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Releases: digime/digime-sdk-ios

Version 5.0.5

01 Sep 12:34
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  • Base url path is added to the SDK config file.

Version 5.0.4

23 Aug 07:06
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  • File download operation will return all errors of SDKErrors type.
  • Handle metadata headers as case insensitive in file download route.
  • retryafter will be the optional property

Version 5.0.2

06 Mar 12:33
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Bug fixes:
Support for Sync Status Error in parsing File List response

Example apps minor updates.

  • Genrefy supports Saas SDK
  • SDK Example app - supports ObjectType Scope

Version 5.0.1

29 Sep 08:07
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New Features

  • SDK can now be installed as Swift Package.
  • Removed unnecessary optional publicKey property on Configuration object.
  • Removed dependency on SwiftJWT

Version 5.0.0

23 Sep 12:50
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New Features

  • SDK is updated to utilise new SaaS offering, with the ability to use without installing a separate application. Documentation can be found here: Getting Started

  • Support read flows:

    • Ability to ask a user to authorize sharing of data.
    • Ability to ask user to onboard services and share them using on an ongoing basis.
    • Ability to read data that you’ve pushed in to a user’s library.
  • Support write flows:

    • Ability to write data to user’s library.
  • You can request any data to be deleted from a user’s library.

Other Notes

  • This release introduces breaking changes to users of version 4.0.0 of the SDK.
  • Support for previous flows using clients have been dropped in this version.

Version 4.0.0

05 Mar 14:55
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New Features

  • Introduces support for Ongoing Postbox (data pushes to user), which allows SDK to push data to user over multiple sessions after being granted user's consent just once. See documentation for details.

This only works with ongoing push contracts. One-off push contracts can still use the existing Postbox functionality..

Breaking Changes

  • DMEPushClient must now be created with a configuration which includes the contract's private key.
  • All SDK function completion blocks will now be performed on the main thread. This is to provide consistency across the SDK.
    See migration tips.

Version 3.3.0

27 Jan 08:43
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  • Introduces a new DMELimits object with duration property which can be used to either declare whether app wants to wait for fresh data or declare how much time (in seconds) the app is willing to dedicate to fetching latest data. See documentation for details.

  • authorizeWithScope:completion: and authorizeOngoingAccessWithScope:oAuthToken:completion: in DMEPullClient have been deprecated. They are now replaced with authorizeWithOptions:completion:] and authorizeOngoingAccessWithOptions:oAuthToken:completion which introduces a new DMESessionOptions object containing the existing DMEDataRequest scope and the new DMELimits object.

  • Updates backend API version to use.

NOTE: If you are using Ongoing Access, you will need to update to this version of SDK in order to continue using it.

Version 3.2.0

21 Apr 13:41
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  • Added support for Ongoing Access. See documentation for details. In short, provided you have the necessary contract setup, you no longer need to open app to get new data after initial consent.
  • Added Genrefy app to showcase Ongoing Access.

Version 3.1.1

24 Mar 15:07
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Updated API certificates in the SDK.

Version 3.1.0

12 Dec 14:01
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  • DMEScope has been extended to support a more granular level of data fetch. You can now limit your request to just Social data, for example. You could even go as far as to restrict your query to 'Spotify play history from the last 24hrs only'. Check out the changes in the docs, here.
  • We've exposed some of the internal workings of DMEPullClient publicly, so you can take finer control over what data is or isn't downloaded, should you want to.
  • You can now customise the underlying polling logic in DMEPullClient by modifying pollInterval and maxStalePolls in DMEPullConfiguration.


This release changes the signature of the getSessionData method. The second lambda now has two parameters, so you may experience a compilation error on updating. Capturing the second parameter (the complete file list) resolves this error.