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Background and Introduction

WARNING: This will modify your read-table.

This is yet another utility library for common lisp. (Several libraries can be found at cliki. Notable ones besides those include Alexandria and cl21. There's also a good discussion on reddit about "fixing" common lisp.

I don't think it is good enough yet; therefore, I'm using a personalized name - in case someone comes up with a "God" level library, let them use a good name. (Learnt over reddit that one should give a good name, only after it is proven to be good. And it is reasonable: we don't want to waste good names. :p)

Detailed documentation is available on github pages.

The library is still unreleased, and therefore, subject to changes.


    CL-USER> (digikar-utilities:getf-equal '("a" "b" "c" "d") "a")

    CL-USER> (digikar-utilities.logic:gen-truth-table (a b c) (and a b c))
    ((T (T T T)) (NIL (T T NIL)) (NIL (T NIL T)) (NIL (T NIL NIL)) (NIL (NIL T T))
    (A B C)
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