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Version 2.1.0
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@JacobKingDev JacobKingDev released this
· 270 commits to master since this release


  • DMEScope has been extended to support a more granular level of data fetch. You can now limit your request to just Social data, for example. You could even go as far as to restrict your query to 'Spotify play history from the last 24hrs only'. Check out the changes in the docs, here.
  • We want to empower users to maintain control of their data, even after sharing, so we now offer them the choice between a one-off share as a guest, and grabbing their data with both hands through the power of Check it out here.
  • We've exposed some of the internal workings of DMEPullClient publicly, so you can take finer control over what data is or isn't downloaded, should you want to.
  • You can now customise the underlying polling logic in DMEPullClient by modifying pollInterval and maxStalePolls in DMEPullConfiguration.

Bug Fixes

  • We no longer report a partial sync as an error. This state occurs routinely and is expected.
  • Fixed an issue whereby data polling would continue, even if the session key expired. No more infinite polling!
  • Fixed an issue whereby we would unintentionally register an already-registered broadcast receiver again, causing a crash.
  • Improved the experience for Android 10 user's installing via the SDK. Previously, it was possible for them to become stuck.


This release changes the signature of the getSessionData method. The second lambda now has two parameters, so you may experience a compilation error on updating. Capturing the second parameter (the complete file list) resolves this error.