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Thank You for Choosing the DigiOz Guestbook version 1.4. 

What's New in DigiOz Guestbook Version 1.4:                                            
- Language files included for guestbook for the following languages:
	- English
	- German
	- Dutch
	- Philippino
- JavaScript Smiley insertion buttons added to the entry add form
- UBB Code added for BOLD, UNDERLINED, ITALIC, and CENTER formatting
  of text entered in the guestbook                                                                

Contents of this zip file:

guestbook.php - This is the main index of the Guestbook
      add.php - The PHP file that processes new Guestbook entries - This is the header of the html for the pages - This is the footer of the html for the pages
     list.php - Combines header, footer and list.txt to view Guestbook Entries (New One first)
    list2.php - Combines header, footer and list.txt to view Guestbook Entries (Old One first)
     list.txt - This is where all entries are stored
   ReadMe.txt - Current file you are reading. Documentation of script.
changelog.log - List of all the changes made to this guestbook script since verison 1.0.
GNULicense.txt- Free Software License, which basically states that you can modify and share
                this script with others, as long as you email us back a copy of your modified
                version of the script.
    style.css - Style sheet for the guestbook system. You can replace this with your own style 
                sheet or modify the current one to fit your need.
    converter - This folder contains a converter script, to convert the list.txt database
                file from guestbook versions 1.0 - 1.2 to the new version 1.4.
     language - This folder contains the language files for the guestbook system (text labels)
       images - This folder contains all the smiley face images and other related images.

Installation Instructions:

1- Download and Extract the file into a temporary folder on your PC.
2- Using an FTP Software like WS_FTP, transfer the "guestbook" folder with all its 
   contents onto your web server. 
3- CHMOD the file "list.txt" to 777 (give read, write and execute permission to file)
4- Make sure that the remaining files in the above list have read and execute permission.
5- Modify the "" and "" files to match the rest of your site. You can
   add standard HTML tags in these two files containing the page background, font size, 
   your website's css style sheet, etc to help blend the guestbook into your site.

Customizing Language:
The language template has been implemented into DigiOz Guestbook 1.4 and up. 
To use a different language, please choose a language file from the "language"
folder and open it in Notepad. Save your chosen language file as "language.php" 
in the same directory and you are good to go.

Please, DO NOT use Wordpad, Microsoft WORD, or any other word editing software
for this task. USE NOTEPAD ONLY!!!

If you would like to help us add support for other languages besides English to
the DigiOz Guestbook, visit and post a translation of guestbook
text in your native language there. 

Questions or Feedback:
If you have any questions, comments or problems about this script or if you are having
problems installing the script, email us at or visit us on the web at and fill out the Suggestions Form on our site. You can also get support
on our support forum at . Enjoy!!!

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