff : external ROM

0x0000-0x1fff : internal ROM
0x4000-0x7fff : external ROM(BANK 1460:0-3, 1470U:0-7)